Saturday, May 16, 2009

All-Star Race

Had a good time tailgating even if we got a little rain, the weather cleared up and the fun continued.

Tyler of course loved playing in the rain and being the center of attention most of the day. We took him shopping at one of the vender tents, he loves red so he had to get the 9 car and we couldn't leave without Jr.'s car, they kept him entertained all day "smaching and crashing"

I guess my battery finally ran out today, I was hardly able to get out of the house this morning and struggled to stay awake all day, finally got home at 6:30PM and took a nap until 10:00PM, only got up to catch the end of the race and get a bottle of water before I am headed to bed for good!

Bob and David are both headed out in the morning so I am going to spend the day laying low, need to get my energy back!

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