Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We now have a Staff!!!

 Hubby and I compiled our must do lists yesterday morning over breakfast...it's a long hard to implement in a short period of time list. One of the many things on that list was to till the garden that we never had time to do last fall. Should we continue to rent or is it time to purchase a tiller of our own?  We went with ownership. This man of mine works long hours. He sacrifices so much for our family. A tiller to call his own just seemed like the right thing to do, so we did!!
In less than an hours time he had the lower garden tilled and ready to plant. Yippee Skippy, mark one To Do off for the home team.

We are making a whole lot of changes to our garden/gardens this year. With a new baby too arrive in just 6 short weeks, hubby still working out of state, taking care of a home alone that is bigger than we need something has gotta give. Bermuda grass had invaded our raised beds a couple of years ago. I have fought a good battle with it for the past two summers but it's just a lost cause. You can't kill the stuff, the roots run to China I do believe. While my man was doing his thing with his new toy I began to disassemble 6 raised beds. Holy cow, talk about hard work. I had planned to start over with just 2 new beds this year but the wood from the old beds was suffering from wood rot already. Gotta start from scratch. :(

After breakfast yesterday hubby took his Jeep in for inspection while I headed home. I have been racking my brain for weeks trying to figure out how in the heck am I going to continue to keep all the irons in the fire as  "The Lone Ranger" again this summer. As I turned the corner onto our street a lawn service was working on a neighbors yard, it's now or never. I chased the fella down on the mower to inquire about contracting with them. A short time later hubby arrived home to inform me he too had stopped the same company about taking some work off my back! Ha Great minds think alike.

As is the way here in the South we got talking with the owner when he came by to give us and estimate. He too is looking to retire soon planning to hand over the company to his Son who has worked for him since he was 14 years old. Their estimate for a weekly cut and trim was just too LOW!! We negotiated a little explaining our position that his prices were well under the market value, as in less than 1/2 the price of other companies. We didn't want to take advantage of them. His Son didn't say a word but you could tell by his body language he and his Father may have disagreed over price increases recently! Ha Having someone else doing the weekly lawn service will free up time for me to do all the extras I never have time to do. There are some big projects that we have had to put off for so long due to the time crunch.

Another biggy to me anyway was to load up the tractor that had blown and engine last summer. Habitat for Humanity agreed to take it off our hands but they don't do pick ups. I so dreaded helping my main man load and unload that monster onto our pick up truck for delivery. Don't you know last night after all the kiddo's had left the Kidney Foundation just happened to call for donations. I told the lady the only thing we had right now was a broken down tractor, BINGO. They will be picking it up Thursday from 9:00-5:00 all we have to do is get it too the street!!!

Having Staff is quite nice I must say!!

On for today is lots of running around (spending money) a few errands, regrouping, and revising our list as it will be raining all day. Tomorrow we will be back in the yard with coats on as the temperature of 82 for the past week will drop below freezing tonight. Gotta love spring!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Signs of Spring

 Brids are singing and the toddlers are doing their thing
 Kara as always is acting out.
 Little Mason enjoying watching the neighbors mow
 What is it about our grands that they all love a lawn mower.
 The exception is Karsyn, maybe she is afraid she will mess up her bow. Dandelion wishes are more her thing.
 And "picanica" snacks to refuel for more spring adventures
 Look at our poor sad deck. She is in great need of some TLC
The lower deck too needs a lot of work. The grands decided they want the playhouse on the deck (for today at least) I sure hope it works out once I get it arranged correctly as I am getting too darn old to move this playhouse every other week in the spring and summer. I suggested to them yesterday if they want to enjoy a different view each week they can use their lawn chairs instead of Nanny moving the stinkin house!!

The weather man has promised one more day with the highs in the 80's before another cold front moves in, I will take it!!

The house is as clean as can be expected on a beautiful spring day like today when all I want to do is sit outside with the wind chimes and birds. Fresh from the clothesline bed clothes are back on the bed. Two pounds of East Carolina BBQ is tucked in the fridge, along with watermelon and cantaloupe for Sunday dinner. If I can figure out how to start the new tractor I will at least get the front lawn mowed before hubby's arrival FINALLY this afternoon. Three days late but at least he will have a week at home (we hope) to help get this yard back in shape after a very LONG COLD winter.

