Monday, April 26, 2010

Finally back!

I had to take a few days away from my blog to get caught up on the ever growing to do list around the house and yard. We got so much done over the past few days but as with every family nothing in the home is ever really done is it?

We needed to get the boat cleaned and serviced for the summer, DONE!! Bob and I spent the entire day Friday to get this accomplished but we were so lucky to have a warm (not hot) day to work, and an additional treat to the boat cleaning is we took a ride all by ourselves, nice and quite, no music blaring, kids squealing, whats to eat Mom, you know the drill.
Saturday was finishing up the garden and bringing in the crops, yes we have crops!! Well not much in the line of crops but something is better than nothing, spicy perfect radishes went in our salad Saturday night! I was even able to organize my list for canning and preserving this summer so now I just need to make a run to a few stores and we will be ready to rock. Our local pick your own strawberry patch opens on May 1st, we don't get enough strawberries from our own plants to put up for the winter so I spend a morning picking my own to put up, we will go back at some point so Tyler can help pick a basket, but canning, jelly making and freezing are not something I am willing to do with a 3 year old.

And last but not least I finally found a bread recipe that WORKS!! We love fresh bread but it has been a hit or miss for so long and so many of the recipes that did work were crazy complicated, this one is simple, fast, easy and cost effective, YAAAAA. We ate 2 loaves at Sunday dinner this week so it is a hit with everyone.

I promise tomorrow or maybe even later today to post some artwork, I have 2 cards that are almost finished and will also be updating the blog with our new cattie that will go live on May 1, just in time for National scrapbooking day.

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