Friday, January 23, 2015

Operation Sparrow

Ladies lets throw down the dust cloths, forget the laundry, and pull out the crock pots, there is FUN work to do. Here is a great way we can all  help out with this wonderful project. Click on the photo for the details!!!!

I have downloaded the pattern
Printed it out
Pulled the fabric
Thread... check
Embroidery hoop - It just so happens I have a new one I haven't had time to try out yet :)

Now for the time......I can't start mine until Sunday as I have the grands until then. I am SEW excited to get started!!!!!!

Who all is in? If you don't/can't do hand stitching would you be willing to share with others on your own blog, FB, or any of the other social media things people use?

Once again click on the photo for all the info. Jenny has made it SEW easy to share with others. Just look at the bottom of her post for all sorts of social media sites!!!!

More Decluttering

 Most of yesterday was spent digging around in the sewing/scrapbook room. I had hoped to have time to build a page or two for next months retreat but there was just no time leftover. I did however remember to pull out some of my old class binders to see if there might be some Christmas pages. BINGO!!! Five layouts just waiting to add photo's and journaling. This is what I call a double treat. Decluttering and moving forward on the Christmas albums all rolled into one :)
 I also decided to do away with my handmade cards drawer. An entire drawer full of finished cards
 Birthday, Thank you, Thinking of you, Just because, and some seasonal stuff for winter
I sorted everything by theme, added and envelope, then bagged them up by theme. They will be dropped off at our local nursing home on Monday!!

After running errands yesterday I got right on decluttering of scrapbooking stuff. The room is no where near complete but I can tell you I have made a nice dint in all of the excess stuff that has been collecting dust for too many years. I forgot to take a photo of the goodie bag I put on a friends front porch yesterday of really cute papers and embellishments she will enjoy.

I am super excited about the cards :) I have two of the grands today or I would make the drop off today. The center puts the cards in their little shop for the residents to shop in. Many if not most of the folks are on a very limited budget. Some only receive $50.00 a month spending money from there social security checks for personal items. Being able to pick up small gifts or cards for a dollar or less helps out a lot.

I have some sewing to do for the home that I need to get on but I am determined to finish up the scrapbooking section before I start anything else!!

Why work on preparing for the retreat that is still a month away? Two of the biggest reasons is I needed to make a trip down to my sisters to restock her freezer and pantry (more on that later) the other is I have a jury summons for February. I am the ONLY person I know that ends up being picked every single time!!!! Of course I never get on a one or two day trial, its always a week or more, grrrr

The next few days will be play time with the little ones. Kara wants to do some cooking, Blake will be exploring the floors for every tiny bite of dirt he can find. Kara also ask to go to the grocery store. I think I have trained her enough now to stick to the list, she loves holding the list and marking things off.

I need to get my rump in gear to give the downstairs a look over to make sure I haven't left anything out the little guys might find interesting and throw the first load of laundry in before the fun begins

I can tell you the unloading and redistribution of things I no longer need or love has me feeling 10 pounds lighter :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Prepping for a Scrapbooking Retreat

 So I decided while I am "Letting it Go" in the scrapbooking/sewing room I better pull out what I need for the retreat I will be going on next month. I decided to work on and update Christmas albums for our DD's families. Sticking with a theme for the retreat makes packing so much easier :) Ya Right!! My goal was to have most of what I needed at my finger tips on the cute new cart I purchased. As you can see in this photo that idea was not working out too well.
 Finally after a LONG day I consolidated, "Let it Go" in some cases, sent to the trash in others.

