Sunday, September 27, 2009

Assault Rifle

Yep, Bob is back and brought a new toy home with him, seems Obama wants to ban assault rifles so of course Bob had to get one before they are no longer available. You never know when the squirrels may rise up and turn on us! The boys had a ball at Sunday Dinner pretending to shoot all of Papaws elephants in the sports room.

Bob is back

After a year in TX, Bob moved back home last night!! When he left last Fall he was only going to be gone for a few weeks, then weeks turned into months and months turned into a year. It is going to be an adjustment for both of us for a little while but we have done this so much over the past 34 years we have grown accustom to it. I will be going from my 2 loads of laundry a week to more like 10 loads, Bob likes to change clothes sometimes 3 times a day. I will go from Captain Crunch for supper to a real meal each night, now that is something I am looking forward to. I will have to get use to the TV being back on, UGH. That is the hardest part for me, I don't watch TV and if I do, I turn it off as soon as the show is over. Bob on the other hand turns the TV on when he comes down in the morning and likes it on all day, even if he goes outside to work, the TV stays on.

We are up early on Sunday so we can get the u-haul unloaded and take extra furniture over to Kelli and Nathan's house, then back home to get Sunday dinner on the table.

The very best part of the day is we are going to surprise Tyler and run by their house and pick him up, he knows Papaw is coming home but he doesn't know what day. He has missed Papaw as much as I have this past year, on days when I would be down and sad he has been telling me "be patient Nanny, Papaw be home soon", the boy has both of us wrapped around his finger!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sweet Home Work Shop On The Go

This isn't a great photo of the kit but it's the best my camera is going to do today, I need to get it to the shop before the Wedding and have a check up I guess!

I used Barn Red ink when I was working on my kit so the stamps are discolored but maybe it will give you and idea of what a great versatile stamp set this is.

We also have Work Shops On The Go for the following paper packs, I will try and post the workshops for the other kits later, I am off to tie up loose ends on the Wedding!!




New Workshops On The Go

I realized after talking to a customer this week that many of you may not be aware of our new Workshops On The Go kits!! The kits are not listed in the Idea book or on line, they are exclusive to consultants to use in our clubs and workshops.

So let me tell you a little about them, they are perfect! How simple is that? The kits include a level 2 paper pack, embellishments, workshop guide and a exclusive level B stamp set!!

The retail value of the kits are $35.85 however they are discounted to $29.95.

The workshop guide that is included in the kit has directions for a 2 page layout and 3 cards, additional layouts and cards are also pictured with the guides using our how to books.

In my clubs I am using the kits to complete 3 (2) page layouts, the ladies have plenty of paper leftover to complete the cards at home. The guide has instructions to make 3 different cards with 4 of each, in addition there is a photo of 3 more cards that can be made using our how to books. I suggest that you use blank cards to build your card on, that saves paper so you can make oodles more cards.

We do add the level 2 stickease for club night, for the simple fact that everyone loves them, they help make everything faster and simple and you can't beat the price at only $4.95.

Posted are the layouts and cards that are in the workshop guide, I will also post a photo of the kit and stamp set. I have all 4 of the kits, each stamp set is so versatile, you can use them all year!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Your Boo-tiful

Your Boo-tiful

I love Halloween, it gets me in the mood for the upcoming holidays, I get busy pulling out decorations and recipes we use over and over each year, start planning what we will be doing over the holidays and of course start making cards for the fall. This Bo-tiful stamp set is so stinkin cute, I have had a ball playing around with it to get my cards ready for this
Halloween. But sad news this stamp set $10.95 will be retiring Jan 31st, so if you want to get your hands on it you better act now!! Hey you can even get in on the September stamp special.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cards For Hero's

I will be having a card workshop on Veterans Day this year supporting the Cards For Hero's program. We will be using the Celebrations card kit along with a few other stamp sets to create cards to send to our troops while still having plenty for you to take home.

