Friday, April 30, 2010

Cherry O workshop on th go

Here is the second layout from the "Cherry O" WOTG, I changed the papers a bit on this layout to make it more boy friendly, that's the beauty of the workshop guides you can switch around any papers you want to use and still come out with a well balanced page. Tyler is all about cooking (he started at a young age) he likes to tell us step 1, step 2, etc. in what ever we are doing so I knew I needed to get a layout done before he moves on to another avenue of bossing me around, HA. I will have more cards from this kit soon but for today I need to get on to the house duties, paying bills, cleaning, mow the lawn, weed the garden, errands, YUK!!

Make sure and check out the on line store in the morning, the new catalog will be LIVE!!! If you would like a real catalog send me an e-mail and I will get one in the mail to you free of charge!! On that note I have decided to give up the on line store this year so after the 17th of May you will need to contact me to place and order, with the cost of maintaining the web site and pro pay account along with additional charges for processing credit and debit cards it has become just to expensive to justify, besides the fact the the vast majority of you would rather have a catalog in your hands to shop from and are already paying by cash or check, sooo we will see how this goes

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cherry O

I was finally able to spend some time in my room of sin today and work on the new "Cherry O" WOTG from the summer cattie. This is one of the cutest kits yet! So far I have created all 4 pages and 6 cards from the workshop guide included in the kit with plenty more paper to work with. I added blank bulk cards to the kit so I don't have to cut up card stock (what a waste) and also 2 sheets of colonial white card stock for background paper on layouts. I wasn't crazy about the colors used in the guide so I changed it up a bit. I messed around until late in the day to take pictures so the color and clarity is really bad. I will post a bit more in the AM when the sun is up.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Veranda Cards

Here are a couple of cards I was able to squeeze in yesterday using leftovers from the Veranda WOTG kit. The flowers are a cool technique highlighted in the new cattie for spring, really easy to do, I will try and put together step by step instructions on Wednesday.

Studio J

Studio J will go live today for everyone, this is the first you have heard of Studio J from me because frankly it's just not my thing. I am a traditional scrapbooker, no ands, if's or but's about it, however I do understand that Studio J has a place in the current market (just not mine). Head over to my website and check it out, there is nothing to buy, you can play for free, the only point that you would pay is if you want to order what you create. I have ordered samples for ladies to check out and I can tell you the quality is outstanding, the pages are beautiful, it is really easy to do, fast as all get out and you can order as many copies of your creations as your hearts desire.
Here is one thing I would love to have done with Studio J, create our families Heritage album, I have spent countless hours working on just my side of the family so far and I am still not done, I haven't even begun to touch my Husbands heritage photo's. The cool thing would be that I could let other family members know and see what I have created and they could order whatever pages they want for their own family with just a click of the button, now that would be very cool.
I know my own daughters are gonna fall in love with Studio J, they are all about a click of a button deal, but try as I might it is just not for me. I will always be a paper, scissors, glue girl, so you may not hear a whole lot about Studio J on my blog, but do check it out, what the heck it's free and if you do fall in love with the product it is competitively priced!!!
I was able to create a couple of cards yesterday but I haven't had time to take photo's, download and post them yet, I had 2 classes yesterday that filled my day in such a nice way, maybe I can get that done during Tyler's nap today.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Finally back!

I had to take a few days away from my blog to get caught up on the ever growing to do list around the house and yard. We got so much done over the past few days but as with every family nothing in the home is ever really done is it?

We needed to get the boat cleaned and serviced for the summer, DONE!! Bob and I spent the entire day Friday to get this accomplished but we were so lucky to have a warm (not hot) day to work, and an additional treat to the boat cleaning is we took a ride all by ourselves, nice and quite, no music blaring, kids squealing, whats to eat Mom, you know the drill.
Saturday was finishing up the garden and bringing in the crops, yes we have crops!! Well not much in the line of crops but something is better than nothing, spicy perfect radishes went in our salad Saturday night! I was even able to organize my list for canning and preserving this summer so now I just need to make a run to a few stores and we will be ready to rock. Our local pick your own strawberry patch opens on May 1st, we don't get enough strawberries from our own plants to put up for the winter so I spend a morning picking my own to put up, we will go back at some point so Tyler can help pick a basket, but canning, jelly making and freezing are not something I am willing to do with a 3 year old.

And last but not least I finally found a bread recipe that WORKS!! We love fresh bread but it has been a hit or miss for so long and so many of the recipes that did work were crazy complicated, this one is simple, fast, easy and cost effective, YAAAAA. We ate 2 loaves at Sunday dinner this week so it is a hit with everyone.

