Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lots of Haloween fun

I had a heck of a time getting Tyler still enough for a picture!
Karsyn 6 days, Kara 3 months

Kara, Papaws Peep
We had a great time with the kids and Grandbabies tonight for Halloween. Heather and Shannon live in the perfect neighborhood for trick or treating, lots of little kids with Moms and Dads who made the night special for all. Back home with a cup of hot carmel apple cider while a big pot of chicken stock is simmering away, the house smells wonderful! Have a list a mile long to try and tackle this week with a cold that won't let up, UGH, may have to break down and head to the Doc.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Kara looking very spooky today!
Helped Mommy and Karsyn this morning then home by 1:30 so Kara could come for the afternoon. Full day of babies, wish I didn't feel like total crap!
Tonight I have chicken salad and chicken noodle soup to make along with a desert to take to Heathers tomorrow. Gonna have to pace myself, right now I just want to put on my jammies and call it a day.
Odd thing happened at the grocery store this morning, I went to the upscale grocery because it was more convenient on my way to Heathers, I pulled up next to a lady with a handicapped sticker who was just getting out of her car, we smiled and spoke then went on our way. I noticed while shopping she was eating from the sample of strawberries the store had out, not just snacking I mean really eating, she then pulled out a ziplock bag and filled it up with berries. A bit later I saw her at the deli counter sampling the cheese and meat tray, again she pulled out a baggy and loaded it up before moving on to the bread samples. When I returned to my car she had her trunk opened and was putting her baggies in a small cooker, she had no grocery bags just the things she had taken from the free samples. I came close to asking her if I could help out and pick up a few things for her in the store but I didn't want to take the chance on embarrassing her, maybe I should have given her some money. I felt so bad for her but had no idea how I could help, how do you approach a total stranger who may be hungry? The lady was driving a nice car, not new but newer than what I drive, she was dressed very neat and clean, you would never guess she might be working the free sample trays for her next meal. I am so sad for all of the folks who have worked all their life, paid taxes, done the right thing financial only to end up jobless and looking for food. Bob and I voted Monday morning as we were waiting for our newest blessing to arrive, I hope all of you will think long and hard over the choices you have in the voting booth Nov 1

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Long Day

Sweet Karsyn and Mommy arrived home this afternoon after a stressful wait for results on Karsyn's Eco cardiogram, the Dr felt it was safe for her to go home, they will follow her closely until the heart murmur has cleared up. As you can see her brothers Tyler and Kody Jackson are so happy to have a new baby sister!!
I am doing my best to help out where I can but the cold Bob and I picked up from Ty is now full blown, taking everything I can think of to help clear it up fast so I can kiss Karsyn's sweet cheeks soon. Tomorrow Kara and I will head over to get some supper in the crock pot and drop off some frozen soup for Mommy then head out fast so I don't spread any germs to the baby. UGHHHHH!! Headache, runny nose, watery eye's, sore throat, everything hurts, DURN IT

Nap time for Nanny

Another early morning at the hospital to help out with Karsyn, she is such a sweetheart and a BIG eater, she is already up to 2 ounces at each feeding, we have to take the bottle from her or she would eat until she pops!
Home for a short nap then pick Tyler up from pre-school then back to the hospital, Mom might get to come home today so we are rolling with the punches.
I will have many day's of yard work to catch up on if we ever get these storms and tornado's out of our area, feels more like spring here with the humidity and huge storms. Until Mommy and baby get home everything else can wait, the down limbs and deck furniture can wait.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

4:30 AM is might early!!!

Man 4:30 AM came early today!!! I had the morning shift at the hospital, Tyler and Shannon needed to get some rest so they slept in, we have switched off now so this old Nanny is headed for a nap until this evening. Shannon needs to get Tyler back to the house for some boy time and early to bed so Mr. man is ready for school tomorrow. Tyler has been so good at the hospital but it is not easy for a Super Hero to be locked up all day, he needs to break out and get some energy burned off.
Ty continues to keep us entertained with his reaction to his little sister, he wanted to decorate her today, Mommy is gonna have to explain little girls accessorize, we don't call it decorating!! Ha
Karsyn was super hungry this morning, as soon as Heather gave her the bottle she grabbed it and guzzled is down, needless to say she is a good little eater (runs in the family).
Our yard is a mess from the storms we had yesterday and high winds today, more storms are on the way tomorrow so I am gonna hold off on the clean up until then. Hot tea, cinnamon bread then a nap is all I will have time for right now

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Girl in town!!

