Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kids Camp

Finished my second day with the girls at kids camp, they are really amazing!! I have 2 who have just finished 2nd grade that are out of this world, we are doing a level 1 Close to my Heart kit with 4 12x12 layouts each day and the girls are knocking it out in a little over an hour. We are filling the rest of the time making cards, book markers and playing around on the Cricut.

They are really funny the first day they followed my directions and made the first 2 page layout just like mine, the second layout they did they complimented me on my layout but one of the girls wanted to know if she could change it a little, well that was all the rest of them needed, they took off and created what they wanted!!

In today's class when I showed them the class sample they all commented on how very cute mine was and proceeded to do their own thing, we could all learn a lot from these little girls they don't mind sticking their necks out and just doing their own thing!!

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