Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mother of the Bride

Have you guys seen the old Steve Allen movie Father of the Bride? If not you need to watch it, very funny, in one part the Father of the Bride losses it over how many hot dog buns are in a package, he is just feed up with all the crazy wastefull expenses they have been facing.

Friday I had my Mother of the Bride moment, I had finally gotten all the invitations ready to go, bought really cute stamps to send them on there way when the lady at the post office ask if I had weighed them? No they look OK to me, just standard right?

Nope they needed and additional 13 cents, all the post office had available was 17 cent stamps with a Rams head on them, "so I guess you will be wanting an additional 100 wedding ring stamps won't you?" I just melted, I already had bought 200, 44 cent stamps for the invitations and RSVP cards, no way was I willing to pay the additional money for more cute stamps. I know in the scope of things and with what all we have paid out and will be paying out for the next month the stamps are truly just a drop in the bucket, but on Friday my bucket was full.

So I apologize for the butt ugly stamps that will be on your invitations, I do not regret the financial stand I took on Friday, that is unless the Bride should happen to find out what I did, then I am in deep ......

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lets get this party going

Tyler is with me today, out of Daycare with strep, UGH, I hope I don't get it!!

My plan was to do office work and keep tweaking my Christmas card set I will be doing a workshop in the fall, the stamp set is "No Greater Love" it is exquisite, but I am having so much trouble doing it justice.

So Ty and I are in the room of sin, I am trying hard to get some things done that HAVE to be done and he is just as busy as can be playing with his things he has stashed in the room. Next thing I know he says "Nanny lets get this party going"!! He had found the box of luau decorations from Kelli and Nathans shower and was decorating my studio, soooo funny. I had to take a break and attend the party, lots of dancing and singing, he called Heahter and ask her to bring some party hats, he is all hung up on party hats these days, he thinks you should have them at every event, you know he might just be right, I need to break out and party a little more.

I sorta felt like I was back at Camp Dogwood, scraping, dancing and singing, maybe when he goes home tonight I will be inspired and get the darn Christmas card workshop going


Had such a nice day with the ladies at the retreat this weekend, now those ladies know how to CROP and ROCK!! I was ovewhelemed by the amount of supplies they all brought, I thought I had overpacked with 1 rolling tote and 3 bags, but I was truly a light weight in the room! Have any of you every had a group break out dancing and singing to Grease Lightning CD at an event you have been to? Well let me tell you I found a new use of my crop a dial, it makes a great microphone HA, they were truly a fun bunch, wish I could have spent the whole weekend with them.

If you have never been to one of Angie's crops/events you really should go, she puts on a great event and Camp Dogwood is so restful, she has one coming up in October. Next time I go I am going by boat, that would be a lot closer for me than driving and I would love to get some of those ladies on a tube for a spin around the lake.

I even ran into a sister consultant who was there, she is the first person I have meet in real life from Scattered Hearts group, it was nice to put a face to a name, we all have lots of contact on conference calls each week and on our yahoo board but real life is so much better.

I want to thank all of the Ladies who placed orders and bought cash and carry items, you won't be disappointed, CTMH products are wonderful! And what a deal we have going on in September, spend $60.00 on stamps and receive the card making kit for FREE, it is an awesome set

I was so inspired by all of them I spent Sunday in my Room Of Sin creating my little heart out.

Here is a flip book I was able to get done

Thursday, August 20, 2009

September Step It Up Card Class

September Card Club

Back to work!

After a very big weekend I am back at work on September club samples, LOVE next month's clubs we will be using the NEW " Sweet Home " line just out on Sept 1, also getting ready got CropNCarolina's this weekend that should be a really good weekend, we will be using " Sweet Home " as a make and take, I SO LOVE this paper!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Woo HOOO, Kelli and Nathan got their HOUSE!!! So excited for them, they have both worked very hard this past year to get all of their ducks in a roll before walking down the isle, they have just accomplished one more of them today. They will close on the house Monday morning, I think I know what I will be doing next week HA, Maybe they will in turn help me kit all my upcoming classes, workshops and club kits, that may be wishful thinking on my part. Here is a photo of the house when they first looked at it way back when, took over 2 month's to get it done!! Looks really small but it is 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, lots of room for Grandbabies after Oct 2nd!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


What a great night, Kelli and Nathan had a couples Luau Shower Saturday night, so much fun with friends and family, thanks so much for making their night so special, once again more cake for Tyler

Busy weekend!!!

