Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Playing Catch Up

 One of the MANY things I am trying to catch up on is restocking our snacks. The beach trip wiped us out. Yesterday was chocolate covered nuts. Today Lemon Krinkle cookies will go in the oven.
 During breaks in the housewife activities I am working on the reproduction Irish Chain quilt from my new quilting book. LOVE using the strip set method of making the nine patch blocks. Check out this great video from Jenny. I made a bunch of strip sets yesterday during one break.
 After unpacking and catching up on the laundry it was cut out time
 The blocks before sewing.
 And afterwards. One important thing to do when starting a new quilt pattern is to READ all of the directions before beginning. Most if not all patterns tell you to do that. Skimming the pattern is NOT a good idea. I tend to skim more often than not. In this case that skimming produced the block on the left. There shouldn't be any blocks like I made on the left for this quilt :( GRRR. I am not going to consider this a mistake, just a creative opportunity to make and additional quilt. I am thinking maybe a baby girl quilt.
 Lots more block sets ready to go. 20 blocks completed only 63 to go
 Our Hydrangea bush is blooming like crazy.
Check out these nice size blooms. Perfect for an arrangement on the kitchen table and refreshing our dried arrangements around the house.

Yesterday was a whirlwind day of playing catch up. I knew I couldn't get it all done in a day, like a watermelon one bite at a time is the only way to go for me. I little play time thrown in helps keep me motivated!! Ha

DONE Yesterday
Unpacked from vacation
Kitchen pantry cleaned out
Inside fridge cleaned out
Car washed (paid to have this done)
Prescription meds picked up
Grocery store run
Laundry caught up
Dead headed deck flowers
Make chocolate covered peanuts
Hubby's lunch for the week, Tuna and Chicken salad
Supper - baked pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans, bread and butter pickles, and cornbread
A very small session of hexie making before bed.

Today will be just as busy but I HAVE to be off my feet at times. Perfect opportunity to work on my heirloom quilt don't you think? I refuse to feel overwhelmed by everything that got behind while on vacation. I know in time we will catch it all up but Man, Oh Man it sure is a whole lot of work!!!


  1. Barely got home and already have been pretty busy, huh?:) Your hydrangea is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Lena, vacation always sets me back

  2. Yum the chocolate covered nuts sound really good right now :)

    I would love to have a hydrangea bush, so pretty.

    1. Just think in a few short days you can plant a hydranga in you NEW home!!!!!

  3. You are such a busy lady! The snacks, quilt progress and the hydrangeas look wonderful.

    1. Thanks Debbie, hope to catch up by the end of the week so I can just start all over again! Ha

  4. You got a lot done for just getting back. I woke up with a terrible headache (I never get them) so I didn't get a darned thing done. I had forgotten about that method of quilting. I made a couple of them that way years ago-xo Diana

  5. Sew simple and easy, just takes a whole heck of a lot of blocks!! Hope you feel better in the AM!!!

  6. I am so jealous! Your hydrangea is beautiful. They are marginal here and the best one is a small white cone shaped cluster. Pretty but not near as stunning as the big purple or pink ones! You have been a busy bee since you got home! Hope you get a little resting time.

  7. My daughter and her family and in laws are heading to TopSail soon for their annual vacation. They have asked us to start joining them but I don't think I could stand that much fun.

    Your candy looks delicious and your hydrangeas are incredible