Thursday, July 16, 2015

Some Just Like it Simple

 Kara and I had a play date yesterday. Since Tater Tot has joined the family Kara and I don't have as much time to do the things we use to do. We wouldn't trade Blake for anything in the world but babies do wreak havoc on every day doings :).

First on our list of activities was to find a bathing suit or two for our upcoming beach trip for the wild child. Waiting so late in the season is a good time to get in on some great sales but the pickins are not great!!

 Kara got to choose where we would go out for lunch, she wanted beans and squashed potato's (mashed), works for me :)

The big event was an afternoon movie, her VERY first!! Kara is so full of energy that she doesn't even watch a full 30 minutes of cartoons, the exception being "Caillou" sometimes. I wasn't sure how it would go....

First stop the concession stand. I knew popcorn was out as she hates that it gets stuck in her teeth, she is not big on candy but she has discovered soda in the past few months, grrrr. She decided on water and carrots, figures...she is always surprising us in what she does or asks for. OK, they had water but no carrots...I remembered I had a baggie of almonds in my purse for emergency snacks for myself. Thankfully she was all in for that snack. I'm telling you this kid eats the oddest things

She sat quietly, minded her manners, even moved over closer to me for some cuddles. An hour into the what I thought was one of the most boring movies ever she ask if we could go home.  Are you sure? Yes, she wanted to work in the garden. Heck ya!!!! We are so outta here!!
 For whatever reason the middle of the kitchen table is where she likes to enjoy her treasures. Who motto is pick your battles, is this the mountain I want to climb? NOPE!! :)  How many kidletts do you know LOVE bell peppers? She likes them raw, no dip or sauce, just cut up and served.
 OK, so this photo is a little gross....Who but a child doesnt' mind having straight from the garden tomato juice and seeds running down their chin and neck? My adult taste leans more to a fresh tomato sandwich!!
 Washing the veggies is a favorite for all the grands, really any reason to play in the water is a good time. I was shocked to see her lining up the tomatoes in the window after she finished washing them. It's one of my favorite sights in the summer :) Be still my heart
 Before the day was done she wanted to pick some peaches to take home for Daddy. Aww. We didn't make a dent in our overloaded peach crop this year. Once again notice where she is setting? In the middle of the kitchen table :) After deciding each and ever peach was the "Bestest one eber" it was time to wash them off.
Kara works every job/task with flourish. With her hair flying it didn't take us long to get the peach washing complete!!

We finished our Play day off by eating all of the cucumbers we "Founded"  Our Kara likes the simple stuff in life.

Having all of the grands together in one place is a hoot!! They remind me of a litter of puppies romping and rolling around., so cute. I must admit other times its more like a riot, punches being throw, emotions on edge, everybody wants to win at any cost!

Having them all alone, just one on one, Nanny and me's so sweet. They get to be the star, no need to share, no need to compromise, they aren't just one of the gang. It's such a special time, so much sweetness, my heart swells with love.

Yep, I like it simple

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