Monday, April 30, 2012

Blog Candy Winners

 Here is the free fabric I picked up over the weekend using my $20.00 rewards coupon.
 I decided to do a super clean on our coffee maker last week, all was going well until I got to the underside where the coffee drains into the pot. Holy cow its a wonder I haven't killed someone, talk about nasty!!!! Hubby happened to call while I was working my magic and suggested we spring for a new one. I sooo had to agree. I can't believe the price of coffee makers, some were well over $300.00, no way no how! I went with this one, regular price $69.99 on sale for $48.99, not to bad. I also had a 20% off coupon so the price dropped even more, along with $10.00 Kohl's cash I walked out the door with a $69.99 coffee maker for only $30.19 but the savings didn't stop there!! I picked up a pair of jeans for myself (a post of it's own) so I reviced an additional $10.00 in Kohl's cash. Not done yet, when the receipt printed out there is a $10.00 rebate on the coffee maker. Confused yet?? Once the rebate comes in I basically got the coffee maker for $20.00. That's spending that I can live with.
 On to Staples to cash in my rewards dollars. Two ink cartridges for the grand total of $0.94. 
CVS was the last stop, again to use rewards dollars that were going to expire. Rice A Roni was on sale 10/$10.00, Doves dark chocolate 2/$6.00, total spent $0.72

Yesterday was my running around day cashing in on rewards dollars and coupons. I hate doing things like this on Sunday but I knew my back couldn't hold up to lugging that car seat in and out of the car and buggies. By the end of the day I was done in. I am trying very hard to give my back a break so I can hold up  with the little ones this week. It is going to be a very, very, VERY long week.

On to the winners of the snap bags!! First off thanks to all of you who have shared your ideas with the rest of us. A big TOAST to everyone who is determined to enjoy the extras with no debt!!!!

Lena will be receiving the vacation snap bag, send me your address so I can get it in the mail Saturday!! Check out her blog here

Janette will receive the Christmas snap bag, send me your address to I can get it off to you.
Check out her blog here

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fiscal Fast is DONE!!

 This 6 1/2 X 6 1/2 snap bag would be a nice addition to a beach bag or a place to stash your cash for vacation this year.
 Maybe a Christmas Snap bag would be more to your liking also 6 1/2 X 6 1/2.
Tyler got to touch the ball for the first time tonight, see it rolling into his little glove!! Big night around our house. HA

My Fiscal Fast for the week is done. It wasn't really a stretch at all, we needed nothing, ran out of nothing (very low on eggs), and thankfully Murphy stayed away!! The only spending was today at the post office and fabric store for my monthly block, grand total of $6.25. I declare it a successful week. I also made a run to another fabric store to cash in a $20.00 store coupon that was to expire on Monday, ZERO cash out of my pocket, I was careful to stay under the $20.00 freebie I had.

My weekly spending budget of $200.00 was transferred over to our Christmas/Vacation account tonight. Gotta love that!

 How about we celebrate with a give away of the two snap bags shown above. A total of two winners, which one would you want if you win. Leave a comment on how your family is saving for Christmas or Vacation this year. Do you have a separate account to stash the cash, maybe a vacation jar you are filling up, using your coupon savings to cover it all? Share with the rest of us how you are planning and saving, we can all use a few new idea's to cover the extras!! I will leave this open until Monday night then announce the winners.

