Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunday Progress

Figured what the heck while I was messing around I might as well knock another embroidery design for the little girls summer tops out. They passed the Karsyn test tonight, little Mason wants a "Lellow one" Lellow is his very favorite color
One of the many things on my way past time to do list is to get our 2014 calendars updated. One pile completed, time to move on
DD#3's Baby boy nursery is Under the Sea themed. Rather that waste money on decorations that would be thrown away after the shower today we went with Sea themed stuffed toys he and Kara can play with. It was all so cute.
Word of the day, AWWWW grand baby boy has WAY too many newborn clothes!! DD will spend some time this week looking over his wardrobe so we know what all needs to be returned for a larger size. I would HATE too see all these sweet things go to waste.
After the shower I stopped by DD#1's home to see how the breakfast room window treatments look now that she has them hung. She loves them! Thank goodness! We measured for the hem on the kitchen and office curtains tonight. Something extra on my to do list for the week. sigh

Where did the day go???? I have very few things I can mark off the list. :( Popsicle designs for the little girls summer shirts, family calender is complete and my personal calender is well on its way to completion, two more hours tops I think. Of course DD#1 gave me 3 more have to be done this week projects that will have to be worked in, oh my.

So here is what is on my mind tonight that I just can't keep in. Has anyone seen the new commercial for "Red Robin Restaurant"? A Mom is standing in the restaurant with two little girls sharing how much she loves the food. At one point she covers the little girls ears while she says the food is "Damn good" Later the word she uses is BLEEPED out. I am mad as a hornet. This is the most disgusting commercial I have ever seen. Does this company really think that any family in their right mind would be inspired to have a family night out in their restaurant after they see that commercial? Haven't seen it yet? Here is the link

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring has Sprung

 It looks like spring is finally here! Kara did a great job bringing the spring into the kitchen this week. She LOVES flowers!!
 Along with some outside playtime we finished up the last of the bibs DD#1 needs for next weekend
 I lost count of how many I made, I'm thinking 7 or 8 or...who knows. What I do know is I am done.
 I am trying to get ahead of the game on some holiday embroidery for the year for the little girls.
Once grand baby #5 arrives and Mommy heads back to work I know I will have my hands full. Need to make hay while the sun shines.

This morning is the first time in a very LONG time I crawled back in bed with a cup of tea. I am going to have some quite me time.....I have a list of must do's a mile long but it can all wait. My battery needs to recharge for all the little tasks here and there around the house. It might be time to take one room a day to really get down deep and dirty with getting things back in order.

Oh my gosh could it be spring cleaning time?? Ha, Na, it's more like I have been putting off too many things for too long just making organized piles waiting for the time to do whatever it is correctly. That time has come. I am going with one of the spare bedrooms for today as it's the easiest of them all to complete in one day. We have DD#3's baby shower this afternoon so I can't dig in too deep and I have Kara again tomorrow so that's a wash as well.

What inspired this need to get my ducks back on a row? One of my GF's planned on scrapbooking while we were away. She had packed a reasonable amount of supplies, unlike the rest of us who brought way to much but she ended up spending the entire 5 days in the mountains organizing her PC photo's before she could even start. Scrapbook pages done ZERO, having her photo's in order PRICELESS!! It got me thinking.....While I do get lots and lots of things done there never seems to be enough time to dig down deep in some area's of our home and life for that matter.

I have two free days all to myself next week, they will both be devoted to digging down deep. I know I won't finish it all in just two days but by golly I am going to have three rooms finished top to bottom and at least one ongoing area of my life in better order.

