Sunday, August 3, 2014

Project Life Scrapbooking

Forgot to post this photo of me and my mini shopping buddy Miss Karsyn. Karsyn is her Mommy's girl say the word MALL and she heads to the car, me not so much :)

Photo printing from this week. I think (hope) I have all of Kara's pictures printed. We are talking over a thousand, the count maybe closer to two thousand :) Maybe half of them are of the other grands too but I have no way printed all that I have stored on the PC.
 This is the container I am using for Kara. I have sorted by holidays, seasons, and everyday photo's. 8x10's and 5x7's are in an additional container. Once I make a dent in Kara's pages I will reuse this container for Karsyn, Mason, then Blake. To be fair to all I am going in birth order, for now at least.
 One of the project life basic kits.
 There are SO MANY cards in the kits that 2 other friends have agreed to share kits among ourselves.
 They also sell mini kits. I found a deal on one brand for $1.99 each. They too are labeled for events, holidays, seasons and such. Hope this system works:) Once I get the hang of it all I plan on cutting up the TONS of scrapbook paper I have collecting dust.
 This sorry heap of stuff is memorabilia. I have a filing system for all this stuff but...filing never seems to happen. Throwing everything in a basket ? Ya I can do that :) I spent nap time today sorting all this mess. At least Tater Tot doesn't have much yet.
Once everything was sorted I tucked it all in a hopper for each grand. My plan (dream) is this system will be a quick grab and go method.

I have high hopes this new way of scrapbook will finally get all of my sweet photo's of the grands into albums they can enjoy. While I love the way traditional scrapbooking looks with as many little feet and hands we have around it is just not possible. Tyler has always enjoyed looking back on his baby scrapbooks when we have a new arrival to see what he looked like at the same age. The toddlers have nothing other than to sit in my lap and look at the PC files.

If I can get my To Do list completed tonight I am off on an adventure with a friend who is going to let me pick her brain regarding this new to me scrapbooking method for the next few days. Nanny needs some me time with another adult!!! Not sure how many pages we will complete but no doubt we will have a good time :)


  1. Ok first, I LOVE your dress, I am crazy for maxi dresses and that one is so cute :)

    What a great kit, I had never heard of those, but such a neat idea.

  2. So you'll star cutting paper and cards to make your own eventually? I'm starting on this as well. I see it as a happy medium. My only problem is not enough color choices in the kits.