Off to bed with a rice bag I warmed up in the microwave. lugging our chunky butt grands around yesterday pulled something in my lower back, I have 24 more hours to loosen it up before they invade the house again.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fiscal Fast Day 6

 I joined a block of the month club at a local quilt shop this month. We will end up with 12 blocks when all is said and done. Seemed like a good idea at the time, however..... All you get each month is the sandwich bag of fabric along with a set of instructions that are crazy ridiculous confusing to read.
 I couldn't figure out how with this little strip 2 1/2 inch red and white fabric you could end up with a large quilt. The quilt on display had different fabric for each square, whats up with that? Ahhh, you need to purchase the 3 in "Thangels" paper to do the outer block along with the extra fabric. I did buy the pack of "Thangels but I will be using leftovers from some of the "Quilts of Valor" I have made.
 So here is the deal with the "Thangles". You lay the fabric out with right sides together then pin the "Thangles" on. Next sew along the dotted lines.
 You then cut on the solid lines. (First cut.)
 (Second cut.) Now carefully remove all the paper. Ya right!! with each piece of paper I removed it pulled out stitches or distorted the stitches. grrrr
 Crap, photo loaded side way's. Anyway once sewn together you get a crappy 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 block, that is all lumpy and bumpy.
Next use the same method to do the outer block (is that what it's called?) The outer block came together a little better, maybe because the fabric was bigger and could handle all the tearing away of paper.

What a pain in the rump this quilt is going to be!!! The good thing is it's only a "buck a Block" each month, however it is a 30 minute drive and of course you have to go inside the store to show your finished block before you can pick up the next block. Times like these is when I need a drive through window at the quilt store, show my block give them a buck and I am outta there!!! I have decided to make the trip tomorrow, so I will be spending a dollar on my last day of the Fiscal Fast for a week challenge.

I could wait until Monday which is the last day of the month but that means I would have to drag Mason man along. I hate having the Grands in the car running around if I don't have to especially on a main corridor interstate. I am also afraid if I go in on Monday after the Fiscal Fast challenge is over I may lose my mind and spend!!!!

Another thing on my to do is getting a package in the mail in the morning, it's just to hard to heard all the grands into the post office. I want this package to get to its recipient ASAP. If I can finish the day with spending less than $5.00 then I will still consider the Fiscal Fast a success!

In celebration of a pretty good Fiscal Fast I have some blog candy to give away, maybe tomorrow but by Sunday for sure so stay tuned. Nothing big, but a great excuse to use up a few more scraps and share the love!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fiscal Fast Day 5

 The beginnings of a new quilt during nap time today
Another load of carrots

Short post tonight as I need to be ready to hit the floor in high gear in the morning.

After the grands left today I jumped on the lawn mower and did a quick mow of the front yard before we get any more rain. SIL#2 normally does our lawn mowing but they had been on vacation for a week, since they have been home we have had off and on rain each day. I couldn't stand to see the grass grow one more inch at least in the front yard!! Afterwards I did a survey of the back yard, we had a pretty big storm this morning. Lots of tree limbs and such were down but thankfully no trees. Why oh why did I walk around the garden.... Before the little ones arrive in the morning I need to finish cleaning the pile of carrots I pulled tonight, cut and steam them, then it's in the dehydrator they will go. Nothing like a little extra work before the sun comes up, grrr

It was another uneventful no spend day today. I can't think of a thing we are going to need until Sunday night when I will need to pick up some eggs and fruit for the grands next week. If things continue to go as planned an extra $200.00 with be headed to the Christmas/Vacation account Sunday morning!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fiscal Fast Day 4

 I picked up this book awhile back, I never get tired of looking through it over and over again.
 Love this quilt! Someday I will get the nerve up to try it.
 Each page is full of eye candy.
 The pattern for these towels are from the book. Super quick and easy to put together.
This fabric is so fun, may have to pick up a little more for an apron or two when it goes on sale.

Fiscal fast day 4 was a winner, it's pretty easy to stay on track when I have the little ones around. I don't have the energy to load them up to take out if I don't have to!! Plus the fact we need nothing other than I am running low on eggs but we will make it until the end of the Fast.

I just love the book I have posted here tonight. I am beginning to think I have gotten so use to reading picture books with the grands that I am more drawn to adult picture books, or should I say adult sewing picture books!! Don't want to give anyone the wrong impression. Many of the quilt patterns in the book calls for rulers I don't have, but in time I hope to pick some of them up at the big box store with some 40% off coupons. I have enough fabric stash that I shouldn't need to buy anything other than the backing. The more I quilt the more I am realizing I love traditional style quilts with vintage fabrics.