Karsyn Ryleigh arrived this morning 8 pounds 13 ounces, 21 1/2 inches, Mom and baby are doing great!!! Tyler and Daddy are of course in love with their sweet baby girl. Karsyn seems to be a little put out by the whole birthing deal, she has been making some very unhappy faces all day, typical girl nothing is ever enough! Ha! Short posts this week as I run back and forth from home and hospital. We spent the morning with Tyler running the roads waiting until Mommy was out of the recovery room so he could meet his baby sister. Our day started at 6:00 AM, waiting for the bed clothes to finish in the dryer then it is to bed for Nanny, I need to get to the hospital before 6:00 AM to help Mommy, Daddy and Tyler want to sleep in. Better let them do it while they can, once Karsyn gets home all bets are off, she will rule the roost!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Miss Karsyn Rylee is on her way

Yummy cinnamon raisin bread and straight up cinnamon bread
Karsyn Rylee is ready to go!!
We have had a full weekend of getting everything in order to meet our newest Granddaughter Karsyn!! Lots of cooking, baking, freezing meals, homemade soups, and last minute errands. Tyler is spending the night with us tonight, the house is FULL of boy sounds and activities, once Mommy is out of recovery tomorrow we will take him up to meet his new baby sister. Right now he is sooo excited to have a baby that can live at his house forever, we will see how long that excitement lasts once he gets the feel for a real baby around day and night. I expect most of my week will be spent running in whatever direction Mom and Dad need me to be in, not a problem, the pantry is stocked full of cookies, breads, sweet rolls, and chex mix. A girls gotta keep her energy up you know. Rambo man is expecting a 9 pound 8 ounce blond hair blue eyed sweetie, I am thinking closer to 9 pounds 2 ounces, can't wait to get our hands on her!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Frost/Freeze on the way

We are expecting a frost/freeze tonight so I hit the garden after Kara left and brought in everything that was big enough to fool with along with the Zinnia's. The cabbage, Broccoli and lettuce should be fine but we might loose the rest. Covered all the herbs for now, we have 80 degree weather expected next week, maybe the herbs will make it until then when I have the time to get them dried. Kara and I also made an apple pie from dehydrated apples, super easy to do, heck the pie shell even turned out OK for a change, can't wait to dive in and see how it tastes but I am holding off until Rambo man gets home. Put a pot of beans on to soak for bean soup tomorrow, laid out a roast and ham for the weekend and will get busy on bread in the morning. We need white/wheat bread, rolls and I am gonna give cinnamon raisin bread a try, Rambo mans favorite. Lots of cooking and cleaning to do before Monday when we get to meet Karsyn Rylee, Tyler will be hanging out with us while Mommy and baby are in the hospital so the house will be rockin!!!! Still don't have a plan......

Our Super Hero

Oh My

Yesterday I had Kody our grand dog, Tyler and Kara... Oh My.... I survived.
I need to come up with a plan.
Monday the 25th we will be welcoming our new grand baby girl Karsyn, when Mommy returns to work in January I will have all 3 grandchildren, Karsyn full time, Tyler 2 days a week, Kara 2 days a week and at times an additional day here and there. I need a plan!!!!!!
Kara is 3 months old now, she can hold up her head, loves to chatter and laugh and likes lots of attention, she rarely if ever takes naps during the day but thankfully for Mom and Dad she sleeps through the night. She is SUCH a happy baby, she is never fussy and rarely cries, she likes for us to talk and sing to her all of the time!! Loud nosies startle her and get her wound up, she is use to a very laid back quite environment.
Tyler is 4 years old and a SUPER HERO, he is the sweetest boy you would ever meet, he comes out with some of the funniest stuff that keeps us all cracked up, he loves to play football, run like a wild man, make lots of noise and has been the center of all of our universe for the past 4 years. He likes lots of attiontion and has had more than most children have in a lifetime!
Kody our black Labrador Grand dog is a doll, he loves attention and hasn't gotten over the fact that he is no longer an only child, he loves to play with AJ (our hound dog) but would rather romp and play wild in the house at close to 100 pounds their play is noticeable to say the least..
Did you notice one continuing behavior from all of our Gandbabies? Yep thats it they all love lots of attention, let me restate that, they all demand lots of attention.
I need a plan..................................