I am letting you know this now so you can get in on the September special, if you place an order for $60.00 in stamps before the end of the month you can receive this kit for FREE! Otherwise it will run 39.95 plus shipping and tax at the workshop.

The price of the workshop will be $45.00, the price includes, snacks, drinks, lunch, Celebrations card kit, and in addition to that we will be creating even more cards using my stamp sets.

So bottom line is this, if you order $60.00 in stamps this month the workshop is FREE.

Space is VERY limited so sign up now.

Jingle level 1 kit

I am still not crazy for this kit as Christmas pages but I do like the paper, so I am using the kit for Birthday layouts. I am just way to old fashion I guess, I can't stay away from traditional Christmas colors.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Twitterpatted Level 1

Here is another layout using the Level 1 kits from the fall/winter cattie, I didn't think I liked this set until I started playing around and then low and behold it is a new favorite. This will be great for the fall photo's that will be coming up soon, the weather in the Carolina's has been wonderful!!
Join in on one of my Lickity Split clubs and do level 1 kits for only $15.00, that's for 6 full 12 x 12 pages, you can't beat that deal, we can usually finish them in around and hour so feel free to purchase 2 kits and get lots more done. Instruction time and tools are free of charge. I think you could say I am a cheap date!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary

September 20th is our 34th Anniversary, we won't be able to be together this year on our usual Harley ride in the Smokies but as soon as we get Daughter #2 down the isle in only 11 more days!!! we will be taking a little well deserved Harley vacation just for us!!

LOVE YOU BOB, yes I would do it all over again, but lets skip the young, dumb and poor part!!
And maybe drop the white tux, shoes and belt with blue ruffle shirt! HA, we were sooo cool back then

Friday, September 18, 2009

Grace level 1 kit

I think Sweet Home is my favorite kit until I start working on Grace, then it is a toss up, I really love them both. Here is a sample of Grace level 1, I haven't started any of the level 2 kits yet, I need to finish up the Wedding before I take on anything else! CTMH doesn't have as much artwork in the idea book this go around so I will do my best to post each of the completed kits on my blog and website, if you have one you need artwork for let me know, there is a good chance I have it done but just haven't posted yet. I

really hope Corp will add more art work to the next cattie

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sweet Home level 1 kit

This kit is so cute I can't wait to do pages for all my girls, Kelli and Nathan just bought their first house so this will be wonderful to use! Let me know If you would like a FREE class to put this kit together!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More September stamp of the month

I really need to move on from this stampset but I keep finding different ways to use it! While searching blog, boards, slipcoast stampers, etc I ran into a few more cards that I loved so I played around again this morning with the stamp set and reproduced a few. I should have kept up with where I found all of them but sorry, I didn't. There are so many talented consultants with Close To Mt Heart I just can't keep all of them straight.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Working off the icecream buzz

It was a beautiful morning here today so I figured I would take Mr. Man to the park and work off some sugar from the ice cream party he an AJ had!

He has no fear of any of the equipment, He spent the morning having fun and I spent the morning gasping that he was going to get hurt

Negligent Nanny

I didn't get a shower this AM before Ty got to the house so I parked he and AJ in front of cartoons to take a very quick shower, this is what I stepped out to when done, Dog gone it I love chocolate chip ice cream, wish they would have gotten in to Papaw's vanilla!

Monday, September 14, 2009

September Stamp of the month

Still playing around with this stamp set, I found the coolest card on Helen Onulak blog that I have been wanting to try, I didn't have clear embossing powder like the instructions called for so I substituted white instead, well it is OK but not nearly as nice as Helen's so I will be needing to place an order this afternoon, gotta get me some clear embossing powder. Check out Helen's blog she has beautiful work to share!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

September stamp of the month

I can't get enough of this stamp set, it is by far my very favorite

August Stamp of the Month

If you purchased the August stamp of the month here are a few ideas to use you stamp set, I do have a few still in stock if you would like one.