Mason was a sleepy head today, when his big sister is not around I think he rests better knowing he won't be attacked in some way or another. I got busy doing some house work, laundry, paying bills and eventually making a couple of sets of towels for gifts. Then it was on to washing our sheets, seems someone fell asleep last night with what must have been dark chocolate candy bar crumbs. (looked like poop) Somebody needs to be a little more careful when nibbling on their late night snack.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Play it Forward

 This morning Carla had this post about playing it forward handmade, how could I pass on this!!! See the rules below to get in on some fun. Be one of  the first 3 to post on my blog that you want to play along. Copy and paste the following. Thanks CARLA for passing this on!!!

This morning when I opened my email I had a post from the lovely Cassie sitting in my inbox and she was offering up a PIF (Pay it Forward) of a handmade item to anyone who was willing to play along by her rules... she found it through the ever awesome Mutant Supermodel, and well, I'm going to jump on the bandwagon & play along too!!
Now before you post & decide to jump on the bandwagon as well, you have to follow these simple rules!
1. I will send a little "something special" to the first 3 people who comment (nicely) on my blog. (It's supposed to be sent within 365 days, but I will do this within the next month. I don't like to have projects sitting around for a long time)
2. You must play along. You'll need to post the PIF button on your blog and promising to send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who comment on your blog as well.
3. You must have a blog & it must be regularly updated. I need to be able to stalk read all about you and figure out a gift that you'd like to receive!
4. You must link me up AND have your handmade PIF post on your blog within 48 hours. After you've done that, come back, link me up to your post and i'll confirm that you're my 'top 3'!
 Want to know what my mornings look like? The counters are a mess of all things baby including a counter top baby swing for when I need to get Mason man out of the line of fire. The only thing missing is Kara who returned home tonight. Can't wait to get my arms around that gal.
 I spend lots of time plucking Karsyn from various things she climbs on. Here she has decided Mason's exersaucer is built for two, NOT!!!!
 Climbing around in her kitchen.
Kara is going to have a hissy fit when she sees how Karsyn is acting in the kitchen.

It was a longgggg day around the house but NO SPENDING went on Fiscal fast day 3 was a sucsess. The majority of the day was spent keeping up with Karsyn, it has been too cold and windy outside to take Mason out so she has been getting into anything and everything. DD#3 is back from vacation, YAAA, she will have the little girls tomorrow so I can have a break, just me and Mason man.

After the little ones left today I drug myself to the couch for a much needed rest then it was on to cutting out a few projects I would like to get in the mail Saturday. Hope I can get a start on some things tomorrow since I will only have Mason, once the garden gets going I will be up to my eyeballs in weeds, canning and dehydrating gotta sew while I still have the extra time.

Looking forward to see who will join in with the "Play it Forward Handmade" Like Carla I will be getting my homemade gifts in the mail NO LATER than the end of May!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Fiscal Fast Blooper

 Shes a beauty. Mine all mine!!
 Strawberry Fields is my favorite right now.
We have a cold north wind blowing today. Hard to see the back, but it is so sweet.
 More strawberries on the binding
All wrinkled and crinkled fresh from the dryer.

Early post tonight so I can go slip on my winter PJ's and cuddle up in my new quilt with a good book. I don't know where this cold weather came from but I am loving it, except that I had to turn the heat on this morning for a bit. It was 60 degrees in the house, I am fine with that temperature but it's to cold for the grands.

Here is the fiscal update from Sunday and today. NO SPENDING!!! But almost spent yesterday morning. A friend that I haven't seen in ages was in town for a change, she travels the world constantly so it is rare that she is even in the county let lone her home. I saw a post on facebook that she was at home waiting for her lost luggage to catch up with her. I quickly invited her to an early morning breakfast before she could make any plans. On the way to the restaurant I remembered it was my first day of the Fiscal fast, crapola!! Think fast, should I cheat and not share in the blog or should I start out the first day as a loser? AHHHH, gift cards!! I have a nice stash of gift cards in my wallet I can use. 

