Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Mail and Lots of Busy Bee Stuff

 Saturday the mail man delivered some Happy Mail
 I was the winner of this wonderful blog candy over at the Quilting Daze blog. Thank you so MUCH Darlene I love it to pieces!!! Can't wait to find the time to play with all this loveliness.
 One of hubby's favorite cartoon characters is Charlie Brown and the whole Peanuts gang. How could I have passed up this uber cute fall Peanuts fabric. The bigger question is how the heck did I forget I had it on hand? Hubby reminded me before he left town that I hadn't done anything with his Charlie Brown stuff. UGGGG Of course I couldn't just make one, Tyler needed one as well, he is also a Charlie Brown fan. Tonight I delivered Tyler's to him along with a few other handmade fall decorations. DD#1 sooo owes me!! Ha
 I need to figure out how to use the flash on my camera. Who am I kidding, by the time I figure it out the camera will be obsolete. I have to say Snoopy is my all time Favorite, I have a thing for cute Beagles.
 Hubby's Charlie Brown runner is the first thing he will see when walking into the house come Thanksgiving.
 This poor Fall wreath needed a face lift. I could have done some fluffing and rearranging but decided to go for a remake.
 Much better and cost ZERO dollars! I used the embroidery machine to make the mini bunting then cut silk flowers from different fall arrangements around the house.
 Fall wasn't quite done yet. I miss counted when I was making Fall buntings so 2 more had to be made. I still have an additional 2 different ones to embroider for my Sister but she will be doing her own stitching (thank goodness)
 Forgot to take the before photo of this wreath, trust me it was sad. I hit my stash again for an additional ZERO cost wreath that will look much better once I finish it up.
 Finding a nice FAT pumpkin to make our Thanksgiving turkey today turned out to be a real challenge. I went to 4 different places before I found one. Every year I forget to buy one until after Halloween. Note to self get it early next year!!! At least the price was right at only $2.00.
 Last but not least I did knock out a Christmas project. DD#2 needed a center piece for her table this Christmas. One more "To Do" has now been cleared off my scrap/sewing tables.
I know, crazy Christmas colors but it's so her. These are the colors of her very girlie hip Christmas tree.

First off if you are seeing political ads flashing at the top of this blog I DID NOT APPROVE THEM!!!!! I don't know how they have shown up nor how to get rid of them :( This is certainly NOT the party we would support!!!!!

Have I been busy or what!!!!!! Yep and I feel it. Tonight I will be hitting the sack early as the old body is in slow motion. After I finish up this last wreath and a bit of embroidery work for my Sister the Thanksgiving decorating should be done, I will try to remember to share more Turkey day cheer on a later post.

I had thought after Kara and hubby left Saturday I would be Rocking and Rolling on Christmas gifts but once I started decorating for Thanksgiving I realized Christmas gifts would have to wait a few more days. I now have the first Christmas project setting at the sewing machine ready to go first thing in the morning. I am taking the phone off the hook tomorrow so none of our DD's will call with yet another pintrest project that they just must have for fall.

If any extra sewing gets squeezed in it will be working with the cute charm packs and mini charms I received from Darlene. I have sew many ideas swirling around in my head that I would like to make with it, finding just the right one will take some time. You can bet it will be a quilt of some sort and that quilt will be for me!!!! After all it was my winnings!! Ha. Darlene, I can't thank you enough, I do love me some charm packs and the mini's are just toooo cute.

Don't forget to VOTE tomorrow. We have Men and Women right NOW at war willing to die and fight for us and our wonderful country. Exercising the right to vote is the least we can do.


  1. Your Fall decorated house looks lovely!! and a grat job on your banner too...

    1. Thank you Kathryn, maybe we will have a real fall and winter this year!!

  2. You have such a beautiful home, Debby! It looks so warm & welcoming! Congrats on the blog candy!! Can't wait to see what you do with it! :)

    1. Thanks Carla, come on down anytime we could have a blast playing in fabric.

  3. Your Thanksgiving decor looks so pretty! You are just so talented!

  4. Beautiful decorations, Debby.

    Enjoy your new goodies. :-)

  5. I bet you can't wait to get going on that Blog Candy. Love ALL your Fall Decor, even DD#1's funky Christmas table piece. You have lots on your plate with Thanksgiving & Christmas almost on top of each other. I do adore Snoopy, I grew up with Beagles.