I promise tomorrow or maybe even later today to post some artwork, I have 2 cards that are almost finished and will also be updating the blog with our new cattie that will go live on May 1, just in time for National scrapbooking day.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy mail

Took the day off from scrapbooking to get a few things done at home that I have been putting off, one of the things on the to do list was update my hand made card display from 7 Gypsy's, I keep cards I receive from friends on it so I can enjoy them all of the time, hate to just throw them in a drawer someplace! I wanted to share with you a card we received for Easter from my buddy Valerie, she makes the most beautiful cards, I love getting happy mail and hers are always breathtaking, I can't believe the detail she puts in her cards and she makes a ton of them to send out for each holiday. I am gonna get busy today as soon a Tyler goes down for a nap to make a few happy mail cards for no reason except to make someone smile, we could all use an extra smile now and then don't you think? I know I sure could!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Topstitch cards

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We are continuing to work on the garden and yard clean up but still not done, we have had so many distractions helping our girls with their own yards this year since they don't have all the yard tools they need so we take ours over and give a few lessons. I have lots of ideas for Christmas gifts this year!!
When cutting level 1 papers last week for a Girl Scout troop workshop I made a mistake with one of the papers, UGH!!! No time to cry over spilt mike so I moved on... now what to do with 6x6 pieces of pre-printed paper from the kit? I played around a bit with them and decided to do some fast easy cards. Everything on the cards are leftovers from different WOTG kits so not only was this fast and easy, it cleaned up a few more leftovers and everything was free, gotta love that!!

Soooo I think this week will be leftover week, lets all use up some leftovers in different ways, I will be focusing on cards this week, I haven't sent a box of cards to "Operation Write Home" in a while and would like to get one in the mail for Memorial day. If you haven't heard of Operation Write home check out their website and be INSPIRED!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Special!!!

The new special is avalible now for Natinal Scrapbooking month!!! This is a really great kit with lots of goddies to create (4) 12x12 pages. It is super cute, fast and easy and only $5.00 with a $60.00 order. Check out my website for all the details, this is a must have kit. You won't have many leftovers which is a good thing, have enough of those already but I did have enough paper to make a few really cute cards for my card stash.
Speaking of websites, I really need to get mine updated, my artwork is way behind, profile is a mess and I never update the calender like I should. I can't seem to find a good balance on this whole technology deal, maybe next week I will have the time to focus on that, however all of the products for sale are up to date, THANKS to CTMH!!
I did get a few cards done yesterday during Ty's nap but didn't get all of them downloaded, tomorrow is another day Scarlett. The card posted is from creative basic's spring cattie, these are great deals for you ladies who are card makers, lots of paper and ribbon are in the kits. This will be one of the cards we will be making in our operation write home workshop. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, operation write home, for more information on this over the top great orginzation go to thier website and check out the wonderful things they are doing for our troops, you will be inspired to get some cards made for sure!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

So Sad :(

The best scrapbook store in the entire country will be closing next month :(. I am so sad to see you go Scrap Shack, they always carried the latest and greatest products, would share so much information and knew every customers name. Customers felt at home when they walked in the door, no question was to small for them answer and they would take the time to help customers in any way possible. Scrap Shack was the hub for any information you might want about scrap booking, crops, retreats, you name it they knew it or would gladly find out for you. I am weary today from continually watching wonderful business being hit by our ever deteriorating economy. Today is not a good day to blog for sure!!
Yesterday I was able to get 3 baby scrapbooks in the mail FINALLY, a few other gifts went out and lots of cards, however I forgot to take a single picture of any of them. Dog gone it, just a bad day all around, but the sun will be up soon, I know my friends at the Shack will enjoy there freedom to be with their family more often and we have so much to be thankful for that I need to pick my chin up, squeeze into that pair of jeans and find a piece of chocolate. Better blogging to come I promise!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday Cards

Were you lucky enough to get the February Stamp of the month "Piece of Cake"? I haven't taken the time to play with this set as much as I wanted to, with so many Birthday's coming up it is the perfect time to pull it out and get busy. Of course I used only scraps and leftovers from some WOTG kits to finish them off. Can't remember if I have mentioned this before so if I have sorry for this repeat tip! I build all of my cards on bulk card bases I pick up at a local discount store, I can get a package of 25 with envelopes for under $3.00 when they are on sale, this saves me lots of money since I don't have to cut up a piece of card stock for the base and another piece of card stock to make the envelope. Here is another money saving tip, instead of using one of our makers to color in the stamp image I use a blending pen and our stamp pads, I think it gives me more control on the color I want to use as well. I am off to my little room of sin to work on a few more cards today then on to a workshop tonight with a group of Girl Scouts, I love to work with little girls they are so inspiring!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A little of this and that

