Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Sisters Keeper

 I have been spending hours the past 2 days in my little spot cutting and chopping paper
The end results, more mini Project Life scrapbooking kits than any one person could use :)
 The cutting and sorting are finally complete (for now) everything is tucked in these containers along with a massive amount of embellishments that were sorted as well.
 What started as 5 crammed full shelves of paper has been reduced to just 3 shelves. I am still sorting cardstock but time has run out.
I hate, hate, hate, to leave overhauls unfinished but...It's mini vacation time. I grantee everything will be just as I left it when I return :)

As hard and fast as I have been working the past two days it seems to me I should be finished with the scrapbooking clean out...but I am not :) Close, oh so close. It will take another day or maybe two for me call it completed. The more I worked, the deeper I dug, the more paper and embellishments I found. I think I missed my calling in life. I should be a CEO of a moving company. I can cram more stuff in a small place than anyone I know!!

The goal for when I return home is to finish this major overhaul. I still have a few drawers to clean out, sort, and share with others. Lots more scraps to repurpose into 3x4 and 4x6 cards for home made Project Life kits. Last but not least is to deliver all the excess to our woman's shelter.

I'm off today to my Sisters to begin the first leg of our mini vacation back home. Our summer budget is out the window!! Between motels, gas, eating out, stocking my Sisters house, new wardrobe for her, and a whole lot of extras our vacation/fun account is looking pretty bare.

Wish me luck (and a few prayers) that two people that are absolute opposites don't kill each other on this adventure.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Where Have You Been

 This entire week has gotten away from me! Between cuddle time with this little fella
 Cutting up old scrapbook supplies to use with the Project Life system
 Tyler's 8th Birthday party
Scanning, printing, organizing, and burning CD's of historic family photo's
I can't believe its already Sunday!! This week has flown by!! I am thinking next week will be no different :)
Yesterday it was just Kara and I, it seems like forever since the wild child and I have had a day all to ourselves. Since it was pouring down rain a trip to the park was out of question. Second best thing is a trip to the grocery store :) Since Tater Tots arrival we haven't been doing our weekly grocery store trip. Loading and unloading that baby travel seat is something I avoid at all cost. Once we had the "right" food in the house she helped me sort TON's of old scrapbook paper, Oh My.
I have an enormous amount of scrapbooking supplies. I tell you even I had forgotten how much was neatly packed in the drawers, cabinets, shelves, on the table, under the table, everywhere :). As of this morning scrapbooking paper has taken over the whole house. Piles to keep, plies for charity, a few piles to share with friends, more piles to sort. Way back when I was a scrapbook instructor, for awhile I sold CTMH scrapbooking, and of course there is my own personal stuff holy cow, its a lot. 
In the evenings as I have been working on Kara's album using the "kits" I have purchased I kept thinking what a waste of money knowing I had tons of paper and stuff stored away in my room. You see I was just too lazy to dig into the mess knowing it would be a huge task once I got started...and it is :) Throwing down a 40% off coupon, opening a new "kit" all pre cut is just so easy :). As of now we have pre cut home made kits for Fall, Halloween, Christmas, and Winter as well as divided the extras to give away. It's progress.
Last night I spent HOURS sorting CTMH kits to share, precut, and organize for full "old fashion" layouts later. My goal for the end of the day is to have one scrapbooking shelf empty! Sounds easy? Well it's not!! Ha I am going to devote the next 3 days to this scrapbooking clean out. I know I won't hit it all but something is better than nothing.
Can't forget photo's.....I am continuing to sort and print Kara's photo's. The clerk at Walgreen's and I have become close friends :) I know the coupon codes by heart :) Is all this mess and expense worth it all?
Yes it is, Kara ask as soon as we got in the door yesterday morning where her "Kara Book" was. I can't leave her alone with her "Kara Book" yet as she is way too interested in trying to figure out how to get the cute embellishments off the pages. We are having a pretty good time looking at photo's and hearing from a toddlers perspective what was going on in each layout.
Off to tackle that shelf on this rainy day

