Thursday, November 1, 2012

This Man of Mine!!

 Every lady needs a Super Hero in their life right?
 Karsyn and Tyler LOVED Papaw's costume, Kara NOT so much!!
 Tyler was a Power Ranger.
 Mason was a Itsy Bitsy Spider. Mason man's new obsession is a broom, he can't help but be sweeping all of the time! Ha
 Here is Mason's pumpkin, how cute is that.
 Karsyn was Audrey Hepburn.
 We hope to get better pictures of her in her costume later this week. Once she saw the cupcakes there was no getting a picture of her.
The little girls traveled in the wagon with Papaw as their horse pulling them along all night.

Halloween was as always a blast with the grands. DD#1 has the best neighborhood for Trick or Treating. All the families on the block put on a great show with some homes serving roasted hot dogs, Hot chocolate, bond fires and of course lots and lots of candy. Hubby and I were back home by 7:30 ready to kick back and enjoy the peace and quite!! Ha

So here we are in another month. October flew by way too fast, I sure hope November will slow down a little. We now have each and every weekend filled up with some sort of activity from now until after Christmas, sigh Have you set any goals for November?

Here is what I have on my hope to get done plate

Finish all handmade Christmas gifts, there are a WHOLE lot!!!
Have all Christmas gifts ready to put in the mail
Have grands Christmas picture taken (prayers will be needed as getting them all to sit still is a chore)
Make our Christmas cards.
 Not all cards will be hand made this year as the work involved is very detailed. Some folks just aren't that interested in a hand made card so they will be receiving a store bought one but of course with a photo of the grands.

November and December are also months that I tend to stock the pantry. The sales and coupons rock this time of the year!!! Yesterday and again today I headed out with coupons in hand, my list of what was on sale that matched up with coupons, and my need to restock list from the kitchen clean out. We have been keeping a DEEP pantry for so many years now that I know pretty much what amounts of various items we need to work with for 6 months to a year. All of our storage area's are set around the house that is convenient for us and rotating food has become a habit. Two years ago I tracked all of our spending and savings on groceries, toiletries, and paper products the total saving for the year was 62%. It takes time, energy, practice, food safety and being creative on where and how to store it all but SO WORTH the effort for us.

Having a DEEP pantry not only saves us a whole heck of a lot of money it is also our insurance policy on a possible job loss or reduction in pay. I never have to run to the store to pick up this or that, its already in the house. No need to run out and about when others are forced to shop even if they have a cold or flu. I tend to pick up every little germ in the air. I won't be fighting the crowds getting prepared for whatever mother nature has in mind. I sleep better knowing that we can feed our family and others if need be when times get hard. I will try and remember to share some of where, how and when we stock up this week along with some great sites for tips and tricks.


  1. Debby- Those kids are just adorable. I love your little witchy-poo. I try to keep a fully stocked pantry, too. xo Diana

  2. Debby your grandchildren are gorgeous. I really love the spider costume! And Audrey Hepburn, well she is a stunner!

  3. How cute!! We had a blue Power Ranger here too:) I really need to start working on my November goals.

  4. Your hubby ROCKS!!! lol! Pass that on to him for me! lol!

    Your grands are the cutest ever! You are blessed!! :)

    Debby I would be eternally grateful if you'd do a post, or series of posts on stockpiling, etc.. I'm in Canada so I can't get the same deals, or prices, but you have so much wisdom to offer, I'm sure you'd help so many of us that need help in this area!! :)

  5. I agree great costumes for everyone. It looks like so much fun.


  6. Love the costumes and what a comfort to know you have your very own Super Hero in the household with you! Did you forget Thanksgiving this month, I am sure I read Christmas, Christmas and more You are a woman of my own heart with all that stockpiling...I do the very same here, and YES there has been times it has saved our behinds. Toilet paper and canned goods have always biggies on the list of stockpiling. Looking forward to all your tips & tricks.