 Now to practice working in a small space. I measured out a 4 foot by 4 foot space then put down masking tape so I would keep myself "In Bounds" Later in the day I checked with some ladies that will be at the retreat to make sure the space allotted was what I remembered from years ago. OH NO come to find out the space would only be 3 x 3. As you can see by the tape measure on the bottom of the table I had even more consolidating to do :)
 There is no way in the world I could work in such a small place unless I pre made some of the pages I knew I wanted. My goal is to leave the cutting machine along with a whole lot of other stuff behind. I needed a list :) For the past two days I have been working that list of must haves.
 I like clean and simple pages, to me the photo's are what should stand out.
 I want to make sure there are sections in each album for our family traditions
 The things we do and enjoy
Pages that I can add too each year without having to re invent the wheel
I still have a way's to go...Seven more layouts to be exact according to my "List". Of course there are 2 sets for each of these, one for DD#1 family the other for DD#3  Oh My!
Originally I had planned on going all Project Life from here on out in the scrapbooking department that is until I pulled out DD#1 album I had created for them in 2006. I like clean pages. I like order. I like simple. I like the "Old" way..... Traditional Scrapbooking.
I hope this plan works out. I will be making traditional layout sections, sort of like title pages I am thinking. Then the following pages use the Project Life/Pocket style for each additional year. A bit of making it up as I go while still at home where I have more tools, gadgets, and supplies than any one person needs.
I think I have figured out MY style of this new pocket scrapbooking deal. I like simple. My eye and mind goes a bit nuts with all of the stuff on some of the pre made cards. Add to that some embellishments ....for the life of me can't focus on the photo's. It's all just too messy to suit me :)
Hubby is so funny, he ask me last night if I was leaving this weekend for the retreat. NO it's not until the end of February dear. The look on his face was priceless. I know he was thinking we have to live in this mess for another month!!! Na, I am just practicing for now I hope to have it all back where it will stay until my trip.
I had forgotten how messy traditional scrapbooking is. I had also forgotten how many hours it takes to build a layout!!! Maybe that is why I lost my Mojo over the years!! Somehow with this crazy busy life I need to ease it back in. I want the grands to have albums to look back on in years to come.
On to more layouts today, decluttering, reorganizing and "Letting it Go"

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekly Grocery Run

 My $200.00 grocery budget took a hit this week with a couple of high priced items. Garbage bags, TP, and Coconut Oil were the budget busters. Santa hooked me up with some new cookbooks for Christmas, one of the books calls for coconut oil in a ton of recipe's. A little 14 ounce jar of coconut oil cost almost $8.00 ouch!!! The stuff better be worth the price :) Total spent this week $40.31. I have $68.00 and some change to last until the end of the month, I think I can, I think I can.
 While messing around in my scrapbook supplies I "let it Go" of some paper organizers. Heck I took it a step farther by delivering them and helping my buddy organize her scrapbooking supplies. Some adult "Girl Time" was a nice treat for us both.
During my organizing marathon in the scrapbooking department I realized I needed a few supplies for the upcoming retreat. Thank you Hobby Lobby for such great weekly sales. I can't go into Hobby Lobby or any store for that matter without checking the clearance section. Low and behold they had Christmas stocking kits marked down to $10.99, regular price $29.99 Yaaaa These will be used as gift for a GF, Birthday or Christmas, I'm not sure which yet :)

I have grounded myself today! All the running around needs to come to a halt if I want to ever get a handle on this scrapbook downsizing, updating, decluttering project.

Goals for today

Complete six 12x12 pages
Clean out four scrapbook drawers
Work on yesterday's  list I didn't complete :)

On to this weeks menu

Monday - Chili
Tuesday - Asian Pork Roast * Got knock over from last week
Wednesday - Herb Chicken
Thursday - Leftover Chili
Friday - Meat Loaf
Saturday - Baked Pork Chops

The new Penne Ham Skillet recipe I tried from last week was, YUCK. The recipe is now in the trash, decluttering of just one recipe counts!  Hope this weeks new to us Asian Pork Roast recipe will be better.

Are any of you trying out new recipes that are floating around in drawers, counters, magazine's, or where ever else you stack things?

Monday, January 19, 2015

Simply Lovely Find!!
Photo from Jenny of Elefantz
So I am surfing around last night looking for something that I can't for the life of me remember when I found myself at this sweet, sweet, sweet blog. At first glance I was hooked by her lovely hand work, as I dug a bit deeper my heart just melted with all of the beauty. Her "Year of gentle domesticity" spoke to me. If you haven't already guessed I tend to go a million miles and hour with a break in action every now and then. I feel such a need to approach things with more gentleness. Click on the photo above to read her goal for the year :)
Photo from Jenny of Elefantz
Another "spoke to me post" was the one above. While I do enjoy reading my bible often I love this idea of following along each Sunday with the scriptures she shares. Tucking them all in this sweet little book....Be still my heart!!!!!! Once again I felt that voice inside saying, girl slow down I found this just for you ENJOY :) Click on the photo for a free copy of the pattern.
Then there is this!!! I have been meaning to make one of these bags for years!!! If I wasn't so lazy I would jump up and take a photo of the rat nest mess my bags are in. Just click the photo to find the tutorial.
I would love to spend my day on Jenny's beautiful blog, maybe even print out some of the free To Do lists she posted here
 but......I do have a sloppy list of my own that I need to tend to
1.) Grocery Store
2.) Pick up refund from the Post Office
3.) Pay bills
4.) Catch up on filing
5.) Finish laundry
6.) Work on Christmas scrapbook
7.) Clean up piles of books on hubby's and my side tables
I hope you enjoy Jenny's blog as much as I have!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

So Much for My Plan

 As I was enjoying my "Me Day" working right along, decluttering, organizing, finding treasures long forgotten, sitting aside some giveaways of "will never use again stuff" hubby called.... What should have been and entire day and evening alone for some play time as hubby and his buddies were going to dinner after work followed by a movie turned into a traffic jam nightmare.