Hubby has grand plans for all he thinks he can accomplish during this next week. Going over his wish list this morning I figure it would take a STAFF to get it all done. He has a staff of one (me) and four little ones who are always up for some play in the dirt time. Well see how it goes. I will be happy enough to have him home where he belongs, the fact that he has a long bed pickup truck perfect for hauling is just icing on the cake. Ha

Better hike up my spring maxie sundress and see what that new tractor will do!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

It ain't Done till the Paperwork is Done

 I Hate paperwork! With all the spending on charity for the past few months I couldn't put off organizing recipts any longer. Come tax time next year I will be happy I spent so many hours on this not sew fun To Do.
 On and on it went. After a few hours statements, receipts, confirmations, and all that jazz was tucked away in very cute file folders I found at Tuesday morning for $3.99.
 My evening homework this week has been to tie Night Night blankets along with Snuggle blankets for the animal shelter.
20 Night Night totes are complete, 40 more are on order. Tyler and I are going to have our hands full over spring break filling tote bags full of love.

I spent the entire day organizing all the piles of charity items completed over the winter. Talk about a huge job!!  Am I done? Not yet but I have made some really good progress.

I finally found an active chapter for the Project Linus Quilt's. The chapter is about 20 miles from our home, that 20 miles can take 2 hours to drive one way :(.  The short version of a long story is I will go to their monthly meetings to turn in quilts and or make quilts with a fun group of ladies. In addition I am now our local coordinator/drop off site. hummm

Waiting to hear back on the Quilt of Valor quilts I have ready to donate. I hope they can go to local Veteran's but if not I am getting them in the mail ASAP. I need to get the spare room cleaned out!!!

Now that I am finally beginning to get everything in order and too the charities I am realizing I have done a WHOLE LOTTA SEWING!! Holy cow!!

Once I have the time to just sit and think I need to evaluate how we can continue to donate at a pace and expense that fits in our lifestyle. For some it might be as simple as writing a check, others I will continue to use those sewing machines!!

Tonight I am beat! But its a good beat feeling

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bunny Bunting

 One of the many things on my get caught up list was to put our tee ball/park basket together. Picnic quilt, bottle water, brush/hair pretties, wipes, snacks, bug spray, sunscreen, and a to go first aide kit. We are all set for some spring outings now
 Delivered 16 pillowcases for the One Million Pillowcase Challenge along with a bunch of other errands
 Finally back home to work on a bunny bunting for the grands. I loaded this photo out of order. sigh..
Want to give one a try, they were sew easy, and cheap as dirt. I used polka dot scraps for mine

1.) Make a sandwich of scrap fabric and leftover batting
 2.) Trace out this cute bunny onto your fabric sandwich. You can download and print here. BTW it's really cute to just print and put in a white frame
 3.) Now satin stitch along the lines
 4.) Cut your bunny out close to the edge without cutting into the stitching
 5.) Time to dress your bunny. You might like a button eye, Pom Pom nose and tail.
 6.) Maybe your like me a plain Jane bunny is just fine.
 7.) Stitch your bunny ears on to a strip of binding.
Done!! So simple but cute.

Wheee, what a day. I can tell you I am glad it's over. Running 101 errands is one of my least favorite things to do. I left home at 9:00AM not to return until after 2:00, most of that time was spent on the roads. :(

Sew happy to have at least on of my charity projects out the door. Sew many more to go. I have been having a heck of a time finding coordinators/drop off points for them all. Sure wish folks would update their web sites :(. There is no way I can even begin to clean out one of the spare bedrooms until I get deliveries made.

