Sunday, October 18, 2015

Finished Projects are a Beautiful Thing

 Five Bikers for Christmas Shoe Boxes pack and delivered!!! I so wish we could have gone with hubby's Biker buddies to deliver these over at the Billy Graham Library yesterday but there were just too many family commitments on the calendar for the day
Lots of Lollipop toppers are ready for upcoming Pre School parties. Still waiting to find out if Tyler and Kara's schools will be needing any for their parties.
 A few of sets of  Oreo Witch shoes are completed. For the life of me I can't get the stickin cookies to stand up nicely. I think I will be checking out the dollar store for a pair of socks to stuff instead of cookies. Have you seen the price of Oreo's these days? Holy cow!!! It takes 20 cookies to make a pair of Witch Shoes.
 Our annual Pumpkin patch afternoon is in the books. The weather was beautiful, the kids had a blast, the adults survived. It was a good day :)
 Little boys just crack me up. As the Mother of three girls everything these little guys do is new territory for hubby and I. Mason man was so fascinated with the pumpkins that were busted open showing the "guts and bugs" that he had a hard time focusing on the perfect pumpkin.
Monkey see, monkey do!! It didn't take long for Blake to follow in Mason Man's footsteps, he too wanted to find "Guts and bugs"

Toddler soccer game, pumpkin patch, family dinner, followed by some Bama football all in one day....this schedule ain't for sissy's!!! Today is a much needed quite day. All that is on the calendar for today is Tyler's afternoon Flag Football game.

Mornings home without ripping and running are so nice. Hubby had a breakfast ride with his had ZERO to do. Just me and the Beagle enjoying a quite cool fall morning.

While my furry sidekick napped under a quilt I packed up three boxes of gifts that need to go in the mail in the morning. That makes today a double nice day!! Boxes going in the mail right on time, no need to pay extra for priority shipping. Go Me!!

This afternoon I am enjoying some time off my feet sewing embellishment's on all the Witch shoes. I have hopes of finishing DD#1's Halloween ornaments today as well so they will be ready for the little's to decorate their tree this week.

If the grands will cooperate this week I might get two full days of some ME time. In other words some sewing for myself for a change :) I have already lugged the regular sewing machine downstairs. I'm itching to organize my "for me" sewing project but sure as I drag it all out one of the buggers will spike a fever overnight.

Is anyone else marking off some Fun To Do's for Fall list during this cold snap?

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