Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mother of the Bride

Have you guys seen the old Steve Allen movie Father of the Bride? If not you need to watch it, very funny, in one part the Father of the Bride losses it over how many hot dog buns are in a package, he is just feed up with all the crazy wastefull expenses they have been facing.

Friday I had my Mother of the Bride moment, I had finally gotten all the invitations ready to go, bought really cute stamps to send them on there way when the lady at the post office ask if I had weighed them? No they look OK to me, just standard right?

Nope they needed and additional 13 cents, all the post office had available was 17 cent stamps with a Rams head on them, "so I guess you will be wanting an additional 100 wedding ring stamps won't you?" I just melted, I already had bought 200, 44 cent stamps for the invitations and RSVP cards, no way was I willing to pay the additional money for more cute stamps. I know in the scope of things and with what all we have paid out and will be paying out for the next month the stamps are truly just a drop in the bucket, but on Friday my bucket was full.

So I apologize for the butt ugly stamps that will be on your invitations, I do not regret the financial stand I took on Friday, that is unless the Bride should happen to find out what I did, then I am in deep ......

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