Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ripping, Running, Sewing, and Quick cooking

 I have such a problem walking away from fabric, notions, patterns, anything sewing related. The other obsession is books. Put the two together, I'm sunk. I had to hit the fabric store yesterday for additional hexie sashing fabric. These two books jumped in my hot hands, whats a girl to do? I tried very hard not to start turning pages before our beach trip but couldn't hold back at bedtime last night. Instead of paying bills this morning, on my "Got To Do" list I began digging around in my stash for fabric to make a quilt I fell in LOVE with. I need someone to help me stay on track and stop starting more projects!!
 This quilt top has been setting around since before Memorial day waiting to be completed. I made up my mind the quilt HAD to be done before vacation, I was sick of seeing the pile of blocks in the laundry room. Does this completed project give me permission to move on to the next quilt? Ha
 Excuse the mess in the background it is now cleaned up!! What can you do with these three ingredients? Make a summer desert of course. Recipe at the end of this post.
 Not sure how we feel about the results of the FAST 2 ingredients desert. I wasn't expecting the bars to be quite as gooey as they turned out. It was good but the texture took some time to warm up to.
All the running, sewing, packing, yard work, going on yesterday left me very little time to spend on dinner last night. Hubby suggested we just go out to eat. Na....I spent enough at the fabric store. I can't say often enough how much I love our frozen "To Go" meals.

That brick floating in the sink above in Jambalaya from the freezer. I like to freeze our liquid leftovers in loaf pans. This make storage in the freezer so much easier once I vacuum pack them. Need dinner in a hurry? Just throw the brick in a sink of cold water to thaw, pour in a pan to warm up and your good to go.

Today was yet another morning of errands, I so hate doing errands! The bright spot was hitting the farmer down the road for a head of cabbage and catching up on the going's on around their farm. I found a new recipe on FB this morning for cabbage on the grill that I want to try for tonights dinner. I am going to have to tell my FB friends to stop posting recipes that sound so good!! I have too much to do this week to play in the kitchen. Ha

Off to pay bills, grrrrrr

Lemon Bars

1 Angel food cake mix
2 cans Lemon pie filling (I think they are 22 ounces @)
Mix the DRY cake mix with the pie filling (with a spoon)
Pour into a greased 9 x 13 pan
Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown on top
flip onto a cooling rack, dust with powder sugar.

I mixed with a mixer, next time I will do by hand as the recipe suggested
I baked ours for 45 minutes as the middle of the pan seemed too loose to me.


  1. That recipe sounds delicious, Debby. I am saving it to try- xo Diana

  2. Debby, I got something very unexpected from you today!! You absolutely made my day! Thank you so much, my friend! You are awesome! XOXOXO!!!!