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coupon High

Had a fun morning playing the coupon game, came out a big winner!! CVS gave me $48.38 in free toiletries, cleaning supplies and paper products, only spent $19.13. Then on to the grocery store, saved $114.22 only spent $43.61!!!! That's $162.60 worth of free food only spent a total of $62.74. I would consider that a pretty darn good day.

Spent the rest of the day hanging out with my sweet buddy Val, visited with the kiddo's, then meet up with another Friend for a girls night out. I don't take enough time out to play I need to remember to take some time off more often. I get to wrapped up in getting things done and not enough time to enjoy what we have accomplished, I need to do better!

I don't expect to accomplish a lot tomorrow, I will have both Grand babies, I'm thinking I might end the day with lots more laugh lines, now that is something to crow about!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lots of little things

Today was a day of getting lots of little projects done, I still have plenty more to do but I am celebrating that I at least worked through a few of them!! First off I was able to deal with 8 containers from the attic, whittled them down to 3 containers!!! YA WHOOOO (Don't ask where it all went, that's TOP secret) I have no idea how many more are in the attic but if I could knock out 8 each week maybe the attic will be finished before the cold weather sets in. The attic is a HUGE project, I can't get most of it down by myself so I hand things down to Bob, that can only happen on the weekends which have been jam packed full for most of the spring and summer, I am determined to get a handle on the attic this fall!

Worked on some hair pretties for the Grand baby girls today, I lost count but I think I finished close to a dozen, still have the supplies spread all over the Den so I can whip out a few more tonight.

Also picked up a Halloween scrapbook for Kelli and Nathan, got the cover page done, now just need to get lots of cute photo's of Kara to get the book started. I went with an 8x8 album for their family just as Heather and Shannon's. I will switch all of the layouts from my own album into a 12x12 album. My plan is to do one 2 page layout for each of the Grand Babies going forward, there is no way I can keep up if I continue to do 4 or 5 (2) page layouts for each of them.

Last but certainly not least I opened accounts closed accounts and began reworking our banking for the future, still have some tweaking to do but at least I was able to get the process going. It has been hard to figure out what is going to work best for our family that will fit in the "Change We Can Believe In" policies. Everyone needs to keep and eye on your bank statements, lots of changes in fee's and policies that might surprise you. Take a morning and set down with your local branch manager to review your accounts, you need to understand what if any of the changes have done to your own banking.

Monday, October 18, 2010

WARNING I will be RANTING today

Don't even bother to read this post if you don't want to hear a crazy woman rant!!!
We began having a few issues last week when I tried to do a transfer of funds from our savings to checking account, I was in a hurry and just thought aw forget it the system must be having problems. Over the weekend when we tried to use our AMT card to make a withdraw from our savings account we had a problem, no big deal it was at a kiosk, they don't always work, we had no problem when we went to the ATM at our own bank. This morning I tried to transfer funds from our savings to checking account so I could get busy and pay bills, same problem the recording continued to say we had no savings account. After waiting for a Representative I was told our savings account had been closed and converted to a checking account, what the heck, we didn't do that, what is going on. The lady was so sweet and informative and was ready to read from the bank script. The new government banking regulations require ALL banks to close ALL SAVINGS accounts if more than 6 transactions occur in a 1 month period. WHAT !!!!!!! Yep it is true Regulation D of the new banking rules passed by congress. I can tell you I just about blew a gasket!!!!!!
We now have 2 checking accounts that are both just regular accounts we no longer have free checking because we don't have a savings account with a minimal deposit of $2,500.00. This is total BS!!!!!!
I know we bank a bit different than many others, our checks are automatic deposit into savings, then once a week I do a transfer of what we should need into checking. Rambo man's company deposits payroll, expenses, per diem, bonus's and such in this account, it is according to what project he is on and where he is working that determine's how many deposits are made each month, we can only have this set up with one account which is the norm of most companies. We have been banking like this for over 20 years, it works for us, we are able to save more than we had been doing in the past. When Rambo Man is out of town or out of the country he only makes withdrawals from the savings account, we can't always communicate when he is gone, by him only using the savings account we never have to worry we might overdraw our checking account by not knowing what the other is doing. We also have our mortgage payment automatically withdrawn from the account (by the way our mortgage is with this bank) All of this counts against us according to the federal government, they are unable to track our spending, therefor we might be terrorist or money laundering.
I spent 3 hours in the bank after getting off the phone with the banking representative, The folks at the bank completely understood where I was coming from, their hands are tied and they don't like the new laws any more than I do.
So tonight I have to figure out another way of setting up our family finances so that we can have a savings account, receive free checking, have a system in place for Bob to make withdraws that won't interfere with the family budget, contact the payroll department and expense department to set up a new account number to have checks deposited into.
I beg each of you to please consider your vote this year, don't just check a name in the box at the voting booth, google your congress and senate candidates, educate yourself on what the candidates believe in and have voted for in the past. Our family and many others like us are being penalized for living within our means, putting money in savings each month and staying out of debt we can't afford, how about you? Our country is headed in a path that we may not be able to recover from if we don't begin to stand up for the principles that made this country strong in the past.
GOD BLESS THE USA, we need all the help we can get