I need to do better on posting photo's of cards. I sent out 4 cards yesterday using Septembers stamp of the month and forgot to take pictures of them before I put them in the mail UGH!! I will post more as soon as I can get a few done, I LOVE the September stamp set, so cute!!

Christmas Jar

If you haven't read "The Christmas Jar" Book then you MUST do it this year!! A local book club will be doing a Christmas Jar at one of their meetings this fall. This is a GREAT new Christmas tradition your whole family needs to start. We will be giving the book and jar to lots of friends for Christmas this year. I haven't finished the label yet but it will read Christmas Jar 2009

More cards

We won't be doing the Snowman cards until Jan/Feb but I was so excited to get the new stamp set I just had to play, love the smallest one, it is a gift card holder

Back in the world

Took a little time off, I lost my Aunt last week who had been a Mother to my sister and I since I was 3 years old when our Mother passed away. She had been ill with Alzheimer's for the past 5 years so it wasn't unexpected and it has been a blessing for her but that doesn't make it OK! I know from so many past losses that time heals, so I will just be for now. ....

Back to working on things for the fall and holiday season, nothing like getting sticky and inkey to sooth the soul. Looking forward to the upcoming Chocolate Crop, October the 10th in Huntersville, if you haven't signed up yet you still have time, give me a call. Here is a sample of some of the card classes coming up

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Steel Beauty

WOW, I have a state of the art 21st century stove and microwave, our old stove was 20 years old and cost around $200.00 brand new, for 17 years the old gal has done me good but it is time to upgrade!!

We figured if we buy it now with the final Wedding plans underway when the kids come up with any new found ways to spend our money on yet another Wedding "Wouldn't it be nice if", we can honesty say, nope sorry we are official broke.

The Steel beauty came with an instruction manual as big as the tax code so it may be awhile before I turn her on, need to read up, not sure how to turn it on (my old one had dials, not even buttons) this one has some sort of computer looking pad.

Be still my heart I have a double oven, I can now cook Turkey and all the fixin's at one time!!!

Sweet Home accordion album

How cute is this!! Playing around today while I wait for my fancy new stove an microwave, decided to make a Sweet Home accordion album, love how it turned out! The photo's don't do it justice. Sooo before you e-mail me and ask, the answer is yes this will be a kit so let me know if you are interested. The cost of the kit is $20.00 that includes shipping and tax, the kit contains everything you need to complete this little jewel and in addition you will receive a WOTG instruction pamphlet so you can use up all the leftovers and their will be plenty of them! You will have 5 pieces of cardstock and 4 pieces of pattern paper leftover so that's plenty to make a couple of layouts or lots of cards. If you like to use the stickease to do layouts let me know, you will need to add that to your order it is an additional $4.95

Flip Book

I have had many requests for the flipbook kit I posted a week or so ago, I have not listed this one on the website but if you would like it let me know!!
You will have tons of leftovers to do cards or layouts with, I only used 3 pieces of cardstock and 2 pattern papers along with stickease and ribbon, that gives you 17 12x12 papers leftover enough to do lots more flip books with. I am going to use this little book for Thanksgiving this year. Cost of the kit is 22.00 shipping and tax are already figured in the price!! This includes everything you need to make this book along with the instructions and color photo's if your like me and not an instruction sorta girl.

Celebration Card Kit

Some of you have already received you Celebration kit and many more are on their way. This is a great kit and for FREE is unbelievable, however as many of you know the paper just wasn't my cup of tea, a friend suggested using it for guy cards, that's a great idea but most of the cards I send out are girl cards!! HA

So here are a few photos of the cards I made using the instruction guide from the kit and the stamps etc., also just a little tip, if you haven't already figured it out on your own, I love, love ,love the shape of the card so I made a template of it to use again and again, even laminated it so it doesn't get so dog eared. Have fun with this Freebie!!
Papers used are all from the new Fall/Winter cattie, all papers were leftovers from new Workshops On The Go kits. Leftovers from Level 2 papers would work just as well.