Hubby's truck decided it needed a rest, the old girl wouldn't start :(  Tow truck? Out of the question, no way will a tow trunk come out at 4:00 for a routine pick up. They can make so much more money pulling in the fender binders during rush hour.

I can never say often enough nor loud enough I HATE city traffic, rush hour, somebody just shoot me. Hubby's office is a mere 20 miles from home. Problem is his office is located smack dab in "Downtown" 3 hours and 45 minutes later I dropped kicked him at the movies to meet up with his buddies. Times like this is when I wish I were a drinker of something other than stinking water :)

$325.00 dollars later the shop called to pick up the truck. They were not sure what was wrong so they went ahead and put a new starter on just in case, grrrrrr

 At least I did have most of the day to collect, sort, and organize what I hope will be the next scrapbooking project.  Update Christmas albums
 A bit of "Let it Go" three small trash cans to be exact.
 Tater Tot seems to be following in the steps of his older cousins. Check out the book he is reading "Cakes in a Jar"!!!! I didn't even realize what book he had snitched until I downloaded photo's last night. Little bugger is into everything now that he has advanced to speed crawling.
His very favorite thing to do is wrestle with his Ty boy. Tyler has a super soft spot for babies, the kid is baby crazy!!! He told DD#2 she needed to hurry up and get married so we can have some more babies :) Even offered to hook her up with his basketball coach!!! Ummm Ty boy your coach might be married. His response "I'll check him out" Oh Lord, kids are a riot.

Today is survival of the fittest. We took Tater Tot and Kara to breakfast this morning to meet up with some friends. Mornings are too early for doing the octopus deal. Try eating, drinking a cup of coffee, feeding a 7 month old, and supervising a toddler while your friends laugh till they cry watching you.

This with the entire family to cheer our Ty Boy on followed by what we hope will be a quite evening with some leftover pot roast.

Sometime before Sunday dinner tomorrow I need to make the weekly grocery store run. It won't be with hubby and the little kids that's for sure!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Some finishes!!

 Another finish from the pile of almost done projects in the sewing/scrapbook room. I made a few of these table runners some years ago as Birthday gifts. Not wanting to waste the leftover fabric I figured I would use it up on even more. Life and boredom got in the way of that plan :)
 Ta Da, Three new Birthday table runners are complete and have been moved to the gift drawer which BTW is OVERFLOWING!!!!
 I thought about ironing this one before taking a photo but...I didn't. Trust me they are cute
 Also in the pile was 6 more cuddle blankets for the no kill shelter that I just needed to sit down and tie. Done and delivered last night.
Hubby road along with me last night to pick up this oh so cute utility cart from Ikea. I have seen photo's of them on different sites where ladies use them for scrapbooking supplies, sewing, prep carts in the kitchen, plant stands, you name it :) I am going on a scrapbooking retreat next month, the work space allotted for each person is so small it got me thinking.....If I load this gal up with supplies I won't have to stand on my head under the table to pull out odds and ends I need to work with. I think it will also be nice to use at home. I always end up crafting and sewing on the kitchen table. It would be so much faster to just throw everything on this cart to push aside at the end of the day. I honestly almost bought two, one for sewing the other for scrapbooking :) or whatever other craft I might be working on. Time will tell if a second one will join the family.

I just love the freedom I feel when a project or two that has been laying around collecting dust and taking up room is finished!! I have two more things waiting in the wings I pulled out of the sewing room that I hope to get to soon. I thought soon would be today but after purchasing this cute cart I am like a kid with a new toy. I just want to play around with it :)

Soooo today will be mostly all about me :) and preparing for my upcoming trip that's still a month away. While working on my trip scrapbooking cart I should be able to do more scrapbooking decluttering. I know I have lots more stuff I need to "Let it Go"

Here is my sneaky little plan. If I can't find anyone locally that would like some of my excessive stuff I will take it to the crop with a cute sign "Needs a Good Home for Free" That should do the trick!! Scrapbookers can't pass up a free deal :)

I can't remember a day in a very, very, long time that I just checked out to have a play date all on my own. Do you ever say to heck with it all to do just what you want? Hells bells I might even stay in my PJ's all day!!!