Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mulching Diva

Yep that's me a little mulching Diva today, I have loaded on a cart 50 bags of mulch, then drug the cart to the cash register, then drug the cart to my car then loaded it all in the car only to drive home and unload it all, then I only had to pick up each and every bag and dump it in the front yard beds.

This took 3 trips to Lowe's and none of the friendly staff did a thing to help, other than the lady at the checkout counter who said "that must be really heavy"

Tomorrow when Mr. Man gets here we are gonna start the process all over again, however I think an additional 20 bags will do it.

Now all I have to do to finish the front yard is to find somebody with a chainsaw to take down the B..... ugly holly tree at the side of the house so I can plant something new and improved.

Sure miss Bob, that man has a way with some garden tools I tell ya.

Also installed a solar up light in one of the beds and it works!! Don't think I am going green I just can't wire the other kind by myself so this will have to do for now

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  1. LOVE this idea of a blog for you! Your life will certainly keep this thing going - you tire me out just reading all you do!

    Wanna try to meet up for lunch on Friday?