Anyone else feeling a bit dizzy with the cleaning/organizing bug now that the sun is shining again? Maybe finally being able to pull off the fuzzy socks and long sleeve tee's has me motivated to get it ALL done!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Back in the Saddle

 My GF's stepped in to help me complete 7 more Project Night Night blankets while we were away. I didn't have to twist their arms at all as it was so darn COLD working on one of these blankets was a cozy project to do.
 One of my buddies brought along her DD's new sewing machine to see what she would do and to brush up on her sewing skills from 30 years ago. She was so excited to finish this Game Cocks tote along with a few other projects that had been tucked away in her craft supplies. BTW we started this tote at 11:00 pm. Needless to say we were not watching the clock while on vacation!!
AJ the beagle was mighty glad when Mama got home, she may just sleep for a week! Ha

Ahhh vacation, we ate too much, slept very little, and laughed until our sides hurt. I now need a vacation from my vacation!!! Of course it was hit the ground running as soon as I parked the car in the driveway Wednesday afternoon.

We had a great time seeing some sights, crafting, eating, watching a little Downton Abby, and freezing our rumps off. Holy Moly was it ever cold, we even had a day of spitting snow along with gale force winds. We might move our mountain weekend to April next year as we all agreed March has been brutally cold for the last few years.

Another thing we agreed on was to STOP bringing so many project to do. Packing and unpacking of our cars is crazy, we all always bring WAY more than we need. I had thought I would piece some of the many WIP quilts I have going. Didn't happen! I realized pretty quickly I need to concentrate when I am piecing quilts. That's where the embroidery machine can in handy. I was able to get a ton of designs stitched out for the little girls and some gifts for later this year. Now if I can just remember where I stash them I will be all set.

Today brings more catching up, hanging out with Kara, finishing up some last minute details for DD#3's baby shower, last but not least staying awake long enough to finish the pile of bibs DD#1 needs for an additional baby shower next week. Even with a To Do list a mile long it sure is nice to be back home

Monday, March 24, 2014

Girl Time

 How cool is this rolling cart one of my GF's uses to tote her scrapbooking supplies in. This handy too have cart sure made unloading her car a whole lot easier, after several cart fulls of course.
 I attempted to do some quilt piecework yesterday but couldn't focus on the pattern with all the talking and laughing. Instead I worked on my long list of want to do embroidery designs.
 Some will go on bibs
 Others on Tee shirts for the little girls
We ended the evening with homemade chicken pot pies, yummm. Everything taste better when someone else does the cooking.

We have arrived safely to our cabin hideaway for the next few days. Not enough sleeping, too much eating, and we are working diligently on more laugh lines to show our true age. Our plan for yesterday was nothing, we didn't even bother to dress. Our plan for today...nothing, however it is time for all of us to work on some personal hygiene! Ha

Off to the shower in hopes that my GF will be inspire too clean themselves up a bit today

Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Staff

 One of the things I hoped to finish before our GF weekend was to get the rest of the adopt a doggie bags completed. How in the world would I be able to do that with the wild child around? I put that busy girl to work not knowing how it would go we started small. Alright little gal, put four dog biscuits in each bag, Nanny will close them up. Check!! She loved having a job.
 So far so good, we moved on to the rawhide bones. Missy Prissy I need one bone in each bag, Nanny will close them up when your done. Task complete and she still had a smile on her face.
Papaw helped her continue the days work by filling all the doggie bags. One doggie blanket, a bag of dog biscuits, and a rawhide bone.
 A job well done!!!
 While Papaw and Kara had some batting practice out back I worked on Karsyn's Baseball hoodie. Some eyelet lace to girlie up the front of this $3.99 hoodie.
 Then an embroidered patch on the back to support big brother Tyler's team
Couldn't leave Mason man out, he loves his big brother too!
There is something pretty darn nice to having a staff!!! I lady could get use to this life for sure. Granted they are not as well trained as the Downton Abby staff but in time I think I could whip them into shape!
OK, so it took 5 hours to put together the adopt a doggie bags compared to the hour I could have done them on my own but here's the deal. I had 5 hours of not running around the yard entertaining this outdoorsy gal. My feet are so appreciative! Once Kara went home for the evening hubby and I made the delivery, whee one counter is cleaned off.
My gardener (absent hubby for most of the time) then drove me to the tractor store. Having a driver is lovely let me tell you! All I had to do was write the check for the new tractor the gardener assured me would give us years of good service. It was so nice not to have to worry with RPMS, cylinders, cutting decks, and all that jazz. Delivery will be on Monday morning, once again the staff/hubby will be taking care of that while I will be relaxing in the mountains.
Whats for dinner? Since the cook still had hours of work to do before leaving town in less than 24 hours the driver treated the lady to a nice dinner out. Works for me!
Unfortunately the staff went to bed before the laundry was finished but what the heck he stinks at laundry anyway. This morning the footman/hubby will help load the car of the ridiculous amount of supplies I will never use on our girls getaway. Oh to have this fella around full time, but somebody has to earn a living to keep the estate functioning :(
If I remember right the cabin we will be in has Internet. Sooo the next post will come from our mountain hideaway. I hate so much that I will miss out having two more days with this man of mine but the plan must go on however the spending needs to STOP!!! Holy cow, tractors don't come cheap