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ready for a quite week

Hope to have a quite week with lots of productive activity around the house, our weekend has been crazy busy and stressful.
Kara Wasn't herself Friday, by the afternoon I knew she was becoming really ill but not sure what was going on. Kelli got her in the the Dr. and found she was dehydrated and had a UTI, she spent most of the day in the hospital having test run and getting loaded up on antibiotics, back to the Dr this morning for a recheck, things are no better but no worse. She will be checked each day for a couple of more days to make sure the meds are doing their job.
We helped with Heathers garage sale Saturday from 6:00 AM until late in the afternoon, baby is due in just 8 short days, what the heck was that girl thinking? It has inspired me to be very brutal while cleaning out our own attic for the next week or two!!! Can I interest anyone in a few tubs of Beanie Babies? My goal this week is to finish dehydrating pie pumpkins and haul as much as I can to goodwill from the attic!!!!! Cut a fresh vase of Zinnia's today, the season is almost over, I will really miss having free fresh flowers in the house

Here was this mornings project, Salt Brine Pickles. We have been getting a few cucumbers from the garden lately, decided I wanted to get at least one crock of salt brine's before winter. This is nothing more than water, salt and fresh cucumbers that soak in brine for a week. I decided to keep then on the counter so I can remember to skim the scum off each morning, our weather is cool enough that they should be fine. The crock bottoms are unfinished that's why a kitchen towel is under the crock, with my luck the counter would get scratched up otherwise. I am using a sauerkraut board to keep the pickles submerged in the brine, hope it will be easier to work with than a weighted down plate! If we are lucky I will be able to throw some cabbage in the crock for sauerkraut later, our cabbage is coming along but not as nice as what we had in the spring.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Catching Up

Halloween Tree
Tyler 2009

Family Halloween Album
Loaded the dehydrator this morning, vacuum packed what was finished then hit the scraproom for a little catch up work.
I started a Halloween scrapbook for our Daughter when Tyler was born, each year I add a few new layouts from the holiday, I also have a Halloween scrapbook that I update each year as well as a Halloween tree for each of us, I make an ornament with a Trick-r-Treat photo to hang from the tree's. On top of that I do a few layouts in Tyler's 12x12 scrapbook. I am caught up on all of that at this point but I need to rethink my system!! With 2 new babies this year I need to cut back a bit, I mean really how many Halloween and Christmas layouts does one child need? From here on the Grandbabies will have a layout in our family scrapbook, and layouts in their own families album, then just a Halloween ornament each. I also need to start printing pictures more often to remind me what I haven't scrapped yet!! I have thousands of pictures of Tyler from this year and can never remember what I have already done unless I drag out his current book (he has 7). I do most of my scrapbooking in the fall and winter, spring and summer is devoted to the garden and canning, might need to step it up a bit with 2 new baby girls and do some creating in the spring and summer!!
Weekend is slam packed full, so tomorrow I will spend the day getting bread, deserts and a few meals cooked up while I am setting with Kara, still have pie pumpkins to bake and dehydrate but they can wait till next week when I have a bit more time. For now I want to just keep my head above water and enjoy the wonderful fall weather we are having.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Making up for lost time

