Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Girl Time with Project Life

 My GF is going to kill me for posting this photo but....Its the only one I took of us working the past 3 days. I have yet to figure out how to crop photo's on the new laptop :(  or I would have cropped her out. Please forgive me Mama "M" For those of you who are not scrap bookers you might be thinking what a hot mess!! For those who have scrap booked you know the table looks pretty darn good for two people sharing a table :) Notice too there is a nice LARGE platter of home made cookies and Biscotti slap dab in the middle just as it should be :) What a fabulous hostess!!
 It took me some time to get over just sticking photo's in page protector slots. It was soooo out of the box for me. My GF did share with me that by using a corner rounder on the photo's it gives everything a softer more finished look. She was right :)
 I branched out a little as I went along adding some bling and OLD stickers.
 Cutting 6x4 photo's down to 3x4, oh my I thought I was going to have a panic attack. I love the results. Lots of photo's of wild child Kara all on one page, done in no time at all!!
 I will try to get better photo's soon of another trick my friend shared with me. The photo on the far right of Kara sitting on the counter was cut in half to fit into (2) 3x4 slots. Pretty cool.

So what do I think of the Project Life kits? Hummm....I think the only way to go with them is to first use a 40% off coupon, second to find at least one friend (two would be better) to share the supplies and cost with. I would get tired of using the same color family after a while, there are a ton of cards in the kits to share. Now that I sort of have the hang of it and realize that spending an hour to two hours on a traditional page is out of the question this is the only way to go for me if I want the Grands to ever see albums of their own.
Wanna see what  you can do in three short days? Drum roll please.......116 pages!!!! AMAZING!!!!

Happy, TIRED, excited, did I mention TIRED? So excited to see in person and realize that this new to me scrap booking system can work with my lifestyle.

Are all the 116 pages complete? Na, I will go back to do journaling (my least favorite thing) at some point in time. I also plan on doing a bit of embellishing and add some traditional 12x12 pages through out the album but for now Kara has something she can see and touch. I have stepped way out of my comfort zone!!

Do you need the "Kit's" to do the project life style scrap booking? I don't think so. The page protectors are a must and are sold by lots, and lots, of companies, 40% off coupon's are a MUST. I do think using kits for the first time is helpful in moving the pages along fast but...I have so much traditional size paper just collecting dust that could easily be cut into the sizes needed. The traditional paper I have on hand is paper I like, colors, and themes that I use to use most often. In time I will be cutting up some home made kits from what I have on hand.

I need a good night sleep, a late night snack, and some AJ the Beagle time for now. Oh how I miss that little hound dog snuggled up with me at night :) In the next few days I will try to share more on how I plan on working "Project Life" into our family memory keeping.

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  1. That is a great accomplishment, 116 pages in 3 days, my word :) Glad you're enjoying the scrapbooking so much.