Sunday, August 10, 2014

Where Have You Been

 This entire week has gotten away from me! Between cuddle time with this little fella
 Cutting up old scrapbook supplies to use with the Project Life system
 Tyler's 8th Birthday party
Scanning, printing, organizing, and burning CD's of historic family photo's
I can't believe its already Sunday!! This week has flown by!! I am thinking next week will be no different :)
Yesterday it was just Kara and I, it seems like forever since the wild child and I have had a day all to ourselves. Since it was pouring down rain a trip to the park was out of question. Second best thing is a trip to the grocery store :) Since Tater Tots arrival we haven't been doing our weekly grocery store trip. Loading and unloading that baby travel seat is something I avoid at all cost. Once we had the "right" food in the house she helped me sort TON's of old scrapbook paper, Oh My.
I have an enormous amount of scrapbooking supplies. I tell you even I had forgotten how much was neatly packed in the drawers, cabinets, shelves, on the table, under the table, everywhere :). As of this morning scrapbooking paper has taken over the whole house. Piles to keep, plies for charity, a few piles to share with friends, more piles to sort. Way back when I was a scrapbook instructor, for awhile I sold CTMH scrapbooking, and of course there is my own personal stuff holy cow, its a lot. 
In the evenings as I have been working on Kara's album using the "kits" I have purchased I kept thinking what a waste of money knowing I had tons of paper and stuff stored away in my room. You see I was just too lazy to dig into the mess knowing it would be a huge task once I got started...and it is :) Throwing down a 40% off coupon, opening a new "kit" all pre cut is just so easy :). As of now we have pre cut home made kits for Fall, Halloween, Christmas, and Winter as well as divided the extras to give away. It's progress.
Last night I spent HOURS sorting CTMH kits to share, precut, and organize for full "old fashion" layouts later. My goal for the end of the day is to have one scrapbooking shelf empty! Sounds easy? Well it's not!! Ha I am going to devote the next 3 days to this scrapbooking clean out. I know I won't hit it all but something is better than nothing.
Can't forget photo's.....I am continuing to sort and print Kara's photo's. The clerk at Walgreen's and I have become close friends :) I know the coupon codes by heart :) Is all this mess and expense worth it all?
Yes it is, Kara ask as soon as we got in the door yesterday morning where her "Kara Book" was. I can't leave her alone with her "Kara Book" yet as she is way too interested in trying to figure out how to get the cute embellishments off the pages. We are having a pretty good time looking at photo's and hearing from a toddlers perspective what was going on in each layout.
Off to tackle that shelf on this rainy day

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