Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sewing Without Swearing

 I have seen so many ladies lay out and sandwich their quilts on the kitchen. Beats the heck out of crawling around on hardwood floors however It didn't work so well on this over sized quilt :(
 I somehow got a big old nasty wrinkle in the backing that I didn't realize until I had a huge section quilted. More hours than I ever want to spend with a seam ripper later I was back in business
 I was back in business the next day thinking I will finally finish the machine quilting part of this quilt so I can move on to some Fall/Winter hand quilting. I was wrong :) Another day another wrinkle, grrr This quilt has been throw aside for now. Sewing and swearing is not what I want to do!!!
 To get my sewing mojo back I decided to make a frozen dress for Abigail's new Samantha doll. This is but one of many patterns I have collecting dust in the sewing room.
 I pulled out leftover fabric from a Frozen project I did for out little girls last year excited to rock a frozen Samantha dress.
What the heck was I thinking!!!! I really have to be in the mood for doll dress making. So many tiny pieces, and the fabric frayed like crazy!! I had to go back over every single seam with top stitching, not what I had in mind!!!

I am using DD#1 original Samantha doll as my model....I am now wondering if the new American dolls are a bit slimmer than the originals from the 1980's? This dress is tight!!!! As we say in the South "skin on bologna tight". I do know from sewing experience the new Bitty Baby has a fuller body than the 1980's Bitty.

I may or may not have time today to do some alterations to the dress so Samantha can breath and move. I also need to make her cape. While I was out and about Christmas shopping with DD#3 yesterday I found a knock off brand of shoes that fit the American dolls. The crown is a leftover hair pretty from Kara's Birthday Goodie bags. Yaa it works!!

Now I have to give a shout out to the American Girl company. While their clothes and accessories are VERY pricey I must say the clothes are worth every penny they charge!!!! Our big girls still have all of their doll clothes, they are in excellent shape. Our girls played with their dolls, they toted them around like rag dolls inside outside and in all weather. I don't think little kids should be given a doll or toy they can't play with. These dolls and clothes hold up to real play with real kids :)

Abigail received her doll 24 hours after I had ordered it!!!! I did pay for express shipping but never in a million years did I think they could have it in her hands that fast!!! Her Aunt sent photo's of her opening the sweet of her to share that moment in time with us :)

I feel it's OK to share the families address (see photo below) on this blog because they have shared it on an open page on FB. Tiffany's Journey. Now that Tiffany has passed I'm not sure how long they will be keeping the page active. The Go fund me account is still active I believe as they are still working to pay for Tiffany's headstone.

Off this morning for some toddler soccer, need to make a Halloween desert for the little's, and I have a feeling hubby's new costume might need some expansion!!!


  1. I saw the very sad news about Elijah's passing last night. Saying many prayers for that darling boy's family. Yesterday I sent a little package of doll clothes to Abigail and I plan to send her more periodically. Do you know if she renamed her doll something other than Samantha?


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  3. Debbie, have you considered using two slats for the quilt sections (or crib rails from an old crib. I cannot get on the ground at all and do this on my large sewing table, although I need finished boards.

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  5. Miss reading your posts about your daily life with your family and friends and your crafting/hobbies. Hope all is well in your world. Merry Christmas from Middle TN!

  6. Hoping you are alright. Miss your posts and wonderful outlook on life. Your posts are inspiring to me and am sure to many others!

  7. Hope you are okay? Miss reading your posts.


  8. Agree with everyone else, I'm missing you and your posts. Hope all is okay.

  9. I have missed your posts. Hoping you and your family are feeling stronger each day. Ellen S.

  10. Does anyone know what happened? I still check her blog every day looking for a new post. Miss all her happenings.

  11. Lisa, I agree. I would love to know if she and family are ok. Miss her updates!

  12. Same here, keep checking in to see if any updates. Hope she and the family are ok. Miss her blog posts.

  13. Missing her blog posts as well. I hope family is ok.

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