Friday, June 21, 2013

No Rest Yet

 The mornings might be early but who wouldn't love to get up to toddlers kisses
 And end the day looking for treasures.
 The annual Crab eating night out with the boys, minus SIL #1 who couldn't join us this year
 Kara's GREAT arm paid off at the Pavilion. She won 3 stuffed animals throwing darts. Not sure that's a good skill for a two year old
 The mommies took the little girls for a makeover. Why can't I think up money sucking business like this? $30.00 bucks each, Karsyn loved it, Kara NOT!!!
Papaw and Mason having some fun time.
Vacation is fun but at the same exhausting!! Playing on the beach making sand castles is cute to watch, having sand in the bed...well I'm not a fan. Late night, early mornings, walking around on sticky floors from Capri Suns, well you get the idea! Ha
We have had a bit of a revolving door this year, no different than many years. SIL#1 couldn't join us this time as he had to work, SIL#2  head back home on Wednesday to return to work. A Harley friend came in on Wednesday to hang out, DD#1 and her three rug rats left yesterday afternoon. We have 4 of DD#2's college teammates arriving today around noon to finish the week off with us.
The old days of greeting a newcomer/guest with a glass of tea and slice of pound cake is over. Now it goes more like this. Check that kid running by you, does she/he have dirty pants? I smell poop. When you unpack put your makeup, lotions, and potions up high, the little girls will clean you out. Toilets are just another form of water play, keep the lids down at all times. Be aware that the little kids will bug the snot out of you until every single person in the house is awake, I'm just saying.
Still it's fun.


  1. can't wait to have a few grand kids running around, you're very lucky.


  2. Looks like you're having a fabulous time!! :) That's hilarious about Kara winning so much! haha!! Good for her!