Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Weekend Happenings

 Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time knows how much AJ the Beagle loves quilts. Whenever I sit down to hand quilt in the evenings you can bet she is rooting around to get under at least a piece of it. Ditto on Cuddle blankets for the No Kill Animal Shelter :)
 AJ the Beagle wasn't the only thing buried under cuddle blankets this past weekend. It seems Kara too enjoyed a little cuddle time herself
 First batch completed over the weekend. It feels pretty good to be ahead of the game at least in this charity project for the winter.
 Yesterday I cut up more fleece fabric, this was my last night project while watching dumb TV with hubby.
 I finished and folded them all just in time for bed. When I stepped out of the room to lock the house down for the night I came back to this!!! Yep, the Princess loves these things :)
 We had a ton of rain, wind, and cold weather blow in over the weekend figured it was a perfect time to throw together a couple of Pots of chicken noodle soup for Sunday dinner. One pot was with hand cut noodles.
 The second pot was noodles I cut with the pasta machine. The pasta machine noodles won out. However they wanted them a bit wider next time. I'll be ordering another attachment for the pasta machine :)
Getting every last drop out our toothpaste might seem a little over the top in the frugal department but since we have switch over to the Thieves all natural brand I can't help but scrap that tube clean. our wholesale price for a tube is $10.25. To me that's a bit pricey but worth the cost for Non Toxic product we put on/in our body.

What's on the list for today?
1.) Cut out the last of the cuddle blankets
2.) Decide on some fall sewing projects
3.) Decide on some Christmas sewing projects
4.) Clean out the fridge
5.) Make a few calls to see what the need/want is for a couple of our favorite local charities this fall/winter

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