Saturday, May 31, 2014

Thank You God and all of our Prayer Partners

 This is my life for right now. Loading toddlers in and out all day followed by evenings with DD#3 at the hospital. Bedtime is running after 2:00AM, mornings start at 6:00AM
 DD#2 has been wonderful filling in to help her sister in the afternoons until hubby and I can get there. She of course is madly in LOVE.
Papaw and Tyler are pretty taken as well. Our Tyler loves all these babies
What seemed to be just a normal everyday c-section turned out to be MUCH more than normal. Hubby and I have been going on 3 to 4 hours of sleep each night between keeping up with the little guys during the day and staying with DD#3 each evening. We are all trying to give her hubby a break as often as we can to at least get a bite to eat and shower :)
Kelli's heart rate has been as low as 31 since Tuesday evening. She was moved to the high risk OB ward after just a few hours on the regular maternity ward. It has been a nightmare I can tell you!! Seeing your DD hooked up to every machine imaginable, Cardiologist in and out every few hours a nurse who rarely left the room while, a sweet little perfect baby was sleeping in an isolate. There are just no words for the fear our family was in. We are all exhausted and thankful that Kelli has pulled through.
She will get to go home tomorrow with VERY limited activity for a few weeks. Lots of follow ups with the cardiologist for a few month's until everything is back within normal rage. They assured us she has had no heart damage, her heart is back to normal size, the fluids around her heart has now cleared.
She ate her first meal tonight since Monday evening!!!! There will be NO MORE BABIES FOR HER!!!!!!
She even felt good enough to name Tater Tot "Blake Robert" he will always be Tater Tot to me :)
 For the next few days/weeks my time will be filled with....big and little kiddo's, very little sleep and an emergency quilt that must be finished by Monday morning.
Oh ya and helping hubby get up and down from his chair to the bed. He gave in today and went to the Dr. He has a pulled muscle in his back. PT and pain meds are his new best friends.
To top the week off when we arrived home from the hospital last night lightning had struck our upstairs NEW AC unit. Thank you Lord that the company we bought it from somehow got it up and running tonight while we were at the hospital. We have no idea if it was a temporary fix or all is A-OK. They knew the situation we were in and were kind enough to come out after 8:00PM so we didn't have to move this circus to a motel.
OK it's almost 1:00AM I think it is time to call it a day! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

He's Here!!

 Meet no name Baby Boy Hines 8 pounds 7 ounces 23 inches of pure joy.
 He has a full head of hair, back, and arms. He is one hairy little fella. Lots of double chins like his Papaw and Nanny.
We thank God for this new addition to our family and that Papaw could be here with us for this blessed event.

I will be working on 3 hours sleep today with three toddlers and a hubby who's back went out two days ago :(. It's going to be a very LONG day!

DD#3 spent 5 hours in recovery after the c-section due to her heart rate dropping so low, it was up then down again finally to settle down around midnight so she could get in a room. We had just gotten Kara to bed when they had to take DD back for an EKG. All was clear but they are still having some trouble with her heart rate this morning :(

Hubby is up and dressed with some assistance from me :) Kara has hit the floor running of course, Mason and Karsyn are on their way for an action packed day. Time for me to jump in the shower to wash away the grit, grim, and the sticky toddler mess from yesterday.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This Baby is Ready

 DD#3 is ready to get the show on the road, this little fella is getting too big to tote around.
We can't wait to see his sweet face tomorrow afternoon!!
No post today as things are wild and crazy trying to make the arrangements for our new Tater Tot along with the other 4 grands. I have no idea how we are going to keep all these balls in the air but we must! ha
Next post should be of a sweet baby boy

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

 It seemed fitting to post something red, white, and blue today. I have been thinking I should use my tiny scraps for some good. Here is the first pile of scraps .... red, white, and blue.
 While I am not up to digging, pushing, pulling, or planting in the yard yet with my bum knee I can garden shop :) The birds have already hit my new scrap nest building container pretty well. Kara ran in the other day to tell me  "De Burds, getting your sewing Nanny" :)

The scraps come from this new table topper I finished sometime last week.
 I am likeing this simple shadow quilting, sew easy to do.
I have had the backing fabric in my stash for awhile now thinking it would be great for backing a "Quilt of Valor"  quilt. I decided it's a bit to girly to use on those quilts. I am going to have some fun using up this yardage!!

