Friday, October 2, 2015

Productive Day

 Best way to start off a cool rainy day is working up a batch of bread.
 Workshop, jars, bottles, and such are nice an neat ready to be used when things settle down a bit to do some workshops/classes. They just need to grow legs now and walk up the stair's.
 With all the talk of rain, floods, and a hurricane I got our water storage in order. Lots of filtered water for drinking along with a cases of bottle water in the garage. If things start going down hill I will fill the bath tubs with yet more water.
 I drug out one of the many laundry baskets of fleece I have stock piled. Hope to at least get some of this cut up into snuggle blankets for the shelter in the next few days.
What is it about a major storm that has me thinking I need to run to the grocery store? Better safe than sorry :) All we needed this week was some fruit but there was a good sale on spaghetti sauce and bacon so I stocked up on both.

Supper last night was vegetable beef soup with home made bread. I split the pot of soup along with a loaf of bread for a friend who always enjoys a home cooked meal but rarely has the time to get it on the table.

Yesterday was a non stop day of work. In addition to getting my list DONE I figured I better mow the lawn before the big rains move in. I was only able to mow around 80% of the yard since the hilly areas were so wet it was dangerous to drive the tractor around. Some done is better than none.

With that job out of the way I did a clean sweep of the garage (dumping ground) Empty canning jars are back where they belong, ditto for coolers and the grands riding toys. Boxes and other junk are now where they belong in the recycle can.

I finally sat down after dinner last night to enjoy some TV and hand quilting with hubby. Watching the TV was not enjoyable :) Once again we watched reports of the evil and terror one person can inflict on so many. Of course the politicians had to jump in to give their speeches that this newest mass murder is our societies fault. I hope for the day when the powers that be will call evil what it is EVIL!!!!

Prayers for the families that were affected by this disgusting act of violence.

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