Thursday, April 15, 2010

So Sad :(

The best scrapbook store in the entire country will be closing next month :(. I am so sad to see you go Scrap Shack, they always carried the latest and greatest products, would share so much information and knew every customers name. Customers felt at home when they walked in the door, no question was to small for them answer and they would take the time to help customers in any way possible. Scrap Shack was the hub for any information you might want about scrap booking, crops, retreats, you name it they knew it or would gladly find out for you. I am weary today from continually watching wonderful business being hit by our ever deteriorating economy. Today is not a good day to blog for sure!!
Yesterday I was able to get 3 baby scrapbooks in the mail FINALLY, a few other gifts went out and lots of cards, however I forgot to take a single picture of any of them. Dog gone it, just a bad day all around, but the sun will be up soon, I know my friends at the Shack will enjoy there freedom to be with their family more often and we have so much to be thankful for that I need to pick my chin up, squeeze into that pair of jeans and find a piece of chocolate. Better blogging to come I promise!

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