After the meal my buddy insisted on picking up the bill, no way, we go dutch, I have a gift card. I explained to her it was my first day of a week long spending fast so I needed to be honest and use the GC. She had already paid. She went on to ask me how the heck do you go a week without spending? Easy peasy, just invite friends to a meal and have them pick up the bill!! We both got a good laugh out of that. Thanks for a free meal and great company PT.

Today was keeping up with Karsyn and Mason most of the day. I did get my block finished for a block of the month I am in at our quilting shop but I am too aggravated with it to show tonight. Hope I fell better about it tomorrow but for now not so much.

Carla over at 1/2 Dozen daily is hosting a Sister Swap, check it out if you would like to get in, should be fun!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Simple Sunday

 Another Birthday quilt is complete, it was pouring down rain today an indoor shot was all I figured I could get today.
 I kept my eye on the sky as I worked on a second quilt. As soon as the rain let up I got it on the clothes line.
 I like the back as much as the front.
 Aren't these butterflies sweet.
 One of 9 birdhouses on the quilt.
 Took some time to rest my arms in the afternoon. Monogramming takes no work at all once I get it hooped. Tyler is super excited to load up his T-Ball equipment for practice tomorrow. I went with their last name since it seems there are tons of Tyler's in T-Ball this season. Once Tyler outgrows this bag Karsyn can have a turn, then on to Mason man.
Here is my peaceful project for tonight. Some trashy TV and hand sewing on the binding of MY VERY OWN quilt. Gonna hang this gal on the clothes line tomorrow when the grands go down for a nap!!

Since 2 of the 3 of our DD's are out of town this weekend as well as hubby I took the afternoon off from Sunday dinner. Instead I ran over to DD #1 home at bath time tonight to get some hugs and deliver Tyler's bat bag. I forgot how wet and wild bath time is with 3 little ones, no need to mop the bathroom floor at DD #1 house, it gets a good washing each night.

I was able to get the binding on the Birthday quilt this morning then it was on to free motion quilting a quilt for me!! Some days it just all works, no broken thread, no phone interruptions, bottle ,diapers, or spit up. I should finish up the binding tonight or at least by tomorrow. LOVE this quilt!!

I joined in with Sharon over at for her Fiscal Fast. I am running my fast from Sunday to Sunday. I will update on how I did tomorrow. I hope to put back my $200.00 weekly spending budget by the end of the week, need to beef up the Christmas/Vacation account. I have been getting too sloppy with money here lately!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

What Melts my Butter!

 Karsyn playing in their new play house, sporting her new dress.
 Playing peek a boo.
 Door bells that really work.
 Why use the door when the window is more fun. I love this little ruffley rump.
 Early morning T-Ball
 With lots of new friends.
What would t-ball be with out the fans!!

I should be free motion quilting a Birthday gift but my shoulders are killing me. I love quilting until it comes time to quilt, UGH this is hard work!!

Tyler had his first T-ball game today. How did this happen my sweet little boy is playing for the Braves. This time last year he was in the kitchen with me baking cookies and cupcakes :(  They grow up to fast!!!

The weather was nice enough after naps yesterday for some play house fun. Karsyn used the door the first time she went in after that it was climbing through the window ONLY!! Karsyn is an absolute opposite of her Mommy! DD#1 wasn't too crazy about any out door activities, she was always so quite, reserved and polite, Karsyn not so much!! HA This little gal gives us a run for our money each day!!!

This is the stuff that melts my butter and my heart.