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Girl Time with Project Life

 My GF is going to kill me for posting this photo but....Its the only one I took of us working the past 3 days. I have yet to figure out how to crop photo's on the new laptop :(  or I would have cropped her out. Please forgive me Mama "M" For those of you who are not scrap bookers you might be thinking what a hot mess!! For those who have scrap booked you know the table looks pretty darn good for two people sharing a table :) Notice too there is a nice LARGE platter of home made cookies and Biscotti slap dab in the middle just as it should be :) What a fabulous hostess!!
 It took me some time to get over just sticking photo's in page protector slots. It was soooo out of the box for me. My GF did share with me that by using a corner rounder on the photo's it gives everything a softer more finished look. She was right :)
 I branched out a little as I went along adding some bling and OLD stickers.
 Cutting 6x4 photo's down to 3x4, oh my I thought I was going to have a panic attack. I love the results. Lots of photo's of wild child Kara all on one page, done in no time at all!!
 I will try to get better photo's soon of another trick my friend shared with me. The photo on the far right of Kara sitting on the counter was cut in half to fit into (2) 3x4 slots. Pretty cool.

So what do I think of the Project Life kits? Hummm....I think the only way to go with them is to first use a 40% off coupon, second to find at least one friend (two would be better) to share the supplies and cost with. I would get tired of using the same color family after a while, there are a ton of cards in the kits to share. Now that I sort of have the hang of it and realize that spending an hour to two hours on a traditional page is out of the question this is the only way to go for me if I want the Grands to ever see albums of their own.
Wanna see what  you can do in three short days? Drum roll please.......116 pages!!!! AMAZING!!!!

Happy, TIRED, excited, did I mention TIRED? So excited to see in person and realize that this new to me scrap booking system can work with my lifestyle.

Are all the 116 pages complete? Na, I will go back to do journaling (my least favorite thing) at some point in time. I also plan on doing a bit of embellishing and add some traditional 12x12 pages through out the album but for now Kara has something she can see and touch. I have stepped way out of my comfort zone!!

Do you need the "Kit's" to do the project life style scrap booking? I don't think so. The page protectors are a must and are sold by lots, and lots, of companies, 40% off coupon's are a MUST. I do think using kits for the first time is helpful in moving the pages along fast but...I have so much traditional size paper just collecting dust that could easily be cut into the sizes needed. The traditional paper I have on hand is paper I like, colors, and themes that I use to use most often. In time I will be cutting up some home made kits from what I have on hand.

I need a good night sleep, a late night snack, and some AJ the Beagle time for now. Oh how I miss that little hound dog snuggled up with me at night :) In the next few days I will try to share more on how I plan on working "Project Life" into our family memory keeping.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Project Life Scrapbooking

Forgot to post this photo of me and my mini shopping buddy Miss Karsyn. Karsyn is her Mommy's girl say the word MALL and she heads to the car, me not so much :)

Photo printing from this week. I think (hope) I have all of Kara's pictures printed. We are talking over a thousand, the count maybe closer to two thousand :) Maybe half of them are of the other grands too but I have no way printed all that I have stored on the PC.
 This is the container I am using for Kara. I have sorted by holidays, seasons, and everyday photo's. 8x10's and 5x7's are in an additional container. Once I make a dent in Kara's pages I will reuse this container for Karsyn, Mason, then Blake. To be fair to all I am going in birth order, for now at least.
 One of the project life basic kits.
 There are SO MANY cards in the kits that 2 other friends have agreed to share kits among ourselves.
 They also sell mini kits. I found a deal on one brand for $1.99 each. They too are labeled for events, holidays, seasons and such. Hope this system works:) Once I get the hang of it all I plan on cutting up the TONS of scrapbook paper I have collecting dust.
 This sorry heap of stuff is memorabilia. I have a filing system for all this stuff but...filing never seems to happen. Throwing everything in a basket ? Ya I can do that :) I spent nap time today sorting all this mess. At least Tater Tot doesn't have much yet.
Once everything was sorted I tucked it all in a hopper for each grand. My plan (dream) is this system will be a quick grab and go method.

I have high hopes this new way of scrapbook will finally get all of my sweet photo's of the grands into albums they can enjoy. While I love the way traditional scrapbooking looks with as many little feet and hands we have around it is just not possible. Tyler has always enjoyed looking back on his baby scrapbooks when we have a new arrival to see what he looked like at the same age. The toddlers have nothing other than to sit in my lap and look at the PC files.

