Monday, October 19, 2015

Me Time

 I realized the photo of the pair of Witch shoes I posted yesterday didn't show the stitch design.
 It's been sew long that I have had time to sit at the sewing machine. I miss our time alone together. The table runner I am making for ME has a whole lot of applique involved. Using sheets of tear away stabilizer makes me nuts, it seems to always tear away before I am finished stitching out an area. This time around I am using a sew on stabilizer, sure hope it works :)
 Sometimes you need to go with quick and easy :) The pattern I am using called for a patchwork border....Seeing as how I had this really cute fabric with no plans on where to use it I went with this easy option.
 One place the is no corner cutting is fusing all these little applique pieces.
Three hours later it was finally time to start laying out and ironing everything down. Talk about time consuming!!!!

Late this afternoon I was finally ready to begin machine applique on the runner. After all the cutting of wonder under and fabric I didn't get very far but a start is better than nothing!! Tomorrow I will be ready to rock this baby.

This evening AJ the Beagle and I FINALLY finished hand quilting the quilt I have been dragging around for longer than I can remember. It feels so nice to get one more To Do out of the pile of projects. Once I covered the Beagle up with the finished quilt I came so close to digging around in the pile of completed quilt tops. NO!!!!! OK, well maybe :) Once I get MY table runner finished I just might begin machine quilting.

More than likely another quilt will have to be put off until next week as the calendar is pretty full with activities for the Grands. Field trips, Teacher work days, Soccer, Football, and a Birthday party will be taking up most of our time starting Thursday. Keeping life in balance is always a struggle.


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