Monday, April 5, 2010

Watch Out Hallmark

Had such a good night sleep last night with the windows wide open however we woke up this morning to a layer of yellow pollen on everything in sight :(, anyone in the Carolina's can tell you for the next few weeks we can't keep our cars and homes free of the stuff.
I tossed the idea of a card challenge this week around and decided to go for it, now keep in mind I am a scrapbooker at heart so don't be disappointed in what I will be posting!! I love to make cards mainly to use up my scraps and to justify purchasing the ohhh so cute card stamp sets. As an added challenge you must use what you have on hand, no shopping this week ladies even from me!! I want you to use up what you have so you feel good about your next purchase, the economy still stinks, we must all be more careful what we purchase and pace ourselves, so make up you list and check it twice, just wait a week and use what you have!!!

I whipped up the baby boy card from leftovers of the Caboodle WOTG, love how it turned out so I will be making a few more, we have lots of babies due this summer. The second card are leftovers from a kit we will be offering the 15th of this month, you are gonna love it and the price is GREAT more from that kit later!!
Lets get busy making cards so we can save the $5.00 each to use on new supplies next week.

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