If I can get my To Do list completed tonight I am off on an adventure with a friend who is going to let me pick her brain regarding this new to me scrapbooking method for the next few days. Nanny needs some me time with another adult!!! Not sure how many pages we will complete but no doubt we will have a good time :)

Friday, August 1, 2014

My Sisters Keeper

 Where have I been the past few days? Shopping, UGH!!!! I hate to shop!! This week has been a HUGH act of kindness sorta time :) My side of the family is having a family reunion in a few weeks the first in more years than I can remember. Trying to figure out a way to get my disabled Sister to the reunion has been a nightmare. She can't drive the 10 hours required for 2 reasons. Reason number one is she is without a car. Hubby and I have been trying to buying her a used car for the past two month's from long distance. It is NOT working!! As soon as hubby returns home we will purchase a car for her in our area then deliver it. Reason number two is she can't drive any distance, just getting around town in all she can do. Flying her in wouldn't work as the closest airport in an hour from her home, the other BIGGY is she would never be able to figure out how to make the connecting flight, sigh. Sooooo...I will be driving down 6 hours to pick her up then do the best we can to make the drive up to IN. I am giving myself 2 days for the 10 hour trip with her as she has a ton of motion problems. Thinking the plan had been worked out when I spoke to her this week she had decided she just can't go, WHAT. After a long talk over the phone I found out the last hurdle is she didn't have anything to wear. We are not talking the typical "I have nothing to wear" so many ladies complain about, she literay had nothing she could wear that still fit :(  I assured her that was not a problem, I would work it out. She IS GOING!!
 Let me just tell you if you need to build a waredrobe bottom to top now is a great time to do it, the sales are AMAZING!!!! Here is a sneak peak of three dresses of the 11 I found for my Sister along with costume jewelry. As much as I HATE to shop I am super excited to see her face when I turn all these bags over to her.
 The final extra item I needed to add to her haul was a purse and wallet. It might seem odd to buy a high end purse and wallet for someone who has nothing but let me tell you the deal DD#1 and I got.... Clearance purses were on sale for 50% off. in addition the store had an additional 50% off all sale items. The savings didn't end there!! We had a 20% off your total purchase coupon!!!! End results...$1,482.00 worth of purses and wallet for a grand total of...$406.77!!!! Holy cow. Now I am not a fancy name brand purse sorta person, for the most part I carry hand made (by me) purses but I know from family and friends this brand of purse will hold up for years, the style is classic and will work year round. My Sister is worth a little something special and...Christmas shopping has begun :)
All of this shopping and saving had me dragging around this morning when Tater Tot and Kara arrived. It has been POURING down rain here for the second day, keeping Kara locked up in the house...Lord help me. I explained to her this morning Nanny was super tired I was going to need her to be my big girl helper. She jumped right in having a ball helping in every little way with her sweet little brother. She really enjoyed being the BOSS of the day. She told me as she left today that she was a "Super Hero" I have to agree she got my engine running with all her ordering around :)

I just have to share the total over the top savings (to me) I was able to score on this new wardrobe. Here is the list.

11 Dresses 7 of which are long  (there was a reason for this)
2 Pairs of Capri's
5 Shirts
4 Infinity scarves
3  Hip sweaters, the kind that are long in the front
1 Denim jacket
1 Pair of PJ'S
2 Packs of undies
2 Bras
7 Necklaces
1 Wallet
1 Purse

Total price for everything? 534.23!!!!!! Total savings $1,240.00. How is that for some super saving?

OK now for an explanation of the long sleeveless dresses. We live in the south, my Sister is even farther south than we are. By throwing a cute sweater or jacket along with a scarf and closed toe shoes with those dresses they will work from Spring until late fall. You can get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to long dresses here in the south. The other bonus? No waistband!! I'm just sayin :) You can dress a dress up or down with zero cost. I LOVE long dresses.

