Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall is Here

 I am trying to get a little ahead of the game in the gift giving department. The big kids always hit me up for some last minute gifts for teachers and such during the fall/winter holidays. I still haven't had the time to get the software installed for my embroidery machine but I figured out a work around for now. Once I got started on this years small gift giving item I realized my embroidery scissors had seen better days. As luck would have it they were 50% off this week at Hancock's fabric store, that's a BIG help on the budget!!
 So whats the theme this year? Mug rugs done in the hoop. I am unloading lots of fabric/batting  scraps, LOVE that!!! The cost is a big fat ZERO. In the evenings I just have to whip stitch them closed. The big kids can give a set as is or they can add a GC to Starbucks.  Hope to find a cute cheap bag at the dollar store today for big kid one stop shopping :)
 If there isn't enough going on around the house our dryer decided to bite the dust on Saturday,grrr. Hubby got busy Saturday night figuring out what was broken. The man can fix anything and everything!!! Problem was that the parts store was closed on Sunday...Monday and Tuesday he was out of town. He started the repairs on Wednesday night but couldn't complete the job when the sun went down. We have high hopes that today the job will be complete :)
 I have had one or more of the rug rats since last Tuesday, oh my!!! Chest colds, sinus problems, then throw in teething to round the out nasty mess. Popsicles are about the only thing on the menu these days
 Kara missed three days of school last week with the nasty junk. I took she and Blake to the Dr on Thursday since they had both been running high fevers for three days. Diagnosis, bad colds...I disagreed but what would I know I have only been at this job for 38 years. Over the weekend they were not getting any better , Kara was starting to get dehydrated. Back to the Dr. on Monday morning I was NOT going to be denied an antibiotic at that point. Sure enough they tested positive for strep. DUHHH. Mom, Dad, both Little's, and now hubby and I are sick. Family sharing....stinks
 One of today's many must do's is filling five Christmas Child's shoe boxes for Bikers For Kids event this weekend. Nothing better than some last minute jobs that throws a monkey wrench in the already overload schedule. Hubby and I had taken Mason and Karsyn shopping for their shoe boxes on Sunday, sure wish I could have done everything at one time!!
More in the hoop mug rugs for fall this time around. If I could find a FULL day at home alone I might be able to get a whole lot of To Do's done :)

Once I get today's To Do's complete I plan on going to bed super early with a good book along with a few essential oils tonight. I need to get some extra sleep and healing!!!!

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  1. Ugh, sorry the family is not feeling well. Hope everyone has a quick recovery. Love the mug rugs. Do you ever sell them?

    Hope you get some relaxing time in tonight, Janie