Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Second Play Date for Me

 Using the sew in stabilizer worked like a charm while stitching down all the little pieces of fabric on my Halloween runner.
 Ta Da!! Another cute finish
 The buttons and rick rack add some cute dimension to the runner
 If there is ever a "next one" I know to use a darker orange thread on the pumpkins as the matching thread doesn't show the detail stitching.
 Once the runner was done and the mess cleaned up AJ the Beagle and I finished up this quilt
 I free motion quilted the body of the quilt, the borders are hand quilted. Can you see the little butterfly? They are floating around all of the points on the quilt
 I can't wait to get this girl washed and dried. I think it's going to look even better all crinkly and soft
AJ the Beagle jumped right on this quilt after I threw it out for the photo, it's now hers :) If I can figure out how to download photo's from my fancy phone I will have to share it. Sew sweet

It's been a good two days of play!!! I really needed to get some things out of the mounds of UFO's in the sewing room and I needed to do something for ME for a change!!

I dug around in my quilt top piles before bed last night to decide what quilt I wanted to work on next....I found two. However they both need borders added as well as backing. I think I have enough border fabric for one the other is going to be a problem as I can't remember where I purchased the fabric from. I will be making a trip to the fabric store today. Focus, I must focus, don't purchase anything other than backing fabric!!!!

My goal for the day is to add borders to the next quilt, get the backing done, then sandwich the quilt. Starting tomorrow I will have one or more of the kiddo's until next Tuesday. There won't be much time for quilting!!

The other must do is a little house cleaning as that won't be happening with the grands around. Some meal planning is also in order. We have a bunch of activities going on with the little kiddo's. I want to avoid eating on the run as much as possible with Christmas just around the corner it's time to start pinching pennies.

Speaking of Christmas has anyone started their shopping? I finally have all of the out of town family and friends gifts purchased but that's it. I have a few things for hubby put back and a small list going of things for the big and little kids. I need to get busy soon but for now I just want to enjoy this fall season!!


  1. Both of your pieces are beautiful. Sew talented!

  2. Love both pieces!!! The quilt looks so snuggly!!

    Enjoy, Janie