Friday, August 22, 2014

Update of our Adventures

 To say life has been busy here lately would be a HUGE understatement!! After spending two days in AL getting my sisters pantry stocked to overflowing and taking care of a million and one business things that she can't do we were off to IN for our family reunion. What a great day seeing cousins we hadn't seen in over 10 years, the day went by too fast :) Left to right, myself, my sister, and one of our very closest cousins
 No trip to IN would be complete without a visit to our family that has passed on to a better world. This is our Great Grandfather who left us with incredible journals of he and his families daily life over so many years. Priceless!!
 We decided while in IN that my Sister needed an extended vacation. With the commitments I have here at home she had to settle with a visit to our home this week. Since we had a little extra time on the way home we stopped in at one of our favorite ever vacation spots, The Great Smokey Mts.
" Goats on the Roof" as always was a hit :)
 Our evenings are filled with simple beginners scrapbooking. We are working on a heritage scrapbook for my Sister to take home.
 Terra is a big NASCAR fan. Of course we had to take the tour of Charlotte Motor Speedway and a spin around the track.
No visit to our home would be complete without a celebration Tea Party :) Mason Man and Karsyn went all out using one of their favorite Tea Party table runners. This photo is of me with the kiddo's. My Sister and I don't think we look that much alike but others think we do, from here on out I have to write our names on the back of photo's I am thinking
Terra was a bit overwhelmed yesterday with the three toddlers and Tater Tot (Blake) It's loud, busy, messy, and at times a touch of violence will break out. She was out cold in the recliner by 6:00 PM last night from observing the action.
It has taken me 3 days to get this post together, yes life is that BUSY!!! The little girls are in the sandbox, Tater Tot has a gas bubble, and Terra is just shaking her head in amazement. My advice to her this morning was to put the heels away, grab a pair of tennis shoes and hang on for dear life :)

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  1. Sure sounds like you've been very busy, but in a good way. Glad you got to enjoy this time with your sister :)