Off to bed with a good book, tomorrow will be another full day

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Surprise Visitor

  I am donating pillowcase dresses to a friend of a friend for a mission trip coming up in July too the Dominican Republic. While out and about looking for deals on books for Project Night Night I wondered through the linen isle where I found 12 packs of pillow cases. Pillow cases are really hard to find as most are sold with sets of sheets. This was my first visit to an "Ollie's" store, talk about some deals!! It will be my new go to store for childrens books!!!
 How about that price!! By using my scraps/stash to add a bit of pretty I will be able to make up 24 dresses for $1.00 each!! Making pillow case dresses are not on my current to do list but when the time comes I am all set
All day Sunday and Monday was spent trying to get things back in order around the house. While I am not finished yet I do have it on the run. Maybe two more days and things will be back under control. Since I arrived home from vacation things have been topsy turvy, just too much on my MUST DO NOW plate

Is this not the ugliest creature on the face of the earth? How would you like to look up and see one walking in your back door? OH MY I still get the creeps just thinking about it. AJ the beagle and I were snuggling on the sofa Sunday night watching a movie while tieing blankets when out of the corner of my eye something moved. A possum was just peeking its nasty head in the back door, ewwwww I jumped up growling like a mad woman running right at it. One nasty hiss and it was on it's way back out. You better believe I won't be propping open the screen door ever again!!!!

I still have the creeps after chasing that possum out the back door. What in the world I would have done if it had come after me I just don't know. AJ the beagle....she dove a little deeper under her quilt when the action began. I finally gave up on her ever calming down and just took her to bed. Some hunter that dog is!!

What a great two days of uninterrupted, no errands, just let the phone ring couple of days it has been!! If I can stay on track I should have things caught up and in order again. Too many things have been slipping for too long. I hate to have that overwhelmed feeling, knowing I bring most of it on myself is nuts. I do have some running that must be done this week but I have decided Wednesday is the running day. I want one more day to myself concentrating on the home front.

I have a GOOD visitor coming in over the weekend. I want the decks cleared so we can enjoy our time together. Wanna take a guess who gets to have a nice visit at home so soon? Yep, its hubby. The project is in a little bit of a lull for now before he gets too busy to do anything but eat, sleep, and work. Is much as I hate to see the hours he puts in, after years in this business we know it means the end of the project is in sight. I know not to get my hopes too high as there always seems to be another change of plans but this time we have decided he just HAS to have some time at HOME before going off again. That may mean burning a whole lot of vacation days to get the time but he has more than he will ever be able to use until retirement. I am ready for this ship to have a two man team!!

Back to the task at hand, more sorting, list making, planning, and merry making for today.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Saturday Stuff

 At the last minute yesterday morning DD#1 needed a bow hanger for the shower she was hosting in the afternoon. I still had a small piece of  fabric the new Mommy used for babies nursery leftover from the bunting I had made for her.
 One bow hanger for Miss L
 While picking up the wooden letter for the bow hanger I found this blank hat. Humm why not make Miss L a girlie baseball hat.
 Then on to Tyler's game
 Karsyn was rocking her new hoodie
  Mason entertained us all running around as always with a big smile on his face.
 I left the game early to set the shower up for DD#1.  The Mommy to be loved her collection of hand made bibs
 The food and tables were a hit, so dainty and peaceful
I am loving these painted then distressed mason jars
All of this activity followed by dinner out for a GF's Birthday had me wanting to just crawl under the table for a nap last night! Today will be a SLOW day for me!! A load or two of laundry, clean up the mess of last minute sewing yesterday morning then on to the sewing room, I need to tackle the huge mess it is in once again.
It seems like all I have done this past week is make a mess, clean up a mess, make another mess, then clean up once more. I have PILES of charity sewing completed that needs to go out the door. Delivering all these sewn with love piles is my main focus for next week. I am so far behind inputting charity receipts its not funny. That too needs to be caught up and organized. Last but not least I need a few hours to sit and reflect, prioritize, plan, and come up with a reasonable schedule for our charity commitments. I am close to over extending myself... Hubby will hopefully be finishing up in TX soon. My free time will be cut drastically when he is home full time (we can only hope)
I know I want to continue with each and every one of the charities but I can't continue at the pace I have been going. Spring looks to be here for good, the garden and yard are both out of control, just keeping up with the outside work can be a full time job!
Does anyone have any tips to share on how you organize yourself to give back but still meet all your commitment's at home?

Friday, April 4, 2014


 Hubby's cherry tree is putting on her spring show. I just love a show off in the spring!
 She is just loaded in tiny blooms
The perfect place for a little girl to run laps
The windows are wide open to give the pollen a place to settle wherever it chooses all over the house. My blue car has a nice film of yellow to cover the dirt from our mountain trip. Last but certainly not least Tee ball starts tomorrow. Yep it's spring in the south!