Time to get a quick shower before hubby decides to be a ladies maid.  I got no time for that crap this morning if you know what I mean!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring has Sprung

 Isn't this the most beautiful bouquet of flowers you ever saw?
 Spring flowers isn't the only thing popping out these days. Grand baby #5 is growing like a weed as well.
 I snuck in a little embroidery time while the wild child napped yesterday. Water bottle kozzies might be my new addiction
Somebody picked all of the daffodils. Who did that? Not me said the little voice hiding behind the bouquet for Mommy.

I am lovin this weather right now. 70 degree's during the day with perfect cool sleeping temps at night. The opportunity to run around like a yard dog is just what Kara needed after this long winter that seems to go on and on. Today promises to be just as nice!!! Yaaaa

Hubby arrived home late yesterday along with this beautiful weather bringing even more sunshine to our world. The grands are going to go crazy today when they see him today. AJ the beagle hasn't left his side, she is sitting at the shower door now waiting for another tummy rub. He has assured me that this project is oh so close to being done. There is a pretty good chance that he will be home full time by the end of May, time will tell.

We are off to pick up the wild child this morning followed by a trip to the car wash, ending with AJ the beagle receiving her yearly buster shots. Welcome to my world honey, there is always an adventure to be enjoyed.

Today I HAVE to finish packing!! I have been on a search twice looking for the beautifully color coordinated organized pile of felt I put in the perfect storage place in the sewing room. In the time I have wasted looking for that 19 cents a piece felt I could have driven to the mountain's and back. I know it's in there somewhere but for the life of me I just can't find it. A trip to the big box store might be in order. Spending money for something I already have is a sure way of finding it!!

My turn in the shower so we can be off for our Friday fun.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Helpers for a Day

 Karsyn and Mason man hung out with AJ the beagle and I yesterday. AJ was over the moon to have playmates, she enjoys all the extra snacks!!
 Karsyn decided to do some redecoration by moving furniture around in every room.
Karsyn - "Look at dis Idea Nanny, You rike it?"
Me - I never thought of doing that Karsi, looks pretty good
Karsyn _ "Yep I gots lot of more good ideas, I will show dem all to you"
And...she did
 One of the very few things on my To Do list I thought maybe I could knock off was to cut out more Project Night Night blankets. Mason man loved them all " Dis be mine Nanny?"
 He managed to unwrap an entire bolt of fabric while I was at "Tea" with Karsyn. He is such a good helper.
This is my MUST DO today project. A new hoodie for Karsyn to wear to Tyler's baseball games. It's "too ugy" right now.

I HATE the new time change!!!!! I need to go to bed at night by 9:00 when the grands have been around all day but I can not sleep with the sun still up :(

Lots of playing, laughing, TALKING, and a whole heck of a lot of eating yesterday!! I don't know where they put all that food, on second thought I do know where some of it goes..diapers.

I had their Daddy drop them off at my favorite breakfast joint yesterday morning. I know it's tacky to be a show off but it is acceptable for Nanny's to show off their grands (My rule at least) They each had scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, fruit, and juice. On the way home they wanted to stop for ice cream. Sorry guys Dairy Queen is not open at 7:30 AM. Morning snack, fruit followed by cookies. Late morning snack, peanut butter with graham crackers, followed with Popsicles. Lunch THREE bowls of spaghetti each, with apples. Early afternoon snack, cantaloupe. After nap snack, oranges followed with more Popsicles. Mommy is on her way to pick you up snack, ice cream sandwiches.