Full day of laundry, house work and lots of dehydrating, canning and soup making, this was the outfit for the day. Odd photo I know but how do you take a photo of yourself in an ohhh so cute apron? I love aprons!! They keep my clothes clean when I am in the garden and kitchen, so functional and just as importantly they are cute. I have a ball picking out material and making aprons. Want to make a few vintage aprons this winter, hope I can find the time to give it a try. This one is a full apron with a pocket ( everything seems to end up on my TaTa's, gotta have a full apron)
First batch for the day, our OWN sweet potato's!! Have a dehydrator full of the beauties, gonna be some good eating this fall and winter. Would love to have a root cellar to just stick them in but still haven't figured out how to build one this far south. Some articles say dig a hole on the north side of your property to store potato's, cabbage, squash, apples and such. I just don't see myself sticking my hand down a hole to pull out a tater, just seems too creepy.

Our very own butternut squash, this is all for the season but I am happy to have gotten anything out of the sorry looking plants, cooked them up and loaded in the dehydrator.
Also canned 16 pints of applesauce from the apples Rambo man left in the truck, they were just too mushy to do anything else with. Still need a bushel to dehydrate and can sliced apples, hope we can make a trip to the mountains soon to pick some up.
Last but not least put on a pot of Black bean soup, Minestrone soup and Chili for the upcoming busy days when Karsyn arrives, all are cooled down and in the freezer. I know I will meet myself coming and going after Oct 25th when she arrives.
Still have a pile of pumpkins to bake and dehydrate when the dehydrator is finished with the batches from today and a nice size pile of cucumbers to get in brine for salt brine pickles, maybe tomorrow, done for the day!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some Days you just gotta play

What did I get done today? Well not a heck of a lot, a few errands, little work in the garden but mainly just enjoyed laughing out loud playing with Kara and hanging out with Tyler and our Son-In-Law Shannon. I need to remember a To-Do list really is overrated.

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Garden started

Got started today on a new garden area for tomato's next year, so far it's 12x12, may be as big as I will go for this year. Still have to figure out the spacing to know how much larger we might need, we want to plant 30 tomato's, that should be enough to can without supplementing from the market. The cardboard should decompose over the winter and kill off the grass, we will add sand, cow poo, compost and lawn waste over the winter, till it under then fence it all in before we plant next spring.

Have a few more raised beds to get started as well but all in due time, maybe Rambo man can build me a few over the weekend, plan on using them for sweet potato's, fingerling potato's and russet's. Also gonna plant Pie pumpkins and cantaloupe in the back. Our goal is to get everything built up over the fall and winter so we are ready to rock in the spring.

Started dehydrating the bushel of apples, they seem a little mushy to me so I will do 1/2 in more apple sauce the rest dehydrated, think Rambo man may have left them in the truck Friday in the heat. Lots more work with apples for the next day or so, all depends on what Kara has in mind for me, most days she just wants me to sing, talk and rock!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

NEW LOOK, sorta

I am in the process of Fancyin up my blog, may end up back the way it was until I can figure out all the bells ans whistles, until then be prepared for changes! Ha


We have had a full weekend of fall fun, I am ready for a little rest as Tyler would say!! We had Sunday dinner early today so Bob could get on the road, the kitchen is clean, the house is quite, I think I will spend the rest of the day doing nothing. It has been a long time since I have done nothing, I hope I remember how to do it!! I have plenty I could be doing, a bushel of apples await me in the garage, 6 more pie pumpkins greet me when I come in the door, the sweet potato's are waiting their turn in the dehydrator and the scrap room is in a mess again. But it can all wait, I need a long nap and a do nothing evening.
On to the pumpkin post!!
Picked these 4 Pie Pumpkins up last week at the market, none of ours made it :( We will try again next year in a new spot we will be working on over the fall and winter. Notice pie pumpkins are not bright orange like carving pumpkins.

Gave them a good scrubbing and double wrapped them in heavy foil and baked for 3 hours (wasn't sure how long to bake them). You should always place a drip pan under them or you will have a mess in your oven (I speak from experience) I had a drip pan setting on the counter but forgot to put it in the oven, UGH, I now know my fancy stoves self cleaning feature works well.

Once the pumpkins are baked and cooled, you remove the seeds and stringy stuff then scoop out the pulp. This is a messy job, so messy I couldn't take a photo, I had pumpkin pulp every where. Now whip up a truly fresh pumpkin pie!! Yummy Notice my crappy pie shell? Mine rarely turn out looking very good but at least it taste good.

