Friday, November 2, 2012

The Finish Line

 This was the last of the rooms to be cleaned in October.
 Nice, neat, and clean. Ever wonder what hides behind closed doors? I will show you in a second.
 Lots of drawers in the chest, perfect for storing gifts.
 A drawer full of table runners, mug rugs, zippy wallets, I-pod cases and lots more home made things for quick gift giving.
 Another drawer has kitchen linens picked up at crazy low prices from an after holiday sale at Williams Sonoma. These make a nice shower gifts for the bride, just throw a gift card with it and I am good to go.
 More after day holiday sales pick up here and there
 Oops this one turned on me. Hand made baby gifts, this drawer is getting a little low.
 The last drawer are hand made purses, lotions, potions, and candles again from the clearance rack.
 Inside the closet has lots more storage.
 Hard to see from this photo but this is the overage of dehydrated foods. When a jar in the pantry is empty I resupply from this 50 gallon tub. Each veggie is vacuumed packed then wrapped in plastic wrap just in case the seal fails.
 Charity gifts picked up during the year for toy drives this Christmas. Hubby goes on several "Toys For Tots" rides, he needs things that are not too bulky on the bike.
 My little mailing center, I seem to mail out a whole lot of packages.
Our flour supply is house in the closet as well. Your looking at 75 pound of flour ladies. I shouldn't run out for a good long while. This week flour was on sale for $1.50 for 5 pounds, regular price is $2.99
 Charity quilts and two tubs of blank aprons, towels and who knows what else are in the tubs. I hope to get lots of embroidery done from these tubs over the winter. Both were moved to the sewing room for the holiday's.
Last but not least some of the Christmas gifts I have made or purchased over the year was stuffed in the room. I now have everything sorted , inventoried and stored in the attic. Once our Thanksgiving company leaves I'll drag it all down to box and wrap.

Not much will get done around here today as we have Kara for the day. I am getting the laundry finished so we can get hubby packed for up north as he is headed out in the morning. He has rented a house for the next year, no more motel rewards for awhile which is fine by us both!! Along with clothes I need to pull together his linens, dishes, pans and all that jazz. Once he clears out it's time to set up the sewing sweat shop for some serious holiday magic. Sew much to do sew little time. I will try an post something in regards to our deep pantry later today if I have the energy!!! If not for sure tomorrow.


  1. Good thing you got lots done before today-because with a little "visitor" not much gets accomplished. It looks wonderful- xo Diana

  2. Sooo awesome!!! Wow! Thanks for this! What a great thing to do!! Going to save this post! :)

  3. caught up on your older posts and your mummy cup cakes are just adorable..I know the kids loved those!

  4. Way to go Debby, you are one of people who inspires me the most ... I am going to win lots of money and hang out with you some day :() are you scared? Hahaha xx

  5. Wow! You sure are organized ad ahead of the game! Maybe I will hang out with you too! lol Found you via Needles and Pins blog. Wish I could be so on top of things! Nancy