That's a whole heck of a lot of eating and even more cleaning of sticky hands. It's been too long that I have had just the two of them all alone, we had a great day! Today it's just Kara which is more work that a dozen kiddo's, that girl..... But we have a BIG surprise coming at the end of the day!

 PAPAW is getting a long weekend at home, he should arrive around dinner time!!! You might know the one time of year that I am off with GF's in the mountains would be when he is home :(

Well life goes on. The trip is still a go with the GF's, hubby will have the big and little kids all to himself for a day and a half (better hide the checkbook and debit card) On his way back to TX he will stop in and have lunch with the GF's and I as it is on his route back.

The house is upside down, too many piles of To Do's hanging around, more piles of stuff to finish, packing for our girls weekend trip, and what the heck will I fix for our dinner!!

 Life is full of curve balls. Gonna have to step up to the plate today. Thankfully I don't need a cute hoodie to get my head in the game, a tee shirt and sweats will do.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Frozen Sale

 Our trees should be close to being in full bloom by now. Full frozen with ice is what we woke up to this morning instead!
 Very pretty but BURRRR

 I got a tip that one of the big box stores just North of us had a blow out sale on Plush 50 x 60 throws. Instead of a hot sale I consider this a frozen sale. Holy cow I ran into heavy sleet and frozen rain 10 miles north of home. You can bet I was in and outta there fast as could be. Regular price $24.99 sale price? $5.99!!!! These are perfect for Project Night Night bags!!
While out and about I hit the remnet basket for doggie fleece blanket fabric. A friend wants to make some to donate but didn't have the funds.... sigh. The cost per bundle was $1.00-$2.00. Today is a great day to stay in the house working with this warm cuddly fabric.

Well the charity spending continues but no way could I pass up a deal like the one on the throws!! I can't make a blanket for that price!! I am VERY close to having everything needed to put together 20 Project Night Night bags, woohooo!!!

After running around on GRRRRR errands this morning I am finally back home ready to snuggle in working on doggies blankets. Goal for next month is 20 care packages for one of our local shelters all done on a shoestring budget. Interested in helping with a program like this? Check out "Snuggles Project"

Off for an afternoon snack (maybe a nap) then a DVD for evening entertainment now that I know how to turn on the DVD player!! Ha

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Budget Busters

 This king size cuddle blanket was on sale for 19.99. Figured it would be perfect to cut up then hem for Project Night Night blankets. End result will be 4 nice size blankets just as soon as I get those hems done.
 This little pile of fleece fabric was my first attempt of shopping for and making fleece blakets. I now know I overpaid for this fabric. Lesson learned.
 Next shopping trip for fleece was much cheaper with the wonderful help the ladies at the big box store gave me. Sales and rements was the way to go!! They helped me find fleece on sale for $1.99 a yard. I bought the entire bolts, well what was left on them I should say.
 Another day another shopping blowout. More rements and $1.99 yard clearance fabric.
 The Night Night totes have arrived
 First round of stuffed animals and books for the Night Night totes from Kholes at $5.00 each.
 One thing always tends to lead to another. The foster doggie parents ask if I could donate to their new forever family bags. Yep. Here is the start, fleece blankets at $1.99 a yard.
 Sitting in the evening while watching the news regarding those poor people missing from the plane gave my hands something to do rather than shoving cookies in my mouth.
 A trip to the Dollar store to purchase doggie treats and rawhide bones rounded out the forever family doggie goodie bags
 20 doggie goddie bags were delivered Friday afternoon for Saturdays adoption fair. After working the math out each bag ran right at $3.00 each. Finding that fleece on sale was the key to keeping the cost down!! Oh ya and the dollar store!
Lets pretend this photo is not here, for the life of me I can't get it to go away!

