Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It's Always Something

Checking the garden every day for ripe veggies or fruit has become a chore, forget about weeding I am long past having the time or energy for that!!
 Baking little treats for a care package to send to hubby as often as I can find the time is not just a chore it has been emotional knowing how much he is HATING being away from home
 Tracking BP and Blood sugar several times a day, recording the levels and my diet is a new chore I am not enjoying!!!! Normally I love to learn new skills, finding new ways for our family to separate ourselves from all the nasty stuff the world is so full of these days...its just another chore :)

Thankfully our family physicians are great cheer leaders in my quest for natural health and wellness, otherwise I think I would just throw in the towel and opt for yet another pill or two
 I won't put off enjoying special simple things with the grands no matter how weary I am some days.
 Keeping up with Tater Tot, oh my!!! It's exhausting, fun, physical, and precious. I don't want this time to be a chore!!!!!
 A week at the beach with a family the size of ours takes a whole lot of energy. Keeping the costs within our budget, planning meals, activities for possible rainy days, packing linens, pots and pans large enough to feed a crew, not to mention all the beach gear...enough said :)
 Watching the older kiddo's teach the babies the tricks of the trade when it comes to beach play...priceless
 Due to one of my reformulated meds I can no longer spend much time in the full sun, grrrrr but in the evening....OH YA. Our little girls had a blast dancing away
 They danced and pranced by the moon light stopping only for a sprinkling of Nanny's Fairy dust now and then.

That was the good stuff

The bad. Lord have Mercy!!!!

 Eight of the 11 of us came down with the Noro-Virus. Can we say NIGHTMARE. For the first time in I don't know how many years we didn't have washing machines. The big kids had to make daily trips to a laundry mate to disinfect linens, clothes, towels, you name it the little kids hit it if you get my drift :)

Somehow some way I was one of the lucky ones that stayed health. My job was to be the store runner for liquids, OTC meds, at one point I felt so bad for the big kids I bought new undies for all of the grands so the Mommies and Daddies had a few more back ups.
 The theme for my life this year seems to be if it can happen it will happen. If it can go wrong you can bet your sweet (insert whatever bad word) it will.

 Must Do's, need To' Do's, reminder notes or phone numbers, general lists of whatever are scattered here, there, everywhere. There are so many balls in the air most days I don't know which way to turn.

 This is so NOT ME!!!! Not only is this not me, it's not working for me.

I can go by the seat of my pants for awhile, but not on a daily bases. I need to get a GRIP!!!
I am a firm believer, always have been that cute counts. A budget counts too, but at some point the budget has to take a back seat to sanity and cuteness.

This morning I drug my overwhelmed slow moving rump out of the bed for some retail therapy. Maybe a new planner to at least store all that jumble of mess will help. It needed to be cute as well as functional, if I could find it on sale all the better. If not....hells bells it's cheaper than a trip to the funny farm. (maybe)

I went with Becky Higgins Project Life Planner. I am using one of these planners for our Essential Oil journey with great results.

Cute - Oh Yes!!
Functional -Yep, by purchasing individual components/kits that work for me to add to the planner
Price - Debatable, I bought my first one to try out when Hobby Lobby was running a sale so the price was pretty good.

Today...Nothing was on sale, refer back to this years motto :)

Did I print a 40% off coupon before I left home, of course not

AHHH, but I did have a brand spanking new smart phone (don't ask)  that I have seen ladies use to pull up the coupon. Bingo!!!

Did I know how to use fancy new phone for the coupon? What do you think?

Everyone in the world knows how to use all these new phone I will just be bold (or stupid) and admit to the clerk my dilemma.

As I was checking out I explained to the lady I had forgotten to print a coupon but that I did have a super cute (It matters) new phone. She smiled and said that will work, YAAAA

I then handed her the phone.
Her - I don't even know how to turn it on, I have a flip phone
Me - Me too until yesterday. I don't know how to use it but I do know it will do lots of stuff.
Her - She ask one of the other clerks for help. Turns out she too had a flip phone. Just my observation but it seems like the over 50 crowd work in the mornings. They are my kinda people

End results - They ask the manager for a code to get the coupon, the manager was more than happy to help out. I save $20.00

More importantly their customer service made my day, really it made my week :) Their kindness, time, and energy, was just what my stressed out self needed.  Thank you Hobby Lobby, your always my first choice in all things crafty, home related, party supply go to store.