Monday, August 24, 2009

Lets get this party going

Tyler is with me today, out of Daycare with strep, UGH, I hope I don't get it!!

My plan was to do office work and keep tweaking my Christmas card set I will be doing a workshop in the fall, the stamp set is "No Greater Love" it is exquisite, but I am having so much trouble doing it justice.

So Ty and I are in the room of sin, I am trying hard to get some things done that HAVE to be done and he is just as busy as can be playing with his things he has stashed in the room. Next thing I know he says "Nanny lets get this party going"!! He had found the box of luau decorations from Kelli and Nathans shower and was decorating my studio, soooo funny. I had to take a break and attend the party, lots of dancing and singing, he called Heahter and ask her to bring some party hats, he is all hung up on party hats these days, he thinks you should have them at every event, you know he might just be right, I need to break out and party a little more.

I sorta felt like I was back at Camp Dogwood, scraping, dancing and singing, maybe when he goes home tonight I will be inspired and get the darn Christmas card workshop going

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