Saturday, October 10, 2015

Where Do The Days Go

 AJ the Beagle and I finished the animal cuddle blankets this week. One garbage bag full has been delivered, two more to go. I lost count of the blankets at 57, that was a whole lot of cutting and tie I can tell you!!! I now have FOUR empty laundry baskets, go me!!!!!
 Wednesday was my "Day Off" Hubby and I enjoyed a nice breakfast out before he had to go on a quick trip out of town.....what to do with the rest of the day and evening alone? Well I started with deciding on sewing projects I would like to do for Fall and Christmas this year. One thing always leads to another of course. After landing on my SEW want to do projects I pulled out fabric, batting, embroidery machine supplies, and the machine itself. It's been so long since I have had any fabric play I figured I would start with some small, easy, fun things.

I wasn't crazy about the fabrics I had for one of the Christmas items I wanted to get started on but I was going to "Make Do" That was until.......I found a GC that was going to expire on 10/9, only 2 days away!!!! It was a GC from DD#2 she had given me for my Birthday Last year!

Two new CD's full of holiday embroidery designs. A little bit of fabric, and a quilting book that has been on my wish list for a long time. I was feeling over the top giddy until........After HOURS of trying to download the designs I found out my design software is not compatible with windows 8.1 GRRRRRR. Next week I will be headed to the quilt shop for assistance on a work around to get the stinkin hate it new PC in line with my sewing machine. It's always something.

I was NOT going to be denied my play time, so I pulled out a Halloween ornament kit that was stashed away. Only three more ornaments to complete and this kit will be finished!! The grands are going to enjoy having a little something new to hang on their Mini Halloween trees this year. I am going to enjoy having one less thing piled up in the sewing room!!!

Plans just never go as planned this year :) I am way past the point of letting it get to me (for the most part) I was scheduled to go away  Thursday - Sunday this week for a scrapbooking retreat with a girlfriend, OK so that didn't happen. Kara and Blake have both been sick with chest colds, hubby is having to do some short quick trips lately, DD#1 is involved in a large fundraiser for Elijah, she too is sick and could use an extra hand and we are all very emotional over Elijah's condition. Home with our family is where I need to be right now.

I went to my fall back place when I am a little upset...the kitchen :) Blake, Kara, and I made chocolate chip cookies for everyone. A few bags for friends, of course some for our big kids families in addition to a nice bag for Elijah and his family. When life gives me lemons baking, cooking, or doing something for someone else drives away those dark clouds.

Weekend to do?
Finish the Halloween ornaments
Finish hand quilting a quilt (that one seems to have been on the list far too long)
Help DD#1 finish up some things for the event on Sunday
Kick back with some BAMA football

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