Hubby arrived home yesterday afternoon just in time to unload his truck before heading to DD#1 home to baby sit her 3 kiddo's. With the death of our good friend this week, the devastating news of Elijah, stupid knee, and a new baby on the way I was in no mood to cook dinner for us all. We loaded the grands in my car for a trip to Sonic to enjoy hot fudge sundaes for supper :) They so LOVE us!! Ha That's the good part, the bad part is giving kids all that sugar before bedtime wasn't such a great idea :) Sure hope they sleep in this morning or Mommy and Daddy are not going to love us so much today :)

Hubby and I are headed out to meet up with friends this morning for breakfast before working on the "Poor Bob To Do" list I have been adding too this month. For the most part I will be the supervisor :)

I gave up on the leg brace after reading up on knee injury's at Web MD. Might I be a little blunt this morning? Ain't nobody got time for this S... the brace just had to go. Sure hope Web MD know whats what regarding therapy as I will be doing it at home on my own.

Hubby and I will have all 4 grands for most of this week as Elijah's Mommy was the full time sitter for DD#1's kiddo's. We will have Kara day and night while DD#3 is bringing our next grand into the world on Wednesday. My sister is watching DD#1's for us on Tuesday so we can work the "Poor Bob" list as some of it can't be put off for another month or longer. DD#2 was assigned to DD#3 with the new baby's care and recovery for Mom. It seemed like as good a plan as we could come up with until....DD#2 is down with shingles once again.!!!! Holy cow.

As it stands now we will have the 4 grands, new Mommy, and new baby boy until at least the end of next week when the back ups arrive. DD#1's In Laws had planned a week long trip that week to watch the kiddo's while mommy finished up the teacher work days along with she and hubby had a weekend getaway to celebrate their 10th anniversary planned.

It's going to be a CRAZY 14 days to say the least!!When I get in a bit of a panic I remind myself we have our sweet blessings with us safe and sound. They are not laying in a hospital bed in the children's cancer ward :(  God will give us the strenght to pull this off. It might not be pretty, it won't be easy, and there may be more meals of ice cream sundaes but we can do this!

Update on Elijah....The Dr's are still running a battery of tests to determine the type of cancer and stage he has along with the treatments that will be needed to beat this ugly stuff. They have told Elijah and his family to be prepared for a 6 month stay or longer :( BUT they believe he can beat this nasty stuff.  DD#1 and Tyler will be delivering goodie boxes for his Mommy and Aunt Julie today with cuddly blankets, new PJ's and chocolate. Elijah has a box full of happiness that their neighbors have dropped off at DD#1's home the past two days. The best news of all for now is he ate a corn dog yesterday!! That's the first food he has had since Thursday night, It was a good day :)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sewing from the Heart

 Once Kara left for the day I got busy on some marathon pillow case sewing. I had to repeat to myself many, many times. Don't think of why I am sewing these, just focus on the smile it will bring to Elijah's little face.
We wanted Elijia to have a quilt to cuddle with once he comes out of his biopsy surgery sometime today (Sunday) But that just could not happen so fast. Tyler loves these no sew tie blankets, this will have to do for now. First on my list today is to get this blanket completed.

Kids do the darnedest things. Kara is a firecracker!! The girl has more energy than the EverReady bunny. Taking her on errands can be a challenge as she seems to have more arms than an octopus, and quick, Oh my!!! But yesterday....she amazed me with her best manners ever, sweet disposition, and no touching as we went on an emergency fabric shopping trip.

