Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Steel Beauty

WOW, I have a state of the art 21st century stove and microwave, our old stove was 20 years old and cost around $200.00 brand new, for 17 years the old gal has done me good but it is time to upgrade!!

We figured if we buy it now with the final Wedding plans underway when the kids come up with any new found ways to spend our money on yet another Wedding "Wouldn't it be nice if", we can honesty say, nope sorry we are official broke.

The Steel beauty came with an instruction manual as big as the tax code so it may be awhile before I turn her on, need to read up, not sure how to turn it on (my old one had dials, not even buttons) this one has some sort of computer looking pad.

Be still my heart I have a double oven, I can now cook Turkey and all the fixin's at one time!!!

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