Monday, April 19, 2010

Topstitch cards

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We are continuing to work on the garden and yard clean up but still not done, we have had so many distractions helping our girls with their own yards this year since they don't have all the yard tools they need so we take ours over and give a few lessons. I have lots of ideas for Christmas gifts this year!!
When cutting level 1 papers last week for a Girl Scout troop workshop I made a mistake with one of the papers, UGH!!! No time to cry over spilt mike so I moved on... now what to do with 6x6 pieces of pre-printed paper from the kit? I played around a bit with them and decided to do some fast easy cards. Everything on the cards are leftovers from different WOTG kits so not only was this fast and easy, it cleaned up a few more leftovers and everything was free, gotta love that!!

Soooo I think this week will be leftover week, lets all use up some leftovers in different ways, I will be focusing on cards this week, I haven't sent a box of cards to "Operation Write Home" in a while and would like to get one in the mail for Memorial day. If you haven't heard of Operation Write home check out their website and be INSPIRED!!!

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