None of us slept Friday night after receiving the news regarding Elijia. I dreaded going fabric shopping with Kara Saturday to pick out the just right fabric for Elijia, she can be so exhausting :) With it being race week and a holiday weekend the traffic was going to be a nightmare. The quilt shops were going to close at 1:00 Saturday due to the holiday and race traffic not to reopen until Tuesday. There was no putting the trip off :(

I said a tiny prayer before we left. "Lord you know I need to do something special for our sweet Elijah. Please give me the strength to get this done" And he did!!!!!

First stop the big box store to buy super hero pillowcase fabric and fleece. We were the first and only customers in the store. The two ladies working jumped into action helping me pull fabric once I told them what I was working on. We left with our fabric in no time at all, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. It's just too hard to say the words "Elijah has cancer" without busting into tears.

Second stop was the quilt shop that I knew had University of Auburn fabric, his favorite football team. Once again my side kick was someone I didn't know!! No touching, running, climbing, you know the drill. They only had one print of Auburn fabric :( What to do what to do???? It's hard to thing fast with no sleep or a pattern along with a toddler in toe. One of the ladies in the shop use to teach with our DD#1 before she retired, her sons went to high school with DD#2 and 3. She knew right off that something was very wrong. I explained the quilt I had in my mind, the way it would be used and the reason, the tears just wouldn't stop. In a skinny minute she pulled together fabrics that should work with the Auburn print and the backing to boot. We were on our way.

I realized when I sat down last night to begin tieing Elijah's blanket that it was 12:00. Where did the day go? The blanket was left draped over my chair, I needed sleep!!

Hubby will arrive home later today to welcome Grand baby #5 into the world Wednesday. The house is a mess, nothing has been baked, we are out of milk, the kitchen is covered in fabric. When he called last night to let me know he was off the road for the night I warned him what he would be walking into :) His only concern was what size tee shirt Elijah wears as his stop over was in Alabama. He might be home a little later than planned as he will be shopping this morning for Tyler's BFF.

I thank God this morning for the strength he gave me and the sad but beautiful day yesterday. I thank God for putting a man in my life that has a heart of gold. I thank God this morning for healthy children and grand children. I thank God this morning for a good night sleep last night. I thank God this morning that his healing hands are on Elijah from the prayers of family, friends, and strangers near and far.

May you all have a wonderful Sunday and holiday weekend. An extra prayer for Elijah would be so greatly appreciated

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Prayers for Elijah

This is a photo of our big boy Tyler with his little sister Karsyn and baby brother Mason. Yesterday one of his very best buddies in the world was diagnosed with cancer.

I woke up this morning still in shock over the fact that little Elijah has cancer. It just doesn't seem real yet. How can a little boy who was outside riding his bike, going to school, laughing and playing just the day before now be laying in a cancer ward?

Mommy took Elijah to the ER yesterday morning because he had a small knot on the back of his neck and was complaining his neck hurt. Today he is on a morphine drip for the pain, the Drs. are continuing tests to see if the cancer has spread to other parts of his little body. Sunday he will have a biopsy to find out what stage the cancer is in.

Elijah needs prays of healing. Mommy needs prays of strength. His little brother Sam needs prays of understanding.

I never in a million years would have thought I would be making a Linus quilt for a child that is so much a part of our life. I know just what he likes. I know how to sew. I have more patterns than any one person should have. But I have no idea how I will get the quilt even started.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


 I forgot to take a before photo of the first ivy bed I began cleaning out but this can give you a pretty good idea of how thick it was. This bed is next on the destroy list!!!!
 Sunday's are pretty much the only day I could devote to the battle of the ivy. While we live on a dead end, quite street I still don't trust the grands out front when I am working, so Sunday it is :) After 5 LONG hard weeks of pouring boiling water and gallons of vinegar, pulling, digging, raking, then pulling some more this bed is as close to being done as I will be able to get it. One of the things left to do this past Sunday was to lay heavy landscaping cloth to cut off any leftover ivy roots from growing. I planned to finish it off with a HEAVY layer of wood mulch and maybe a few pots of flowers to help brighten the ugliness up a bit. The final touches are now waiting for hubby to do now that I am in a leg brace :(

