Saturday, July 11, 2015

Catch up Time Again

 Busy Girl Kara turned 5 years old Thursday. To celebrate her special day we had some "Girl Time" The little girls are all about "Girl Time" these days
We started the day with Mani and Pedi's
 They were looking and feeling very girlie after some pampering
 Next on our list was a "Ladies Lunch" Kara thinks Karsyn is a hoot when she gets all "Girlie"
 I have been in a funk for over a week :( That old grey cloud lifted just a little when this box showed up on the door step today.
DD#1 and I are going to branch out a bit this summer by making some cleaning products for around the house. I needed to get stocked up of a few things for that adventure.
Finally some of the kid blends were in stock!!!! I have been trying for months to get some!! This one will come in handy for sure "Sniffle Ease"
and "Tummy Gize" We are all set for whatever nasty stuff the grands drag home with them
Due to the size of this months order I earned 2 new to me oils "Aroma Siez"
And "Ravintsara"
Here is the cause of the funk I can't seem to shake. Hubby is back in the field after just 2 days home from vacation, UGHHHH. He sent this photo of a recent dust storm.
Just when we get settled into a normal routine it never fails, hubby gets called out :(  You would think after all these years I would handle it better but I seem to be getting more and more frustrated as the years go by. Having to travel hundreds of miles from home for months at a time STINKS!!!! I hate it for him, I hate it for me, I hate it for the family!!!!! He is just a few more years from retirement but continually being pulled away from his family makes early retirement a real possibility. The thought of that also brings with it a whole lot of stress. Are we ready yet? Have we saved enough yet? What about health care? What the heck will he do with himself all day? Its hard to keep life in balance when we never know what tomorrow will bring.
I feel guilty when the man is gone :( I have the pleasure of being in the home he has worked so hard for. I get to be with our big and little kiddo's while he is stuck in motels watching stupid TV. I get to participate in all the big and little celebrations and adventures he has to miss out on. I am in a funk this time for sure!!!
Today I have to step up. I'm not ready to kick up my heels just yet but I really need to focus on something that gets my motor going again :) Not sure what it will be yet other than mopping the kitchen floor the little kids have done a number on!
What activity do you do to chase the funk away?

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  1. I think that funks are inevitable as life comes along...being separated is surely a good cause for a bad time. My mother taught me that when you feel something good for someone else...U r a master at that. From my position, early retirement always wins and one is never ready. My love never got to enjoy that. Within months of his retirement he was diagnosed. The hospital had called him back for contract work but he was soon way too ill. Seize the day..xxoo