Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A MUST Have for Christmas!!!

 AJ the beagle was very put out with me yesterday as I was gone from home way too long Christmas shopping.
 Lots and lots of Christmas shopping!!
 Am I the only one who gets ugly cracks in chocolate pies? Not matter it will be covered in whip cream when its served.
 The foil stuck to one side of the pumpkin pie, nothing a little more whip cream can't cover up.
 Pecan pie, no whip cream needed.
 Carmel apple cheese cake by Paula Deen. This is a really good desert, a little goes a long way. Store bought ghram cracker pie shells work great!
 I think the pies look so nice all lined up. I will be headed to DD#1 home in a bit to deliver the pies for Thanksgiving night desert at her house, followed by a  first of the season family Christmas movie in our PJ's. LOVE this new tradition from a few years back. I just wish the DD's would learn how to cook the food.
Here is my VERY favorite thing I found while Christmas shopping yesterday!!!!! I was picking up gifts yesterday at Barnes and Noble when I saw one of the clerks unpacking a case of theses WONDERFUL book sets. Sometimes the Christmas list is over rated!! Of course I couldn't leave the store without one for the grands. OK, so more than one, I bought 3. One for each DD's family. DD#2 that is still single set has been put back until she marries and begins her family. This really is a MUST have for the kiddo's this year!!!
Here is a write up I found someplace in cyber land to give you and idea of what it is all about.

My Secret Angel and Me: How the gift of Christmas came to be, is a vividly illustrated picture book and doll set created to teach children the real meaning of Christmas with a touch of magic! The journey begins as soon as the Heavenly angel doll receives her earthly name. She watches over children by day and flies back to Heaven each night. She reports to God – Santa’s boss! Her playful rhymes tell the Scriptural story of Christmas in a magical way that children understand. She teaches children that God loves them unconditionally, whether they are naughty or nice! She hides in secret spots, and her enchanting games of hide-and-seek continue until her mission ends on Christmas Eve. Each $29.95 (40 page) hardcover book is packaged inside a fully illustrated hardcover box with a Secret Angel Doll.

Now turn off the PC, smart phone or whatever it is you follow blogs on and get to the store to pick up this gift set!!
BTW, I am in NO way affiliated with this book. I just LOVE IT


  1. That sounds like a wonderful gift! I'll have to see if I can find it for the girls! :) And if I had you to cook all these amazing pies & special foods, I wouldn't learn to cook either. ;) Just sayin'!! lol!!

  2. Yeah "just sayin" like Carla, if I live around the corner from you I could just do the dishes while you did the cookin', do you think? :) I LOVE Angels....nice gift for the families, Debby. You must be "pooped" with all that shopping and baking? put those tired little feet up.

  3. Oh, what a cute book set! And AJ is so cute peaking out there. I have a weakness for beagles :)

  4. Your pie looks wonderful. That sounds like a wonderful gift, too. xo Diana

  5. I'll pop by as well if you don't mind.....


  6. Your Thanksgiving pies look delicious!!! I only made sweet potato but I made five...Happy Day!!!