Thursday, April 30, 2009

24 hours of Happiness

Have you ever had one of those day's where out of the blue really cool stuff started happening, the past 24 hours has been like that for me.

It started yesterday when Donna Downy invited me to her Inspired event next weekend as a guest!!! Wow, I had already turned down the Heidi Swapp Creative Escape event that very morning, with the wedding coming up and the economy sucking pond water I just couldn't justify the expense of the classes, lodging and air fare to AZ this year. I am still on cloud nine and haven't even finished looking over the supply list, just to excited.

Then this morning I stoped at McDonald's to pick up breakfast for myself and Tyler, when I got to the window to pay the girl told me that the guy in the car before me had picked up my bill! What? She says he does it all of the time just to make someones day!! How cool is that.

To top off the day while I was dropping some things off at Donna's she gave Tyler a motorized Harley Davidson that her Son no longer used!!!! Now that is over the top, he of course is so excited to get a HUGE motorcycle, we had to call everyone he knows so he could share the news.

So I set here wondering why I have been so blessed this past 24 hours, I know the Lord doesn't give you more than you can handle but I am really close to that point right now, I just don't think I can handle one more act of kindness.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Got Tylers new sand box set up this morning and he had a ball playing in it building lots of roads and hills.

It took 200 Pounds of sand to fill it up, do you know what 200 pounds of sand weights at my age? LOTS!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I should be working in the yard but it is to hot to even go outside right now so I decided to play in my room of sin this morning. The kids will be over later to have Sunday dinner and the boys are gonna help out with the weed eater so that frees up a little time for me!

Check out the new layout using the Cricut, Hobby Lobby had the frames on sale 50% off last week , I should have bought more!!
The frames are really cool, when the kids are tired of this layout on the wall they can just pop it out and put in an album then put a new layout in the frame, so easy.
For my scrapin buddies I used Plaintin schoolbook and accents cartridges, if you want the cut sizes let me know I will send them to you

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Lawn Man

OK so I am new to this whole blog thing and didn't realize people could talk back or rather respond back so I apologize for not responding to your response's !!

Ha! Learn something new every day.

By the way Mr. Man helped mow the lawn today, I tell you we were working fools till dark.

Now Nanny is gonna drag her old wore out b... and hound dog up to bed, teaching a class at Scrap Shack tomorrow so I need to get some beauty sleep

Hope Heather is not looking at this blog she would have a fit if she knew how Shannon had Ty boy dressed today

My boys came over and spent the day getting the garden tilled and adding all the goodies to the garden so I could finally get the plants in.

I spent the evening planting and getting covered in mud, now all I need to do is brush off the Zuccini bread recipe for when the crops come in.
I really miss Bob, it took 2 young stud's to do the job one old fart is use to doing (Bob)
Check out Tylers garden boots, so cute

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mulching Diva

Yep that's me a little mulching Diva today, I have loaded on a cart 50 bags of mulch, then drug the cart to the cash register, then drug the cart to my car then loaded it all in the car only to drive home and unload it all, then I only had to pick up each and every bag and dump it in the front yard beds.

This took 3 trips to Lowe's and none of the friendly staff did a thing to help, other than the lady at the checkout counter who said "that must be really heavy"

Tomorrow when Mr. Man gets here we are gonna start the process all over again, however I think an additional 20 bags will do it.

Now all I have to do to finish the front yard is to find somebody with a chainsaw to take down the B..... ugly holly tree at the side of the house so I can plant something new and improved.

Sure miss Bob, that man has a way with some garden tools I tell ya.

Also installed a solar up light in one of the beds and it works!! Don't think I am going green I just can't wire the other kind by myself so this will have to do for now

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Flowers

Think we have finally gotten the last of the flowers planted on the deck, Tyler and AJ were more help than this Nanny deserves!! Can't wait to see what the water bill will be.

Played around with the Score Pal Sunday night and was finally able to figure out how to make this Greeting Card holder from a photo I found on line, so here are the directions for all my scrapbook friends.

Cut paper 6 x 12
Score at 5 ins and 7 ins

Inside holders
Cut (2) paper 7 3/4 ins x 6 ins
score on 3 sides at 1/2 in and 1 1/2 ins
Cut away the bottom right and left corners

Fold and attach one to each inside of the folder.
I haven't finished making all of the cards yet but it should hold 4 or 5 on each side along with enveploes

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wedding plans

So the Wedding plans are moving along as swiftly as my checkbook will allow. The new date is Friday night October 2, 2009 at the Embassy suites in Destin Fl. Hopefully I will have the rooms set up with a block and discounted rate by the middle of the week, the rooms will book up fast they have 3 Weddings over the weekend, but wait until I have the discounted rate set up with them before you make reservations.

Amber and Heather have taken over the role as wedding planner with Kelli that's is great for me, if things don't go right they can take the heat!!

So we will give this blog world a try for a little while, with so many friends and Family far away this might help us keep in touch