Man it is hell getting old, my back is still out but I did get in the studio for a bit yesterday. I had a layout started a few weeks ago that I was able to finish up, didn't like it then and don't like it now but it is done so I will move on. I picked up the kit last year at Charlotte CKU convention, I need to stop buying on impulse, I always end up not liking the kits once I get around to using them, gonna make a pack with my shopping buddies this year that we will watch out for each other no more crazy spending!!
The card is made from leftover scraps of the baby girl album I finished a few weeks back, I need to start getting all these baby gifts in the mail, some have been ready for months but I wanted to get cards made for them. I used the i-top brad maker for the brad in the middle of the flower, I am a sucker for tools, love when I pick one up that is worth the money!!
More cards tomorrow, I have Birthday cards to get ready, my card stash is in bad shape

Monday, April 12, 2010

Recovery Time


Gonna need a day or two to recover from our Sunday activities so I am not sure I will be creating for a few days :(.
Our youngest Daughter Kelli decided she wanted some landscaping done for her Birthday gift this year and for all gifts to be yard related. Great, I thought we will have a family day at her house Sunday while she is at work and surprise her with a new yard and a family cookout!! The day was perfect for yard work, we purchased all the supplies, flowers and plants the night before, loaded the tools in the truck, I cooked all the side dishes the night before, picked up the cake, we were ready to rock and roll!! Our oldest daughters family had to get things caught up around the house after spring break so they couldn't make it till dinner time, our middle daughter was still in a softball tournament so she arrived just in time for dinner. My sister had her monthly Pub crawl Saturday night and was in no shape for physical activity but they did make it in time for dinner. Soooo Bob, Nathan and I did all the landscaping in the front yard, we still have one area we couldn't finish due to a chainsaw malfunction but the rest is done!! The yard looks so nice, all of the neighbors came over to comment on how great things looked and Kelli was thrilled when she arrived home from work. That's the good news, the bad news is sometime late in the day my back went out, I mean really out, as in can't walk, set, lay down, bend over, or move in any way shape or form. It hurts so bad I just want to hit someone, which is not in my nature. I am trying to hold off on the Dr. visit and do some home remedies, but haven't found the right one yet, if I can figure out a way to get an adhesive runner and pair of scissors in my blistered hands I will see what I can come up with, in the meantime be very careful this spring in the yard, it can cut into your creative opportunities!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Check Out This Special!!!

I was going to hold off until Monday to share this CTMH upcoming special but decided to spill the beans now!! This is a super cute kit, great for Easter pictures or anything else that you want 4 great fast layouts for. I stuck with our girls photo's from way back when, knocked out 4 pages lickety split.
The kit comes with pattern paper, card stock, die cut papers, buttons, waxy flax, stickease, flip flaps, sponge, mini medley white collection, color workshop guide and a new product, irresistibles!! You will even have a few leftovers to use for cards.
The kit goes on sale April 15th and runs until May 31st, get your wish list made so you will be ready to place your order.
Here are the different pricing options:
Purchase outright for $19.95
With a $40.00 order before shipping and tax, purchase for $10.00
With a $60.00 order before shipping and tax, purchase for $5.00

Friday, April 9, 2010

Cute scraps

Are you clearing out your scraps and using up all the little tidbits laying around? On today's cards all my embellishments came from leftovers in different WOTG's. I used leftover dimensional elements from the Caboodle WOTG and also twinkle brads from the Jingle WOTG for the friend card along with the "True Friends" Stamp of the month from January.
The Birthday card are leftovers from the Tickled Pink kit last summer along with "Piece of Cake" stamp of the month from February, and did you notice the Prisma glitter on the cupcakes, I have lots of other brands of glitter but Prisma glitter is my all time favorite, it is extra fine so it has so much more sparkle than the others, it will show up on even the tiniest of places.
The WOTG kits are loaded with way more embellishments than you need to create the pages or cards that are highlighted in the how to brochure included in the kit. WOTG kits are only available while the catalog is current, they change with the release of each new catalog so time is running out for the current cattie, new catties will go live May 1st, if you are interested in any of the current WOTG's give me a call or send an e-mail so I can get one to you before time runs out.
Time to get back in my room and create a few more cards to finish out the week, then on to the docks to spring clean the boat for the summer. YUK!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A few more cards