Was this extra expense in the budget? No!! Times like this is where that EF comes in handy. The need is there, we can meet that need and do a little extra to boot. Clipping coupons, watching sales, cooking at home, making do and all that jazz....Heck ya I am all in!! I just have to tell you this was one "Murphy" that has me smiling from ear to ear!!! Even the whole shopping and driving around town was well worth the pain :)

Time to hit the drug store for today's photo order, OH MY. Ladies DO NOT let you photo's set in your PC for years and years putting off for the day to print them out. All I can say is OUCH!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This and That

 Peaches anyone? This is part of the "harvest" from one tree! In addition 6 grocery bags went out the door to whoever I could find to share with. This is by far the biggest "Harvest" we have ever had. I have yet to even touch tree two, until I share (unload) these, tree two will go untouched.
 If I don't have enough on going projects I was in the mood Sunday night to piece a quilt. Goal for the week is to get the quilt top completed :)
And....Scrapbooking. A friend shared with me the "Project Life" system. THANKS Val!!!! This just might get the million and one photo's stored in the PC into an album or two or ten.
I would love to spend the day at home working on getting the kitchen table, counters, and floor cleaned up from all of the piles of sewing projects I have started, need to start and, WIP's but most of the day will be devoted to errands I have put off for too long, Grrr
I needed more scrapbooking supplies like I needed a hole in my head but after seeing the album my friend shared with me on her recent (as in yesterday) trip up my way I was inspired to give this fast and easy scrapbooking system a try. I have done ZERO scrapbook pages for the toddlers. Tyler...he has 8 albums. I use to do pretty good keeping up with scrapbooking photo's before all the little ones came along. I had a great system going, take photo's, print photo's and go, go, go, pages were completed :) Our once a year girls long weekend in the Mts...I could knock out 100 pages or more with page kits I compiled from home.
Then came 3 little ones in a span of two years with this Nanny having one or more of them six days a week, need I say more? Sewing is SO MUCH faster. Sewing is much less messy. The only tools needed are the cutting board, rotary cutter, scissors, a machine, and a bit of fabric. I can whip up a quilt top to bottom in a week. A week of scrapbooking I might be able to complete 10-20 pages. Sewing has always won out for the past four years. That needs to change.
A friend of mine and I have made a pact with each other that one evening a week we will work on scrapbooks for our grands. We have high hopes of working up the backlog of photo's we both have saved on our PC's.
Has anyone else that use to scrapbook fallen off the wagon for as long as I have? My goal is to get the toddlers albums completed up to each of their first Birthdays by November. Tyler still loves to drag one of his many albums out to see what he looked like as a baby and all of the little adventures he had as a toddler. I want the other four to have that same experience.
Time to put some photo's to paper!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Fun

 I think we have all finally recovered from our family beach trip :)
 Lots of fun in the sun
 Our little buddy Elijah finished his last radiation treatment on Tuesday!!!! Now he is on a 30 day break before the MAJOR surgery he will be having on his spine and neck. We had invited he and his family to join us this year at the beach house but he was just not up to it right now. Next year with continued prayers he will be back enjoying what little boys should be doing
 I wanted to get a few cute photo's of our Kara but as always Kara was being Kara. Never a dull moment with this gal!
Kara has a mind and spirit all her own
Super fast post this morning as I need to prepare for one more day with DD#3's kiddo's. Not sure yet which one I will have as DD#3 has to work and Daddy is not yet ready to take on Tater Tot along with Kara all on his own :) What the heck, it's fine with me. I ventured out with them yesterday to the park. Having Kara by herself for the most part least year gave us lots of time for outings, now that Tater Tot has arrived...not so much. She was very understanding with her little brother as he let us know he was not a park sorta fella yet. Our Saturday grocery run was scratched, I didn't think my body or nerves could take loading and unloading little ones in an out of the car yet again.
I lucked out on Friday as DD#2 showed up just as I was getting ready to load them up for Tater Tots well baby check and shots, so thankful she agreed to keep Kara while I made a quick trip to the Dr.
Rather than drag a baby, purse, and diaper bag around I thought I was being efficient in just throwing a diaper, bottle and zip baggie of wipes in my purse, off we went. BIG mistake!!!! Tater Tot showed off by having a BLOW OUT diaper on my lap while wearing just a diaper. The Dr. couldn't help but laugh out loud as my dress was covered in poop, even more was running down my legs. Oh my
Did he stop there, oh no. After his shot he spit up, throw up is a better description all over the front of my dress. Note to self, put together a Nanny bag that doesn't weigh as much as a toddler for outings, how soon we forget :) Time to get it in gear, it's sure to be an active Sunday.