Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding dress drama

Today the girls and I took Kelli for the first fitting of her wedding dress, she insisted back in January she just had to have a dress right then, she of course found THE DRESS, so I of course bought THE DRESS.

Since that time she has lost 87 pounds!! Yea for her, boo for me, as you can guess THE DRESS was not on the same weight loss plan as Kelli.

Some alterations can be made but since the dress is heavily beaded it would cost more than a new dress would run to have everything taken off and rebeaded (is that a word?)

Thankfully Kelli is not Bridezilla so she is OK with what it looks like they can do, I have my fingers crossed till next week when she has another fitting that she will still feel the same way.

I have not been on the same weight loss program as Kelli, and I had not bought my dress until today, I bought 6! Not size 6 just 6 different dresses.

I think Obama needs to get off the health care deal and saving the economy and get with the real problems we have to deal with in this country and that is the fitting room mirrors and lighting, I know it is not possible I really look the way it seemed in the stores.

Here is Kelli trying on a wedding dress back in Jan, this is not THE DRESS, you can't see that until October at the wedding but figured it would go with the whole wedding theme of todays blog

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