Friday, July 31, 2009

Long week

It has been a long week in clubs and camps and everything else around the house, I do believe I am gonna put my feet up and do nothing tonight! Wish I was back at the Beach with my little buddy

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jr Scrapbook workshop

Decided I would add a Jr workshop each month over the winter, I have had sooooo much fun with the little girls in kids camp this summer I just don't want to let them go, until class is over that is! Here is our workshop for September, I think they will really like it and no cutting involved just stickers and cards!!

Card Club Finally

Finally have the card club up and ready to go, we will start on Aug 25th, here is a sample of the first club project, each member will make 3 of each of these and the kit includes a stamp set, I am excited about that, who couldn't use another stamp set or 2 or 3 or 4.......

Monday, July 27, 2009

50 Card Class

I am only 1/2 way done with the cards for the 50 card workshop but I was so excited I just had to post. This is going to be a great workshop for ladies who want to get lots of cards done in an afternoon, that are fast, easy and cost effective, only $45.00, that is less than $1.00 per card and it comes with a 23 piece stamp set to use over and over, I will post the date on the calender as soon as I get a date set but it looks like it will have to wait until the end of August or early September.

Captain Tyler

Had a great time on the Lake Sunday. And Tyler has learned to drive the boat while eating his snack, he is getting to be such a big boy

Wedding Bells

Here is a little peek at one pair of Kelli's wedding shoes, she will have 2, one for the Beach the other for the reception, Boy is the Wedding room filling up fast!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Christmas in July is done!!

Finished up the last class for the Christmas in July week at the Shack yesterday, thanks to all of you who attended. It is so great to be able to spend an afternoon with such a nice group of ladies for a whole week!

I have been working hard to get all of the samples updated on the Close To My Heart site but I still have a few more to post. May have to wait a few more days, we are going to the lake for the day then family dinner at our home this afternoon then back to the lake for a night of boating and fishing.

Mom's camp starts Tuesday and Kids camp will start on Wednesday it runs the rest of the week so I should stay plenty busy!!

I know it seems crazy but I was able to stay inspired on all of the Christmas projects by keeping this photo from last winter on my desk.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding dress drama

Today the girls and I took Kelli for the first fitting of her wedding dress, she insisted back in January she just had to have a dress right then, she of course found THE DRESS, so I of course bought THE DRESS.

Since that time she has lost 87 pounds!! Yea for her, boo for me, as you can guess THE DRESS was not on the same weight loss plan as Kelli.

Some alterations can be made but since the dress is heavily beaded it would cost more than a new dress would run to have everything taken off and rebeaded (is that a word?)

Thankfully Kelli is not Bridezilla so she is OK with what it looks like they can do, I have my fingers crossed till next week when she has another fitting that she will still feel the same way.

I have not been on the same weight loss program as Kelli, and I had not bought my dress until today, I bought 6! Not size 6 just 6 different dresses.

I think Obama needs to get off the health care deal and saving the economy and get with the real problems we have to deal with in this country and that is the fitting room mirrors and lighting, I know it is not possible I really look the way it seemed in the stores.

Here is Kelli trying on a wedding dress back in Jan, this is not THE DRESS, you can't see that until October at the wedding but figured it would go with the whole wedding theme of todays blog

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Finally got the "Little Room of Sin" back in order!!! It's not even midnight yet so that's a pretty good deal, I still have time to get the Kids Camp samples done before hitting the sack tonight.

Unsafe work Environment

I do believe OSHA would shut this place down if they saw what my scrap room looked like today, this is the result of a weeks vacation and coming home to doing a week of Christmas in July and next week I have Kids and Mom's camps, in addition to that working on card workshops that will be coming up. But today I am making a stand, by the time I go to bed tonight this room will be back to my CLEAN "Mom's Little Room of Sin" as my girls call it. I will post the photo's in the AM even if I have to stay up all night. That is after I finish class this afternoon!

Christmas photo tree

Remember the Halloween photo center piece from last fall? Well here is the Christmas in July version of that same tree, I will run the Christmas photo tree again this fall using CTMH products so watch my calender to sign up. In all there will be 18 photo frames on the tree I just haven't gotten all of mine on yet.

Monday, July 20, 2009

New Card class almost ready!

I am waiting on my CTMH order for the stamp set to finish up the cards , hope to get them in this week!! But until then this will give you something to think about, This class won't be until sometime in September as the calender is already full until that time! I will also get them all mounted on a board before class so you can view them better and have a better class photo to work with. This will make great little gifts for Christmas this year I am thinking, hostess gifts, hair dresser, pedicure lady, teachers, just tie a bow around a dozen and your ready to go

20 For $20.00 card class

I have had many request to see the card we will be doing on our first day of Christmas in July at the Shack this week so here it is, I look forward to seeing you all week for some great Christmas projects

Saturday, July 18, 2009

More from the beach

We didn't get a family photo this year but I was able to get at least one of each couple, its not easy to get a family this size together for a family picture these days, someone always needs a shower, different outfit, bad hair day etc. UGH

Week at the Beach

We had a great time at the Beach house this year, all of the kids were able to make it for at least part of the week, love that we can all be together to just play!

I have over 500 pictures to edit, crop, delete, you know the drill, I am hoping to have a few that turn out like I wanted so I can get busy scrapbooking.
Ty of course had a great time, working on his surfing, fishing, destroying sandcastles, and eating lots of ice cream

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Jr workshop

I am having way to much fun doing kids classes this summer, they are all so refreshing!! Decided I needed to do a workshop with them before school starts back check out the mini board book we will be doing in Aug.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July final edition!

Had a great time on the lake today but by early afternoon we were all hungry and sunburned, so we headed back to the house for a bite to eat and a nap, then back on the lake for some great fireworks, we were able to see the shows from all of the surrounding towns , very cool! And best of all we were able to stay right in our cove, we didn't need to brave the millions of boats on the lake.
Here is our attempt at a family photo using the timer, looks like we are going to need lots more practice, Amber and Scott were both playing ball this weekend so this isn't an official photo anyway! The bloopers are going to make a great scrapbook page.

Happy 4th of July

Had a cookout at my Sister Sherry's last night and on to a carnival and fireworks display at a local High School, Ty loved playing in the bouncy houses and slides, but the best part was the fireworks! We are headed to the lake for a day of boating then back to the house to cook out and back again on the boat to watch fireworks tonight.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kids Camp

Finished my second day with the girls at kids camp, they are really amazing!! I have 2 who have just finished 2nd grade that are out of this world, we are doing a level 1 Close to my Heart kit with 4 12x12 layouts each day and the girls are knocking it out in a little over an hour. We are filling the rest of the time making cards, book markers and playing around on the Cricut.

They are really funny the first day they followed my directions and made the first 2 page layout just like mine, the second layout they did they complimented me on my layout but one of the girls wanted to know if she could change it a little, well that was all the rest of them needed, they took off and created what they wanted!!

In today's class when I showed them the class sample they all commented on how very cute mine was and proceeded to do their own thing, we could all learn a lot from these little girls they don't mind sticking their necks out and just doing their own thing!!

Pacifier Passion

Tyler should be giving up his pacifier, however the more we all say that the more he seems to be getting obsessed over it. Shannon caught him over the weekend getting a major pacifier fix. I say let the boy have it, I haven't seen anyone walking across the stage at graduation with one in their mouth.