 During the week (weeks)  I have been getting a bit of work done in the garden when the kiddo's are around. Six wooden raised beds were disassembled, the dirt distributed around the yard and the fence moved to cover a smaller area. I bought recycled plastic raised bed kits to start all over in hopes that the STINKIN Bermuda grass will stay out of the new beds. There was a whole lot of raking, pulling, digging, followed by leveling the area and putting down heavy landscape fabric going on. Next on the To Do for here is loads of wood much to spread and a whole heck of a lot of new dirt. Those tasks will now be going on hubby's to do list, again the whole leg brace has put a crimp in my plans.
 After meeting DD#3 yesterday to load her up on enough groceries to last her family for what I hope will be a full month of meals while she will be recuperating from next weeks c-section I slipped on a dress and threw on a necklace to go to our friends visitation/memorial :(
Oh ya and pulled from the fabric stash to make another table runner from this pattern. I hope to keep this one for myself!!

I dreaded yesterday :) I hate, hate, hate, funerals, memorials, visitations and all that goes along with them. I am more like a dog that wants to go hide licking my wounds only to come out when it's all better. Everyone handles grief in different ways....for me it's very private, but is that fair to the family we care so much about who was saying their last goodbye's to their Husband, Father, and Grandfather?

 So I went....Hugging his wife, feeling her loss, knowing how hard it will be to go on without the man you have made a life with for the past 40 years....there are just no words. We hugged, looked at each other several times then hugged again, spoke of what we both felt was the blessing God had given them all before he passed and hugged once more. No words were needed. His adult children...they were incredible, the grace they have at such a difficult time in there life was refreshing. They will be the rock their Mom will need in the difficult times ahead.

The day ended with the news announcement that the man who brought all this destruction to this family was now in jail. He has been charged with hit and run along with vehicle manslaughter. Why didn't he just stop? We all make mistakes, we can all be involved in and accident, but to run from what he knew was a horrific accident, hide his car, hire a lawyer even before he was the person of interest being investigated...It seems to me he had one thing on his mind and that was himself. He sat on his sofa each night and watched the newscast of the police looking for his van, he heard updates from the hospital of the condition our friend was in. Day after day for 12 days he sat back. Finally he was given until yesterday to turn himself in. He is very well groomed and looking like a normal upstanding citizen in his mug shot, this man who sat and watched, planed, each day of how he will beat the system for causing the death of another.

How do people live with themselves I wonder?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Long Time No Post

Things have been so busy lately with one or more of the rug rats I have had a heck of a time keeping up. A very RARE moment when Mason and Kara were sitting down!!
During my down time I pulled some leftovers from my fabric stash to keep my mind busy. Once again I am using a Kimerbell pillow pattern of the month to convert it into a table runner.
Just added a few more inches to the background and side sashing to lengthen it.
Now that it is complete I think I should have used a brighter yellow for the rain boots. There is always a next time :) Creating Yo Yo's for the flowers and hand sewing the binding kept my mind and hands busy during the past few very stressful days :(
Yesterday was devoted to yard and garden work. With temperatures in the low 70's I was kicking butt and taking names until....I turned my knee in an odd not suggested manner that put me down as in on the ground. After 3 hours in the ER I am now in a leg brace with crutches for the next few days until the swelling goes down enough to have an orthopedic MD evaluate what is going on :( This I did NOT need!!!!