The rest of the pulp was dehydrated, I let it dry most of the day and overnight, in the morning I ran all of it through the blender, came out the consistency of corn meal. It will take 1/2 cup of the dried pumpkin to make a pie, just add 2 cups of hot water to reconstitute it. The 4 pumpkins I had worked out to be 6 1/2 pies. Picked up more pie pumpkins over the weekend so I will keep working on filling this jar before pumpkin season is over. But not today, I need sleep!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finally a day of some play!!

First off finished Heathers entry hall, turned out nice and everything was 50% off or more!! Love a deal.
I was finally able to work in the scraproom today for fun!! Designed our Christmas card for this year, now just need to make 50 more before Christmas, maybe I will post the card later, forgot to take a picture of them. Also put together a few gifts combining 2 of my favorite things, scrapbooking and preserved food, can't post a photo until my buddies receive their gifts (they read the blog)

Hit the Farmers market this morning and picked up some pie pumpkins, got them baked and in the dehydrator, should be done tomorrow. Here is a tip if you decide to bake pie pumpkins. After you wrap them in heavy aluminum foil make sure and place a pan under them to catch any juices that could leak out, don't leave the pan on the counter beside the oven, yep did that, now I have to drag out the manual for the stove to figure out how to use the self cleaning mode otherwise the oven is gonna catch on fire. CRAP

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Picked up the "Taste of Home" soup special publication last week, we eat lots of soup in the fall and winter, always looking for a new family favorite. One of the tips in the magazine was to line a bowl with plastic wrap then pour leftover soup in and freeze, then pack in ziplock bags for individual servings of leftovers. What a great idea, that was my duhh moment, I normally freeze whatever is leftover in plastic containers, they waste room in the freezer, the soup can stain the plastic, our girls can't seem to remember to return the plastic ware and sometimes there is just too much for one meal. For Bob and I we usually eat 1 bowl or maybe 1 1/2 bowls each of soup at supper, when I used this new method I decided to vacuum pack the soup with 3 bowls each, perfect size for us!! This is going to be a great way to send a quick easy meal home with our girls for lunch or supper (Son-In-Laws not very good soup eaters)

Tried a new Black Bean soup recipe today, need to tweak it a bit for our family then it will be a keeper, YAA. I am a lone ranger today so one bowl was plenty for me, the rest is in the freezer for quick easy meals later on, LOVE learning a new trick!! One thing I did have to do to free the soup from the bowl was to set the bowls in a little cool water in the sink, otherwise the plastic wrap was tearing when I tried to take the soup out to repackage.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wore Slap Out

Only One Side of the closet

I have put cleaning out the scraproom off long enough, I grounded myself for the day and even used the time out bear to keep me going, set it for 1 hour then I could take a break for :30 minutes before going back for an additional hour. Started at 7:00 AM it is now 8:30 PM and I am still not done, however I have made a big dent, surely I will be able to finish by tomorrow. Packed up 4 boxes of supplies to send to a good home, 2 more boxes are ready for the garage sale and 1 huge bag went to the trash. I still have a few area's I haven't sorted out yet that need to be done before I call it quits.

After I finish the room I need to spend a day, maybe 2 working on photo files in the PC and printing photos from the past year, how in the world did I get so far behind, beats me. I have 5 scrapbooks waiting to be updated and returned to our girls then on to Tyler's for the past 6 month's. I will be waiting until late fall to start working on the baby girls scrapbooks, I need to make a run to a scrapbook store to get inspired, with all that I have squirreled away I don't have much of anything for the babies. The closest store is almost 2 hours away so I need to save up and make a day of it to stock up. I had hoped CTMH would have something for girls in the latest cattie but no such luck, gonna have to take the show on the road. I have been VERY good all summer and haven't bought one single scrapbook related thing (except a CTMH order last week, doesn't count it is not in yet)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Apple Spice

Ground apple Peel's
Dehydrated Apple Peels

Couldn't post all the apple projects on the last post so here you go, I tried some in my tea this morning , really good on a cold dreary day! I only used peels from around 20 apples, wasn't sure what I would do with them so I didn't want to go crazy. Next round of apples I will be doing more, the ground peels will be great in lots of baking recipes and teas and super easy to do. Just throw the peels in the dehydrator overnight, then I ground them in the blender (don't have a food processor)