Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting ready for Halloween

I have had many of you ask me about my scrapbook Halloween tree, this isn't a great photo and I think I better get the ironing board out and give the table runner a little pressing. Here is how to recreate this baby, take a clay pot and paint with glossy acrylic paint, then paint on whatever spooky design you want, the Cricut has lots of great patterns! Find some branches at Michael's or in your own backyard, spray paint them black then add a little Prisma glitter to the branches after it is tacky dry. You can mount it in the pot two ways, use plaster paris or the spray in insulation, both will take overnight to dry. Cut out shapes from chipboard or cardboard, cover with scrapbook paper, then stickle the edges, all you need to do now is add you Halloween photo's I have photo's from back when my girls were babies and on up to now with Tyler.

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