I have the rest of the weekend to play around all by myself, Ya me!! First on the agenda is to get the "Bird House" birthday quilt finished, then on to a second quilt that needs to be quilted. If there is any time left I would love to make a little something easy and fun, of course a nap isn't out of the question. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

What a World

A week or two ago I shared how much I enjoyed this book. It won't win a Pulitzer prize or anything but its a very sweet and inspiring story of this young mans life and journey to the NFL while keeping God first and foremost in his life. Being an Alabama fan we had no choice but to follow this fella during his college years, his faith and abilities we admired, we just hoped he would have an off game when he played Bama!!

While talking with friends after finishing this book I shared how much I liked it and have been appalled at the reaction I have heard. What is it about Christians that people think they can say the most insulting disgusting things about and to. The first time or two I was surprised but kindly stated my point that there are still good people in this world, not everyone is rotten and here is a good kid!

Here are a few of the things I have heard that has put me in a mood that I have been having a hard time shaking.

Ya he likes working with kids because he is a child molester.
He is still a virgin, ya right he is as gay as they come, that's why he is a virgin
Home schooled, another misfit freak
Great marketing tool he has going for him
Like God gives a s... about football

It seems to me immoral acts are the new norm in society, good people who try and do right are now considered the oddity. What happened to old fashion politeness? If the book or subject is something your not interested in use to be you just smiled and thanked them for sharing the info. Not today. Today people say the most hateful, spiteful things that come in their mind.

Each time I have defend this young mans athletic ability as well as his strong faith.I try to explain in a nice way that we all make mistakes in life and this kid may very well make some but for now, today he has a great message. One of the super cool things about being a Christian is God expects us to make mistakes and is ready and willing to forgive us. Seems as if not many people believe in good these days, they are so tainted by what they see in the media that they think that's the real world. I have been so close to losing my cool with some people. What I want to say is..........pretty ugly. Do I not share with others that I think this is an uplifting book for fear of what they might say? Here lately I have shared my feelings over the book more and more, is it because I want to see what people are really like in my circle of friends and acquaintances? I really don't know. But I do know the whole situation makes me sad and a whole lot angry.

That's my rant and your welcome to it!! I am going to have some chocolate cake and ice cream in bed with another good book that is sure to hack a few more folks off.

AJ the beagle

 AJ was a Christmas gift to my hubby 5 years ago.
 We had lost all of our Labs except one to old age and Daisy wasn't long for this world. I knew how much hubby needed a new pal. 
 Tyler and AJ were born within a few days of each other. They have been good sharers of Papaw's attention from day one.
 They learned to play nicely together at an early age. Oops somebody is missing pants.
 She was into something all of the time as a puppy.
 And has always been a good eater, even if I was not too crazy about her table manners.
 Even at 5 she still has her day's, like when she sets in the window boxes peeking in at me.
 Or decides to climb the attic steps to see what's hidden up there.
 We haven't broken her of the habit of stealing pacifiers yet, and maybe never will. The grands love giving them to her so its a helpless cause.
No matter what she's our sweet little hound dog.

The grands are all sleeping!!!! I have had time for a shower, gotten lunch put together that is on the stove waiting to be gobbled up, and I still have time to catch up on a little blogging. It's a very good day!

I am in a RANTING mood today, I could have posted how disgusted I am with some peoples views but decided to focus on the positive instead. That doesn't mean I won't be sharing my rant soon, I just need to cool down a bit before I go over the top!

AJ the beagle seemed like a nice safe subject for a post today. AJ is a girl with a boy name. When I bought her the breeder had already named her Amber, cute name but wasn't going to work for us since DD#2 is named Amber. Rather than change DD#2 name we tried to come up with something different. DD#2 loved that AJ and she had the same name but it didn't work for the rest of us so we renamed her Amber Junior, AJ for short. She is a mess some days but we love her to death!!!

I went to bed early last night due to my bad mood with a book. I have been meaning to read for a very long time, UGH it was so good I didn't put it down until 2:00AM. DUH, what the heck was I thinking!!! I may or may not do a evening post. The late night very well may catch up to me this afternoon.