I realized I had an additional card to post so here ya go. I got ahead of myself this week since I was taking Tuesday and Wednesday off to go to the zoo with Heather and Tyler, we got back home earlier than we expected yesterday so I got in my room for a little more card making and resting!!! Our zoo in NC is 5 miles of trails so I was wore out when we got home, but we had such a great little overnight trip.
Tyler is hung up on elephants right now, once he saw them he was ready to go, but we convinced him we should visit with the other animals or they would be sad. Ty has got to be one of the best little guys in the world, he never complains, rarely gets fussy and always comes out with something that cracks us up, yesterday was no exception!! I can't wait to get started on his zoo pages but it will have to wait until my CTMH order arrives, lots of new zoo stamps are on their way!

Crazy For Cards

I am lovin the whole card thing this week, they are quick, easy and I am using up some of my scrap stash, all good things. I need to get busy and make a new organizer for my cards, right now they are stored in one of my drawers but I need the drawers for new supplies that will be coming in soon. I received my summer catties Monday, all the new goodies need a home. You are gonna love the new lines in the summer cattie, normally there are at least one paper kit that I am not crazy about but this time I want it all!!! I can't wait to share everything with you but it will have to wait until May 1st when the cattie goes live. We also have a GREAT new kit coming out for national scrapbooking month on the 14th of April, I already have my layouts ready to post but I need to wait until next week when the special begins.
Hope you have time to make a card or two today then stick them in the mail for a friend or family member for no reason at all except to put a big smile on their face.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Card Creations

I dug out my scraps from the Felicity kit to see what I could come up with, I like both of the cards but will be filing these away until the fall, they just feel very fallish to me.
It is amazing what you can do with scraps of paper, adhesive and a few cute stamps; figured I save $10.00 today by making my own cards and saved even more cause I stayed out of the stores!
Grab your scrap bags and get busy ladies, we can all use a little dose of saving money.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Watch Out Hallmark

Had such a good night sleep last night with the windows wide open however we woke up this morning to a layer of yellow pollen on everything in sight :(, anyone in the Carolina's can tell you for the next few weeks we can't keep our cars and homes free of the stuff.
I tossed the idea of a card challenge this week around and decided to go for it, now keep in mind I am a scrapbooker at heart so don't be disappointed in what I will be posting!! I love to make cards mainly to use up my scraps and to justify purchasing the ohhh so cute card stamp sets. As an added challenge you must use what you have on hand, no shopping this week ladies even from me!! I want you to use up what you have so you feel good about your next purchase, the economy still stinks, we must all be more careful what we purchase and pace ourselves, so make up you list and check it twice, just wait a week and use what you have!!!

I whipped up the baby boy card from leftovers of the Caboodle WOTG, love how it turned out so I will be making a few more, we have lots of babies due this summer. The second card are leftovers from a kit we will be offering the 15th of this month, you are gonna love it and the price is GREAT more from that kit later!!
Lets get busy making cards so we can save the $5.00 each to use on new supplies next week.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Short but sweet post

We have had a wonderful Easter weekend, hope all of you had a great time with family and friends.
Wanted to post a little something until I can get the time to get back in my scraproom and create. I made this card with odds and ends from the Veranda WOTG kit for a friends Birthday this week, couldn't post it until I was sure she had received it along with a little something that hopefully put a smile on her face. I have been so busy lately working on layouts it was refreshing to make a card for a change. Maybe that should be next weeks challenge to work on cards, will have to sleep on it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

I won't be posting for a few days, our plate is full, or should I say overflowing!! We have so much yard work that still needs to be done, Easter Baskets to fill, food for Easter Sunday to cook, open the boat for the summer, clean the garage, the list goes on and on and our temperature in NC hit 89 degrees yesterday! Looks like spring by-passed us this year and we went right on into summer. Wanted to share photo's of Tyler at soccer last weekend, I have so many pictures of Ty waiting to be scraped but I promised myself this winter I would concentrate on our own girls albums for awhile, so I keep printing his and holding them in a photo album until I have the time to go on our annual scrapin in the mountain's retreat which I hope I can pull off in May (fingers crossed)
I did start a unfinished project during nap time yesterday but it still sets on my desk partly unfinished and may have to stay that way until next week. Have a safe and Happy Easter filled with family, friends, good food, and most importantly praise for our Heavenly Father.