Friday, June 28, 2013

Time is Flying By

 My list of things "To Do" seems to keep growing each day :(. No matter how fast or hard I work there is always more being added. One of the task's was to get the freezers back in order. It's hard to know what we are running low on if everything is not in it's place. Hubby and the big kids seem to make a mess of things each time they open one of the doors. I can now see we could use some chicken next time I find a good sale. Everything else is pretty well stocked.
 My pile of blocks for the Irish Chain quilt is growing a little each day, up to 60 blocks, only 29 to go.
 Sew much multi tasking going on. Tea parties, pirates, and sewing. Oh ya, supper in the crock pot
 The pile of mistake blocks from the Irish Chain quilt was making me a little nuts just setting around. Figured I could use them up on a baby quilt and be done with it, however I needed more fabric to complete that booboo. I can never go in a fabric store without an unplanned idea popping in my head. While at the beach last week the big and little kiddo's were hitting me up for banaides, aspirin, Tums, Neosporin, you get the idea. When I saw this nurse fabric I got thinking I could make each of them a cute traveling tote for a first aid kit of their own. Like I needed another project!! Maybe this can be a Christmas gift for each of them. I have lots of time to watch the sales or hit the sample size supplies between now and then.
I stayed up WAY to late last night working on what I thought would be a baby girl quilt with the booboo blocks. The baby girl quilt I had in my head turned into a 60 x 60 quilt top. I suck at math!!! At least all the mistake blocks are cleaned off the sewing table. The plan was to get this bad boy quilt pinned tonight so I can begin the quilting and call it good. Now that it has turned out so large I will have to buy backing fabric. Grr, more spending.

Super short post as I am waiting on hubby to finish his shower so we can pick up Kara for the day. This week has flown by. Our garden is still in a sorry shape I can only weed in the early mornings before it heats up to a humid 100 degrees with the heat index. Our plan was to work in the evenings once the sun started to go down and things cooled off but everyday this week we have had BIG storms that keep us inside. Needless to say the weeds are loving this weather. Sure hope that by next week we can get the garden back in working order.

Were off, breakfast with the Tasmanian devil, on to the park, quick stop at the grocery store, then who knows what the little gal will be up too.


  1. Love your idea to use the boohoo blocks in a quilt. I call that a "free" quilt. Don't want to discourage you from going to the fabric shop to get backing fabric. But wanted to tell you I pieced a scrappy backing for a bed sized quilt and am very pleased with the finished quilt.

  2. Great idea Mary, I have pieced some backing in the past but can't seem to come up with a darn thing so far. Need to dig a little deeper maybe! Ha