When I am stressed and upset I first go to the vacuum cleaner. Maybe its the noise that drowns out the thoughts running through my head. The physical workout and end results of a sorta clean house helps as well. Sitting at the sewing machine losing myself in creativity is another go to stress reliever. Working like a farm hand in the helps. Well that is unless you do something stupid like messing your knee up :)

Why all the stress? A very good friend was involved in a horrible accident May the 4th. His car was hit by a hit and run driver. He sustained a grave brain injury. leaving him in a coma and on life support.

 On May the 9th a miracle happened. He opened his eyes on command. He looked around the room, seeing all 4 of his adult children.  He responded when ask if he wanted his wife to stay the night by shaking his head yes, grabbing and squeezing her hand.

 The Dr's were astounded. He shouldn't have been able to have any function at all. That was the last response he ever showed. His condition continued to deteriorate.

They police finally found the hit and run van and driver who caused the accident this past Friday evening. Seven hours later Silvio left his family.

The Dr's still say it was a miracle he ever regained consciousness. Yep, miracles do happen.  I do believe God blessed this man with one last chance to see his wife and children before going to heaven his new home....

Our hearts are broken for this wonderful family but I find comfort in knowing in every crises in our lives God does give us all blessings.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sew Fun Day

 What could be more fun and relaxing than to play with fabric scraps and a new to me 4th of July pattern on my day off.
 Cutting out the fabric took the longest on this project! I have so many bits and pieces of red, white, and blue scraps from "Quilts of Valor" donations to use up.
 I used this Pillow pattern from "KimberBell" While I think the pillow patterns are super cute I decided to make a table topper for DD#1's kitchen island using the small pillow pattern "Freedom".
 This pattern is so easy to follow and super quick to make. Of course I can't seem to leave patterns As Is! I expanded the base white fabric to measure 24x15. The scrappy borders I enlarged to 4 1/2 inches. This should be the perfect size for DD#1's island.
Now that it's complete and I still have the American fabric pulled out I think I will whip one up for me. Humm, may even work up the Flag pillow pattern for a table runner.

Those plans are on hold for now since I have the drama queen and Mason man for the day. Keeping up with these two will keep me plenty busy enough.

Storms, tornado's, and flooding, have us home bound for the rest of the day :( I was brave enough to take them out for breakfast this morning. We needed (I did at least) a hearty something in our tummy's to face the day. A rare cup of coffee for me was in order as well!! 

Mason was and unexpected but nice addition to the day. When Mommy tucked him in the bed last night he told her "I go to Nanny's house to help her plant in de morning" How could I say no?

A  LOUD game of hide and go seek is in progress right now. Mason has a heck of a time with hid and go seek as he can't help but to fall down belly laughing when it's his turn to hide.

Off to the races with these two little buggers

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day Off for ME!!

After breakfast yesterday morning Mason and I had some Nanny and me time at the park. He is getting to be such a big boy now.
Next stop was the home improvement center for more supplies and a flower pot for Mason man. While he did enjoy his time in the dirt his very favorite thing was...
A spray bottle of water. With each addition of dirt it had to be sprayed so it wouldn't be "durdy" any more
He even gave me a spray or two which I didn't mind at all as stinkin hot as it was!!
He finished up his new flower pot with yet more spraying, the flowers were "durdy too"

I had thought I just might get these tomato plants in the ground yesterday but...Nope didn't happen.

I am taking a day off!!! Once I give the house a lick and a promise its going to be all about me. Phone off the hook, lock the doors, shut the blinds, ain't nobody home!!  Maybe some sewing time, maybe a book, a nap for sure!!

I am so sore all over from this yard and garden work that I can hardly lift my arms. My hands have way to many blisters from the new rake....whats that all about I wonder.

No working in the 90 degree heat for me toady, it's central air conditioning all the way!!!!

