Thursday, April 8, 2010

A few more cards

I realized I had an additional card to post so here ya go. I got ahead of myself this week since I was taking Tuesday and Wednesday off to go to the zoo with Heather and Tyler, we got back home earlier than we expected yesterday so I got in my room for a little more card making and resting!!! Our zoo in NC is 5 miles of trails so I was wore out when we got home, but we had such a great little overnight trip.
Tyler is hung up on elephants right now, once he saw them he was ready to go, but we convinced him we should visit with the other animals or they would be sad. Ty has got to be one of the best little guys in the world, he never complains, rarely gets fussy and always comes out with something that cracks us up, yesterday was no exception!! I can't wait to get started on his zoo pages but it will have to wait until my CTMH order arrives, lots of new zoo stamps are on their way!

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