Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy mail

Took the day off from scrapbooking to get a few things done at home that I have been putting off, one of the things on the to do list was update my hand made card display from 7 Gypsy's, I keep cards I receive from friends on it so I can enjoy them all of the time, hate to just throw them in a drawer someplace! I wanted to share with you a card we received for Easter from my buddy Valerie, she makes the most beautiful cards, I love getting happy mail and hers are always breathtaking, I can't believe the detail she puts in her cards and she makes a ton of them to send out for each holiday. I am gonna get busy today as soon a Tyler goes down for a nap to make a few happy mail cards for no reason except to make someone smile, we could all use an extra smile now and then don't you think? I know I sure could!!

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