Thursday, October 29, 2015

Whirl wind Week and Sad News

 Last week before all heck broke loose I went on a field trip looking for backing. Before I went on my fabric adventure I pulled the border and binding fabric from my stash, money saved.
 I can't remember how long it has been since I pieced this Irish Chain quilt. After I added the double borders the quilt grew to king size. What was I thinking!!!!
 Once the quilt top was finished it was time to start marking family fun commitments off the list. Thursday was Karsyn and Mason's Pre School pumpkin patch field trip. Our grands LOVE farms!!! I think this is one of the many reasons hubby is hell bent on finding a little getaway farm :)
 Is this not the sweetest thing ever? Our grands don't mind loving on each other wherever they go. It's not unusual to see them walking hand in hand or arms wrapped around each other.  Don't get me wrong... there are days when one or more might be in the mood for a knock down fight but for the most part they LOVE each other to the moon and back.
 Saturday mornings are devoted to toddler Soccer. Mason man is an animal on the Soccer field.
 We tag team Tater Tot when we are out and about. It takes a village to keep up with this little guy. He and Papaw meet up with the Chick Filt A cow. Blake is our No Fear Kiddo. While most of the other little ones were running away when they saw the cow coming Blake just ate him up :)
 We also had a make up Football game on Saturday. We all kept the roads hot!!! Ditto for Sunday.
 The running and doing didn't stop on Sunday. Mommy, Karsyn, and I kicked off her Birthday with brunch at the American Girl store. Her special treat for desert was getting to decorate cupcakes for she and her Bitty baby. As with everything American girl does their Bistro is first class!!! The prices....that will be our little secret. Wink
 Mommy and Karsyn enjoyed their girl time morning.
Karsyn was thrilled with her Birthday shopping spree!! She was careful to ask "What does dis costs" knowing some things were WAY out of our price range!!!! She stayed within budget something her Mommy and I were hard pressed to do I can tell you :) We wanted it all!!!!

The craziness has not ended. Tyler has been with me the past few days suffering from strep throat. Three out of five grands so far have been infected. No doubt the last two kiddos will be next. I have a big girls weekend coming up next week. You can bet I have been disinfecting this house with essential oils 24/7!!!!

 With all this family fun came some heartbreaking news. Yet another one of Elijah's friends took her first breath in Heaven October 19  at 11:11 PM. Tiffany left behind oodles of friends and family along with a little Sister who is only eight years old. I just happened to be on FB that night when the news was posted. My very first thought was of Abigail her little Sister. How in the world can a heart so young be healed. Immediately "Samantha" one of the original American Girl dolls came into my heart. What the HECK!!!!!

Dear crazy mind of mine what's up with that? My prayers that night were for Tiffany's family, her little Sister and so many other families who are battling this nasty stuff. I ended the night with a little chat with the Lord, what in the world...why can't I get that stinkin doll for Abigail out of my mind and off of my heart? How shallow am I that I feel deep in my gut a durn doll can make it all better?

My entire trip to the American Girl shop on Sunday was spent questioning myself over that doll for a broken hearted little girl. I finally gave in and ask DD#1 what doll would be good for Abigail, I can't get her off my mind? Should we do a build your own doll and name her Abigail or go with one of the regular dolls? Immediately she said "Samantha"...cold chills. Lord is that you talking to me?

Tiffany's family are not wealthy. For a week I wrestled with this crazy frivolous gift on my heart. The practical thing to do for Tiffany's family would have been to make another donation to her Go Fund Me account, this time to cover the costs of her burial.
Monday morning one week after Tiffany's passing I ordered "Samantha" to be expressed shipped to Abigail. Hubby questioned what's a doll without clothes, I thought half the fun was dressing those things up. My main man is so smart sometimes on rare occasions he's even right :) It was cold and rainy here Monday morning. A girl needs a good rain coat right? Seeing as how it was on sale I knew I didn't go wrong!!
So this is a LONG story and post....I think what I am trying to say is God speaks to us in nutty ways sometimes. After lots of prayer, being quite so I can really hear what he is saying we best be doing what he puts on our heart. Since receiving her doll Abigail's family has shared with me CORE CHILLING stories of why this doll was PERFECT. I can tell you after hitting that submit button I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. Now I know why.
Will this doll heal a broken heart? Will this doll replace a Sister that fought so hard for her life? Will this doll bring her big Sister back? Of course not. But the day Abigail opened her surprise box her day was just a little brighter, that's good enough for me.


  1. You have such a sweet & beautiful family, Debby!! :) I love that quilt.. sooo soft & feminine! Just gorgeous! <3 I love the fact that you bought the American Doll.. I think it will be cherished for many years to come!!

  2. You have such a large heart. God bless you!!!

    Hugs, Janie

  3. Oh, two great minds thinking alike! I read about Tiffany and cannot imagine what that family is feeling. I was wondering if Abigail already might have an AG doll. Well, see, God moved through you and also through me. If you feel OK about giving me her address, I would like to send her a little package a few times a month. And here is a link to free patterns. Not sure if you remember that I had sent you some fabric for pillowcases some time ago. I don't want the package to arrive before Samantha, so if you could let me know when the doll arrives and if you feel OK about emailing me her address, I think we together can make some dolly magic for Abigail. I have your addy and will email you so you will have mine. When I saw the title of your blog, I was just sickened, thinking the awful sadness was about that total sweetheart named Elijah. Now what can we do for Sam? Two brothers so close .................

  4. I wiped my eyes and reread about Abigail and now I realize that Samantha is already there with her. If you can share her favorite colors, does she like Frozen, does she like pets, anything that I can make to create a more personalized version using her specifics. Oh, My, I feel like God has brought us together through your blog to minister to Abigail.

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