Had Nathans graduation party on Friday night, we are all soooo proud of him, his folks and Bob didn't know he had graduated so it was a surprise for them when he walked down the stairs carrying that sheepskin! What a great night, Ty
Tyler of course was happy we had another cake, we seem to be having them every few days right now

Thursday, August 13, 2009

September Card Club

OK, so I have worked on this kit for club night for 3 days when I have had the time so far I have come up with 5 different designs that we will be doing, THAT'S IT, NO MORE!!! I know the kit will do more but we only have 2 hours on club night so for now that is all we will be doing. Now let me explain when I say 5 card designs, that means 5 different designs but..... I have already made 42 total cards using the designs and still have paper leftover. I am doing everything on bulk blank cards, as all of you know I like to use, I can't stand to waste a 12 x 12 sheet of cardstock when we can pick up the bulk cards and envelopes for next to nothing at the discount stores. Needless to say everyone is going to love this kit!!!!

Can't wait for this to begin!

Just order $60.00 in stamp sets you receive this kit for FREE $39.00 value, and a stamp set is included in the kit!!!! Bump your order up to $100.00 by adding a few must have things and you also get the Stamp of the month for free.
I should receive mine on the 18th, can't wait to get busy seeing what all I can do with all my FREE stuff

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New card club coming soon

I spent the morning working on the new card club that will be starting in September or October, LOVE this kit "Sweet Home", it even comes with the stamp set!! Here is the beginning of the samples I have ready, we will be making 4 of each of these cards and tons of extra paper I will work on later in the week, to busy now to try and do more but it looks like the kit will do close to 30 cards!! Maybe even more, this photo doesn't do the cards justice, they are really cute

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cool card kit

Got my Fall/Winter shipment in yesterday and have been having so much fun playing!! Check out the card kit for this Christmas, it is soooo easy and the price is right $14.95 for 12 cards!! Hallmark can't compete with that, this is going to be a great quick class this fall, I am also planning on doing it with my kids club, the girls are all going to love this. Back to the scraproom to get more sample kits ready, I will post them as they are completed.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Tyler

Today was the hottest day of the year, and of course we had a Cars picnic Birthday party, was it ever HOT!!!! Tyler received more gifts than any one child should ever have and never slowed down. Party started at 3:00 and he was still going strong when we left at 7:30, I need a shower, supper, chocolate and early to bed.

Friday, August 7, 2009

One more peek before bedtime!

OK so I'm not much into the Happy layout, its a new line of paper, but others are crazy for it, the second layout is using Sept. stamp of the month, love this

Here is more

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New for fall!!!

Here are a couple of the club kits for this fall, I love them!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Consultant kit

oh my, I wish this kit would have been available when I signed up! It is over the top and only $99.00. The artwork is not available yet but hopefully soon, then I will post it, and......CTMH will be having digital scrapbooking coming in the spring, consultants are going to have a few months to get to play for free before it goes live so if your into Digi you may want to think about becoming a consultant. Never fear this old timer is gonna stick with paper, scissors and glue!! But I will participate in Digi cause some of you want it

August is full up!

I am a little depressed, I was just checking over the calender and the sucker is almost full, I need a snow day!!I should start getting my CTMH shipment starting tomorrow YAHOOO, need to find the time to install more cabinets (no more room) and get all the new club kits designed. Can't wait to show all of you the cool new club kits, but have to wait until Sept 1. But you love stamps, ya right! save up for the deal we are having starting the 18th, I already have my list ready. Order $60.00 in stamps and get this kit for free.