Saturday, November 17, 2012

Old Man Murphy has Arrived

 Sew happy to finally have a quilt to hang today.
 I love the backing, cute and hip.
 After digging around in my stash I found enough fabric from the Sweetwater line to complete the border. Sew far sew good.
 Next on the list for today was our fall quilt. After getting it pin basted I was ready for quilting. I was sew excited to be moving along so quickly. However my machine stopped working :( I finally got the power back on but there is a big problem DOUBLE :(. It's pack up and in my car ready to hit the sewing machine ER first thing Monday morning. Mr Murphy, you I do not need
 OK, on to plan B. After reading Rhonda's blog this morning I was feeling very behind in our Thanksgiving preparations. Check out her post to see all the things she has finished to make her holiday organized and OH so yummy. I got my meal plan finished, grabbed the coupons and checked the on line flyer to see if I could score some deals on the few things we needed.
See all that butter? It's 8 pounds to be exact and all free!!! Our grocery is running a special this week on gift cards. For every $75.00 worth of gift cards purchased at the store you receive $10.00 off your grocery bill. I purchased $150.00 worth of GC that I knew I needed for gifts this Christmas. The butter was on sale 2 pounds for $5.00 a savings of 50% off. SCORE!!! Also if you spent $35.00 turkeys were $.89 cents a pound. I was super excited to get the Thanksgiving shopping out of the way, save money and get a little farther ahead on our Christmas list. Then the day turned bad again :(

AJ the beagle has been scratching like there is no tomorrow since we returned home, she is driving me nuts. I figured like me, she was having some dry skin problems now that the heat and wood stove are in use. NOT!!!  AJ's surrogate mommy called to let me know her Dexter dog had fleas. Want to guess where he got them? From AJ the Beagle, grrrr I had taken AJ in on Wednesday before we went on vacation for a shampoo and pedi. I didn't want to send her off on her holiday smelling like a hound dog. For the tidy sum of $28.00 she not only had her bath and pedi they sent her home with flea's!!!!!! Panic time.

I ran to the store to pick up flea powder for the house, flea shampoo, and a flea collar all for the tidy sum of $32.00 CRAP. Once I returned home I striped our bed and began washing everything in hot water, detergent and a little bleach. The flea powder was sprinkled on our mattress and carpet of the bedroom. Then on to the living room sofa, more sprinkling of flea powder in a frantic mood. I have to get the suckers killed before our company arrives on Wednesday. Note to self. READ ALL of the directions, skimming is not a good idea.

After leaving the powder sit for 7 hours I started vacuuming the powder from the couch, cushions and all. What the heck!!! The powder is not coming up. We have a black floral sofa, this ain't good, you can see where the powder has been. After further review of the directions you should test all upholstery surfaces for color fast. There is the possibility a new sofa will be on my Christmas list. OLD MAN MURPHY your killing me today.  If I can't rid this place of fleas before Wednesday when our family arrives I will be purchasing flea collars as little favors to put at each place setting for Thanksgiving dinner. Pintrest has nothing on me ladies!!!!

Time for a late dinner and more vacuuming I need to save the sofa!!!


  1. Oh jeez Debby, I am having a similar problem here with Bandit. On our 3rd dose of flea medication, but the little buggers eggs keep hatching even though I have vacuumed and sprayed like crazy... going for round 3 tomorrow I think. Damn that Murphy guy, he always picks the most opportune moments to hit us where it hurts doesn't he? You not alone if that is any consolation :( ...

  2. First, the quilt is gorgeous!! Love the fabric! Second, awesome deal on the gift cards promo! :) Thirdly, ROTFL @ flea collars for dinner favours!! Hope it doesn't come to that!

  3. Call your vet. They have oral meds that your dog can take and will get rid of all the fleas pronto. I've done all those other things but only the vet med stuff works.
    Great deals at the grocery store and beautiful quilts.

    Really. Call the vet!

    1. Will do Rhonda, I didn't know there was meds for this

    2. Debby, I was typing on my kindle last night so it was short.
      2 summers ago we had the worst flea trouble. I was bathing the dog every 2 days, vacuming daily, spraying in the house, treating the yard for bugs, feeding the dog garlic, spraying the dog, using flea collars and using those monthly drops on his head. None of it stopped all the fleas.
      The vet gave us a pill that kills all the fleas in 1 hour.
      For a year, Theo took Interceptor to stop fleas and his heart worm medicine.
      Now he just takes Trifexis, one dose that stops fleas, ticks and heartworm.
      The vet stuff is the only stuff that works.
      Fleas are miserable for the dog and not good for toddlers either.

      Our vet said the bugs are becoming more resistant to the treatments that used to work.
      All I know is I am really thankful for treatments that really do work, and they don't cost a fortune either.

      hope something works for you

  4. Oh- That is awful about your sofa. I hope it didn't discolor it. I think the flea collars might make nice napkin rings!!! We had a flea infestation at one time when we took in a poor stray dog that someone had abandoned. Awful to get rid of.
    Your quilts are beautiful. xo Diana

  5. You are just amazing with your quilts! They are gorgeous! Seems like fleas are a problem the world round at the moment- going through the same thing here (minus the sofa). We find the Flea-Bombs work well in the house, if you can go out and leave it locked up for a while. Good luck!

  6. I medicine and then pay the fee for monthly preventative. Its one of those worth the freight deals. Mine comes with heartworm and tic meds in one happy pill.

  7. love the quilts, love the deals, don't love the fleas. Will say neither dog we have had in the past ever had fleas thank goodness.

    I hope Murphy vacates yor property soon!!


  8. Hello Debbie

    I'm sorry I shouldn't be giggling but the description of your anxious race to get rid of those pesty fleas made me laugh....mind you I'd be doing the same.....everything but everything would be washed in my place if I ever had fleas again. Hope you manage to get the stain out of the settee!
    Your quilts are amazing such great selection of colours.

    keep well and happy Thanksgiving

    Amanda :-)

  9. Yikes, I'm so sorry you have such a crazy day! Hugs to you!