Saturday, October 10, 2015

Where Do The Days Go

 AJ the Beagle and I finished the animal cuddle blankets this week. One garbage bag full has been delivered, two more to go. I lost count of the blankets at 57, that was a whole lot of cutting and tie I can tell you!!! I now have FOUR empty laundry baskets, go me!!!!!
 Wednesday was my "Day Off" Hubby and I enjoyed a nice breakfast out before he had to go on a quick trip out of town.....what to do with the rest of the day and evening alone? Well I started with deciding on sewing projects I would like to do for Fall and Christmas this year. One thing always leads to another of course. After landing on my SEW want to do projects I pulled out fabric, batting, embroidery machine supplies, and the machine itself. It's been so long since I have had any fabric play I figured I would start with some small, easy, fun things.

I wasn't crazy about the fabrics I had for one of the Christmas items I wanted to get started on but I was going to "Make Do" That was until.......I found a GC that was going to expire on 10/9, only 2 days away!!!! It was a GC from DD#2 she had given me for my Birthday Last year!

Two new CD's full of holiday embroidery designs. A little bit of fabric, and a quilting book that has been on my wish list for a long time. I was feeling over the top giddy until........After HOURS of trying to download the designs I found out my design software is not compatible with windows 8.1 GRRRRRR. Next week I will be headed to the quilt shop for assistance on a work around to get the stinkin hate it new PC in line with my sewing machine. It's always something.

I was NOT going to be denied my play time, so I pulled out a Halloween ornament kit that was stashed away. Only three more ornaments to complete and this kit will be finished!! The grands are going to enjoy having a little something new to hang on their Mini Halloween trees this year. I am going to enjoy having one less thing piled up in the sewing room!!!

Plans just never go as planned this year :) I am way past the point of letting it get to me (for the most part) I was scheduled to go away  Thursday - Sunday this week for a scrapbooking retreat with a girlfriend, OK so that didn't happen. Kara and Blake have both been sick with chest colds, hubby is having to do some short quick trips lately, DD#1 is involved in a large fundraiser for Elijah, she too is sick and could use an extra hand and we are all very emotional over Elijah's condition. Home with our family is where I need to be right now.

I went to my fall back place when I am a little upset...the kitchen :) Blake, Kara, and I made chocolate chip cookies for everyone. A few bags for friends, of course some for our big kids families in addition to a nice bag for Elijah and his family. When life gives me lemons baking, cooking, or doing something for someone else drives away those dark clouds.

Weekend to do?
Finish the Halloween ornaments
Finish hand quilting a quilt (that one seems to have been on the list far too long)
Help DD#1 finish up some things for the event on Sunday
Kick back with some BAMA football

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Weekend Happenings

 Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time knows how much AJ the Beagle loves quilts. Whenever I sit down to hand quilt in the evenings you can bet she is rooting around to get under at least a piece of it. Ditto on Cuddle blankets for the No Kill Animal Shelter :)
 AJ the Beagle wasn't the only thing buried under cuddle blankets this past weekend. It seems Kara too enjoyed a little cuddle time herself
 First batch completed over the weekend. It feels pretty good to be ahead of the game at least in this charity project for the winter.
 Yesterday I cut up more fleece fabric, this was my last night project while watching dumb TV with hubby.
 I finished and folded them all just in time for bed. When I stepped out of the room to lock the house down for the night I came back to this!!! Yep, the Princess loves these things :)
 We had a ton of rain, wind, and cold weather blow in over the weekend figured it was a perfect time to throw together a couple of Pots of chicken noodle soup for Sunday dinner. One pot was with hand cut noodles.
 The second pot was noodles I cut with the pasta machine. The pasta machine noodles won out. However they wanted them a bit wider next time. I'll be ordering another attachment for the pasta machine :)
Getting every last drop out our toothpaste might seem a little over the top in the frugal department but since we have switch over to the Thieves all natural brand I can't help but scrap that tube clean. our wholesale price for a tube is $10.25. To me that's a bit pricey but worth the cost for Non Toxic product we put on/in our body.

