Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Goal for the Week

 I have been trying to work a bit on the grands playroom this week. With the kiddo's ages ranging from 1 year to 8 years there are just SOOOOO many toys. Right now I have been concentrating on the little girls treasures. A few repair's were in order, their doll stroller being one. During their toddler years they had loaded way too many items in the stroller, sometimes the item was themselves. The wear and tear  had taken it's toll on the fabric. I spent yesterday taking the torn components off to do some sewing. It's back in working order for now with hopes that Tater Tot will keep his chunky rump out of it.
 Our peaches are ripe for the picking this week. Most of the peaches are no bigger than a plum a few others are normal size. The trees are LOADED but due to the tiny size of the peach's they are good for nothing more than snacking. Friends, family, and neighbors will soon be running the other way when they see me coming knowing I have a bag of peach's to unload on them :)
 The other little project of the week has been printing photo's from our trip to the NW last month. One of the many treasures we saw along the way were barns like this one. I LOVE them!!! I seem to have a thing for barns, old, new, falling down, or brand spanking new, I get giddy looking at them.
There were so many barns like this one along the road. I have no idea why they are shaped like this but I intend on finding out today from Hubby's family :) Hubby still has it in his head that he needs some land to ride around on the tractor he thinks he must have, Sigh. After seeing these sweet barns I made the mistake of saying I think I could live out in the country if I had something like this to live in part time. Man oh man don't you know he jumped on that comment!!!

I have been feeling like a lazy bum since hubby is again out of town. My get up and go has got up and gone. It always takes some time to adjust to living alone again, reentry is also a challenge when he returns home :)

I needed a project. Nothing too big, nothing too physical, and nothing that requires I spend time in this oppressive heat. After chasing Tater Tot around last weekend, keeping him from climbing on anything and everything and watching him like a hawk that he doesn't put any of the little girls treasures in his mouth I thought tackling the play room might be a good place to concentrate.

The little girls still love their babies the best but they have branched out this past year to doll houses,  Barbies, and little animals, all of which come with lots of tiny little things. Keeping Tater Tot from ingesting all those accessories has become a real pain in the....and back!!! I am sorting, sorting some more, and trying to place things in containers that are toddler proof but child friendly, no easy task. But it is mindless work that is keeping me busy and possibly will make my life a little easier.

Poor little Tater Tot is going to start thinking his name is "No Blake Robert" Have you every had they joy of hearing 4 and 5 year old girls squealing at the top of their collective lungs "No Blake Robert", or "Nanny, Blake has my shoes"  (Barbie shoes, yikes!!) This is my take it easy but move forward goal for the week :)

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