Friday was bill paying, budget reviewing in the morning. There was too much spending! Where did all that extra money go? I think you know already!! Ha. I was feeling a little guilty over how much extra I was over but after talking to hubby about it the guilt flew right out the window. He was happy that some of the OT he was working so hard for went to some worthy charities. That is as soon as I complete all of the work with these piles of fabric!!

The spring is back in my step now that I realized the extra money that was targeted for savings wasn't wasted after all. When I went to make the transfer to savings Friday morning I was feeling a little low. I had not meet my savings goal :( I didn't think I had done any needless dumb spending but...I had not meet my personal goal.

You see around our house giving to charity is not something we do if we happen to have a little extra, it's figured in the budget. Not on a month to month basis but on a yearly budget.  We don't belong to a local church to donate 10% too each week but I know the total for the year that we would be giving. The 10% and more most years is spent on charities that are near and dear to our heart. I also have the flexibility to do other donations when they come up or when I get a Hair up my Rump as has happened for the past few months. Most of the giving has been to the local nursing home using scrap/stash fabric, cost has been ZERO. That is until the past two weeks!!

We will be having a rainy cold day today, maybe even some sleet or freezing rain, wanna guess what I will be doing? Yep no sew tie quilts for homeless children and doggies. Some GF and I were going to try to get together tonight to begin our "Sunday Night Night" but too MANY of them have taken off for the beach. I decided yesterday that if the weather is bad the few GF's that are in town need to stay at home. No need to get out in bad weather. I know we will get our charity Sunday evenings going when we can.

Now let me warn any of you who want to make nasty comments about what we have spent lately on charity. I WILL delete those comments. Hubby and I know we are blessed. If we choose to spend our money on those who have less than we do or nothing in some cases it's our business. We are FIRM BELIEVERS in that "for those who are given much, much is expected" We give generously with a happy heart. We feel privileged to be able to give. I know for some of you just keeping the lights on and food on the table is all you can financially do. However we can ALL GIVE something. Maybe and extra roll of TP to the food pantry that is on sale. Volunteering your time with a charity that speaks to your heart cost nothing. Just BE NICE to someone you don't know that could use a smile or kind word!!!!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday, I will be tied up all day! Ha

Friday, March 14, 2014

Playing Catch Up

 Things have been SOO crazy lately that when I walk out the door on errands I seem to always forget something/lots of somethings! I finally gave up on my memory and began taping notes to myself on the front door.
 Ditto on the kitchen cabinet. Sewing to do's, calls to make, follow ups, and all that jazz. For the last two days I have been giving it my best to work on the notes.
 Table runner for DD #1's upcoming baby girl shower she is hosting.
 Hard to see :(  the sweet color combo on this . VERY simple over size blocks with pink/grey chevrons, grey/pink dots, as well as pink/grey dots
 FMQ with loop dee loops.
 DD #1 kitchen window treatment. I left it longer than I think she needs but its a heck of a lot better to hem than it is to make a new one that's too short. Here's a tip. DO NOT sew with burlap fabric!!
Pacifier clips for part of her baby shower decorations.

I am close to being done with DD #1's "Mommy will you do list" One of the goals for today is to finish the rest and get it out the door. NO MORE "Mommy will you do" for awhile, I have way too many UFO's setting around.

Another To Do for today is get the bills paid, do the banking, and get back to a real budget. I have been flying by the seat of my pants for too long. The majority of our savings and retirement is set up on auto transfers. I have been blowing the heck out of extra money and saved money from our weekly budget. I know where the majority of all that cash has been going, time to back off on some of that spending, its CRAZY!!

Short post as I hope to knock a few things off all those notes taped around the house while keeping up with the Tasmanian devil today. Fingers crossed.

Another thing I have figured out in the past  two weeks is that I NEED down time!! I tend to go a million miles and hour, 7 days a week, 14-16 hours a day. It needs to stop! We have had some BIG terrible events happen to family friends this past week. Dealing with those tragedy's as well as keeping up the pace of things around home (self inflected) has taken it's toll. Time to step back and regroup. Life is toooo darn short.