Anybody else need to check out for the day? Join in by all means!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our Girls Know Me So Well

 I'm so excited to have a new bird house except for the fact some assembly is required :). Hubby has an additional Honey Do on his list to get this house up and ready for some cute Martins to move in.
 Flowers......I love flowers, not the fancy kind that are all matchy matchy. I love the ones that could be picked in your own back yard or along the roadside.
 Just look at those Peony's. Love them!! Mine have 3 buds this year, when the time is right you can bet I will cut them to put on the table where I can enjoy them all day long.
 So many flowers that I was able to make an additional small bouquet for the kitchen counter
I checked this peony as soon as I got up this morning to see is she had bloomed :)

These are a few of my Mothers Day gifts. Our girls use to buy things for me that were very nice (pricey too) but so not me.  I am simple. Over the past few years they have figured that out!!

DD#1 ask a few weeks ago what I would like for Mothers Day. I knew just what I wanted for a change. A Purple Martin house, they are at the big box store, first isle to the left and the end of the isle stacked on the corner. :)  MOM!!! That's not a good gift, how about a day at the spa? What the heck would I do at a spa all day? She was so can have a massage, sit in the sauna room, relax at the pool all day, enjoy a bit to eat, have a drink, it would be wonderful.

I am thinking...... Take my clothes off for a stranger who wants to push, pull, put smelly stuff on my body that's sure to give me a headache. Sit in a sauna with other half naked ladies sweating like pigs. Lay around a pool in a fluffy robe when it's 80 degrees (again half naked). Eat little finger sandwiches when what I really want is chicken and dumplins, and a hunk of chocolate cake. Sip drinks......But I don't drink.

I passed on that idea!! But I am happy to report SIL#1 got DD#1 that spa package for Mothers Day. She and her friends will have a ball. I will be happy to watch the kiddo's while she goes on her "Girl Time" day.

Super busy day today. Mason man will be hanging out with me followed by an evening with "Project Linus" group.

Monday, May 12, 2014

We Dig Dirt

 Kara and I have spent the last few days playing in the dirt. She Loves, Loves, Loves flowers. Having a flower garden of her own is teaching her why we Don't pick flowers! As soon as she arrives at our house she runs out to check her flowers, wants to make sure nobody has picked them.
 There is sure to be a dramatic ending to everything she accomplishes. Not sure how all this drama is going to go over when she starts pre-school :)
 She worked on a new pot of flowers Saturday for her Mommy, 100% all by me self.
 Unfortunately Mommy didn't get the pot of flowers for Mothers Day. Kara decided she needed them for her own picnic table :) All was A-OK, Mommy was happy to have event captured in photo's. After all it's the thought that counts.
 I spent Mothers Day digging this pot of Ivy out of the bed of ivy I am cleaning out in the front yard. Holy cow what a job!!!! This is my 4th Sunday working on that bed of ivy, talk sore muscles, oh my
This is a sample of the size of roots from the ivy. Can you tell it was happy and thriving in its bed?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day!!! I spent too much time in that bed of ivy yesterday before going to dinner with the big and little kiddo's. My body began to feel the effects once I got my belly full, it was a very early bedtime to say the least. Project completion date? I hope before I kick the bucket :).

My plan of action was to have the bed cleaned out for the most part before hubby arrives home to meet our newest grand. Figured he could finish off the job for me with his fancy high powered tiller. After seeing the size of the roots in this photo yesterday he let me know that the tiller will not be able to cut through those roots. A shovel it will have to be :( First on today's TO DO list, killing ivy roots  the easy way. Sure hope goggle doesn't let me down!!

A trip the the garden center then planting at least part of the garden is up next. By now we should be eating lettuce, radishes, onions, and cabbage fresh from the garden. Maybe next year I can get it all in at the correct time. This year I will be happy to get anything planted, keeping it up once it's done might be a pipe dream with a new little one on the way. Thank goodness for local farmers!!

Mr. No Name Grand #5 will be arriving in just two short weeks!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on that baby boy. Once he arrives I know all things home and garden related will end. This year I have to be willing to just go with the flow! Ha