What's on the list for today?
1.) Cut out the last of the cuddle blankets
2.) Decide on some fall sewing projects
3.) Decide on some Christmas sewing projects
4.) Clean out the fridge
5.) Make a few calls to see what the need/want is for a couple of our favorite local charities this fall/winter

Friday, October 2, 2015

Productive Day

 Best way to start off a cool rainy day is working up a batch of bread.
 Workshop, jars, bottles, and such are nice an neat ready to be used when things settle down a bit to do some workshops/classes. They just need to grow legs now and walk up the stair's.
 With all the talk of rain, floods, and a hurricane I got our water storage in order. Lots of filtered water for drinking along with a cases of bottle water in the garage. If things start going down hill I will fill the bath tubs with yet more water.
 I drug out one of the many laundry baskets of fleece I have stock piled. Hope to at least get some of this cut up into snuggle blankets for the shelter in the next few days.
What is it about a major storm that has me thinking I need to run to the grocery store? Better safe than sorry :) All we needed this week was some fruit but there was a good sale on spaghetti sauce and bacon so I stocked up on both.

Supper last night was vegetable beef soup with home made bread. I split the pot of soup along with a loaf of bread for a friend who always enjoys a home cooked meal but rarely has the time to get it on the table.

Yesterday was a non stop day of work. In addition to getting my list DONE I figured I better mow the lawn before the big rains move in. I was only able to mow around 80% of the yard since the hilly areas were so wet it was dangerous to drive the tractor around. Some done is better than none.

With that job out of the way I did a clean sweep of the garage (dumping ground) Empty canning jars are back where they belong, ditto for coolers and the grands riding toys. Boxes and other junk are now where they belong in the recycle can.

I finally sat down after dinner last night to enjoy some TV and hand quilting with hubby. Watching the TV was not enjoyable :) Once again we watched reports of the evil and terror one person can inflict on so many. Of course the politicians had to jump in to give their speeches that this newest mass murder is our societies fault. I hope for the day when the powers that be will call evil what it is EVIL!!!!

Prayers for the families that were affected by this disgusting act of violence.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Easy Noddle Day

 I have had noodle making on my mind for awhile now but with all the craziness going on there never seems to be a full day to devote to the task. Yesterday while having a nice visit on the phone with a friend she shared with me how her Kitchen Aid attachment had cut her noodle making time in half. I have had an Oh So Cute never used pasta machine collecting dust for more years that I want to admit.

I love to read..... reading directions or manuals not so much :) After spending a little time on U Tube I had the cute tool figured out.

The biggest job for me when making noodles is rolling out all that stiff dough. Talk about a work out!! But by feeding strips of dough into the pasta machine it was a piece of cake!!!!

 I ran a triple batch of dough though the pasta machine as a test. Making changes to tried and true family favorite recipes doesn't always go over well around here. Until I try this new shaped noodle on the family I cut the rest of the dough the old fashion way.
 Twelve batches of noodles done in just under Two hours!!! Once they are dry I will bag them up then pop them in the freezer. Home made chicken noodle soup will be on the stove in the very near future.
Having knocked the noodles out in record time the rest of the day was spent hand quilting. A bit of down time is a welcome change of pace.

Today for the first time in eight long days the sun finally peeked out in the afternoon. If the weather man is right we won't be seeing Mr. Sun for a long, long time. We already have flood watches out that will run until at least Saturday. I'm not looking forward to the end of the week with Blake and Kara who have been locked in the house for so many days. An old fashion walk in the rain might be on the activity list.

Up for tomorrow:
1.) Organize bottles, jars, and such for workshops
2.) Organize fleece fabric to begin working on animal shelter snuggle blankets
3.) Catch up on filing
4.) Find time to relax with hand quilting

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Savings and Baking

 We were getting really low on butter. It was one of the many things on my stock up list when I could find a deal. The week we left for vacation It finally got marked of my list. Cost of 30 pounds of butter? $90.45 saved $65.40. That really helps the budget!
 This week whole pork tenderloins went on sale BOGO. Since I had Blake with me this morning I didn't want to dig around much in the pork counter looking for the smaller packages so I went with just 4, cost? $31.01 saved $31.01 another good buy to help with the budget. After looking around in our pork section of the freezer it wouldn't hurt to pick up a few more before the sale goes off on Wednesday when I am baby free!!
 Since Papaw was home Saturday as my baby back up Kara an I worked up a few batches of sugar cookies. Lord the grands do love their kitchen time :) For sanitary reasons she had her own dough!!
 As an added bonus she got to decorate her own cookies to take home to her family.
An additional batch went over to Elijah's family in their favorite team colors. Auburn blue and orange. Saturdays game was dedicated to Elijah, such a special day for him.

Peace and quite with Blake in the house, YAAA. He knocked out on me on the way home from the grocery store. Most of the time a 5 minute cat nap just recharges his battery, on this rainy day he is still out cold :)

An update on DD#3, so far the second blood transfusion is working. She is still working with Drs. on more testing to figure out what is going on. This is not our first rodeo with her!!!! If all test come back negative she should be having a hysterectomy in the coming months. So far every thing is pointing in that direction.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Best Halloween Party Ever!!!!

 Last night all the kiddo's in the neighborhood gathered at Elijah's front door to kick off his special Halloween Party. A professional make up artist volunteered to do his thing on Elijah!!!! He was over the top happy with the results.
 Elijah's favorite former Auburn quarterback now the Carolina Panthers quarter back Cam Newton surprised the crowd by showing up in an ice cream truck!!!!! Free ice cream for all the goblins!
 How is this for a little boys dream come true. Trick R Treating with your "Super Mama" and Cam Newton.
 And who could forget his other special surprise guest Panthers Linebacker Colin Cole with his cute wife and children.
 The Cole's even had a video game trailer delivered for the neighborhood to play their hearts out all night long!!!
Elijah was over the moon happy with his Early Halloween Party!!!!!!

The outpouring of love and support Elijah has had for the past 17 months takes our breath away. Hubby and I sat last night watching photo's being uploaded onto social media of Elijah's party. I was a puddle of tears.

No one knew these wonderful caring football players were going to show up. These men didn't bring along the media. They showed up with gifts the entire neighborhood could enjoy. They were just part of the party, not looking for or wanting any publicity. Just REAL MEN with the hearts of giving.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy Early Halloween

 Left to right: Tyler, Sam, and Elijah from 5 years ago.
This morning SIL #1 had this photo show up on his face book memory timeline. It brought our entire family once again to our knees.

You see tonight DD#1 and her Hubby along with their neighbours will be together to celebrate Halloween Early for Elijah. The entire street has been busy as beavers decorating their homes and yards to make tonight special for Elijah. They have been running around picking out costumes for their kiddo's, purchasing extra special candy, and planning dishes for a pot luck dinner after the Trick or Treating has been completed. Along with working a full time job, taking care of her 3 kiddo's and home, DD#1 worked with the city so their street can officially be closed to traffic tonight for a safe fun night for this special little boy.
 My job was to make cookies and cupcakes for the goblins.
 Somebody special upstairs put this deal in my path :) Having just come off vacation, packing hubby up for a quick trip out of town, and keeping up with Tater Tot I decided to cut corners when it came to frosting the goodies. Regular priced frosting tubes $4.88 each. Sale price $2.44 in addition they were BOGO!! Yes, thank you very much.... I bought enough to take care of the early Halloween party along with Thanksgiving, and Christmas baking
 Tater Tot is earning a new name "Monkey Man" He was into everything under the sun today as I was trying to finish up with our covered dishes to take to the Early Halloween party.
 I finished the sugar cookies in the wee hours of the morning last night.
 The Mummy cupcakes were completed between plucking the Money off on thing or another.
He climbed on the rungs of this stool to reach Papaws junk drawer. Of course the stool slipped out from under him but he hung on to that drawer without blinking and eye. You can't tell from this photo but his feet are not even touching the ground. Oh my, he is a handful!!!!

In addition to deserts for the kiddo's Blake and I whipped up a layer dip for the adults and hit the grocery for picnic supplies for the after Early Halloween pot luck dinner tonight. It has been a busy emotional day.

Knowing hubby would be getting back home late tonight along with being worn out from keeping up with this toddler while cooking/baking for a crowd we are not going to join in on the festivities tonight. We are all a giant wad of nerves, add to that being dog a.. tired I was afraid I wouldn't be able to hold it together when seeing Mommy, Gigi, Pappy, or Aunt Julie this evening.

Being around Sam or Elijah is easy...while Elijah's health is failing he is still just Elijah. Seeing the rest of the family.......there are just no words to describe the pain. The last thing this family needs is for us to fall apart in front of them.